Tuesday – Design of the Week

Tuesday – Design of the Week

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. And thank you for the love and support which has been pouring in, cushioning us Grays. God knows it has been needed. It’s difficult to know what to do. Sit and stare? I’m wearing Dad’s sweater. I like that. Being inside his clothes. Steve said he was wearing his slippers earlier; said they were precious. Grace was on the phone, then Mark called. It’s not just me; we’re all a bit rudderless.

Quote of the Day, Quote #10

We have Good Days and Growing Days

Yeah, well, today was a growing day. You know how it is. Do things ever happen in your life, and you think, “if you watched this in a film, you’d say it was contrived, over the top?” I know, right?!

Some people never cease to baffle me, and generally speaking, I go to great lengths to avoid losers, deviants and badns. Thing is, at times like this, when your defence is low and you’re distracted, they slope in, climb in over the fence, try to take advantage of vulnerability. Right now, this week, I really have got other far more important things to think about, so it’s parked. But rest assured, situation duly noted. Consequences there will be. Am I growing through the bull? Yes, I sure am. Learning not to bite! And even when we could merrily inflict a deep wound with a blunt heavy object because we are so angry, we choose not to. I know I know, that kind of fury just isn’t good for the zen. And the other thing is, what goes round, comes round, right? Time wounds all heels? So maybe, rather than react at all, perhaps hit the pause button, and let things take care of themselves.

Changing the subject ( I can feel my blood pressure going up again), this weeks offering with 30% (plus Club Discount) is the brilliant Abstract Dandelion designed by our good friend Mel Turner.

I asked Jazz in the office to create a brand new 3 Way Overlay stamp using the design. I blimming LOVE this!!!

It is so brand new I have not had a chance to play with it yet. But maybe I will at the weekend. I think it looks superb in black! Positive AND Negative.

Here is the same design, available in a die. Cor…

7×7 stencil. I have some super artwork using this stencil. Must dig it out…

and Groovi

Here is some inspiration from the design team

All available HERE. In case you aren’t aware, we are celebrating 30 years of Clarity – ALL YEAR!! By shining a light on my favourite designs each Tuesday – and taking 30% off the price.

And you may say, how can she be thinking about this when her dad just died? Well, running a business is like that. And Paul is helping me a lot. x x x

Anyway, time to go switch off. Tomorrow will bring with it a whole other set of challenges I’m sure.

Love always

Barb x x x

29 thoughts on “Tuesday – Design of the Week

  1. Hi Barb, take comfort in your Dad’s jumper and bu@@er the rest ! As for thinking about the business you have to do what you have to do it doesn’t mean you’re not thinking of anything/one else, I expect you’re worrying about everyone and making sure they’re ok and I expect Dave is doing the same for you. I remember when my Dad died I carried on working here and there from home, they told me not to but if I didn’t I’d worry and that’s the way I am. I think it helps concentrate the mind too.

    I think there are a few more sayings in your blog! I’m sure you’ll be using them in the future. In the meantime love to you all and hope your Mum is ok, if like mine, she will be with all of you around. It must be hard for Grace and Mark not being there xx

  2. Take comfort in whatever way works for you, that’s what I say. My Mum took to wearing my Dad’s dressing gown for a while; I still carry his handkerchief in my pocket. When my sister’s husband died, her friend took his shirts and made a cushion from them. So wearing your Dad’s sweater, or his slippers, makes perfect sense. I hope that your Mum, and Grace and Mark too, are finding ways to get through too.
    Lovely artwork, as usual – and, if I’m not mistaken, there’s a companion die within the New Design Club that will fit in perfectly here. There’s something special about a dandelion, isn’t there? – some see a weed, others see a wish.

  3. We do what we need to do to get through the day – it doesn’t matter what anyone says. Your lovely family, friends and clarity family are all wrapt round you and holding you close in thoughts and love. We all wish we could do more xxx

  4. Hi Barb – our world is a very strange place these days, aan old saying comes to mind – ‘The Lunatics are running the Asylum’
    You really do have to learn not to respond to certain individuals. You just keep doing what is right for you – there really is no manual for coping with the loss of someone and I’m finding that it changes from day to day and sometimes from hour to hour.
    I lost my brother-in-law yesterday and after spending time with our niece and her husband today – we went from tears to laughter, back and forth. We did partake in many cups of tea and slices of cake too – it all helped all of us.
    Sending more love and hugs to you all xx

  5. You will get through this, ignore the doom and gloomers.
    My first husband, when he retired, used to make up the annual brochures for the company. After he died I went to the office to do the payroll and heard the office girls complaining what a chore it was to do this task. The office manager was frustrated and yelled – stop complaining send them up to Brian – then realised I was standing there. The look of horror on their faces was hilarious and I cracked up laughing. This helped everyone relax and there was no further awkwardness.
    What was strange was the wonderful support I got from two particular colleagues and one of our customers, so unexpected and so appreciated.
    Just do what you are comfortable with and take your time.
    My thoughts are with you. 🍒

  6. There are no rules to say what you must or must not do at times like this. You must do whatever helps to get you through each day & what you think is the best thing for your family. Anything else can be ignored as not required at this moment in time.
    I thought I didn’t recognise the 3 way stamp when I looked earlier after receiving the email – now I know why !!
    Travel gently through the next few days & weeks as you will suddenly come across something or hear something that will bring memories flooding back when you least expect them but that is ok & normal xx

  7. In your own words Barbara, One day at a time and if that is too much than hour by hour.
    Sending love and hugs to all the Gray family.
    Denise x

  8. Hi Barbara
    I would probably use some very strong words to those people who cannot have the good grace to allow you time to grieve. Don’t give them the time of day or let them share your oxygen. I am still grieving for my mum who died in June and it was the lead to her kindle that made me cry the most so it’s the little things that will mean the most there are no rules when it comes to these situations. Continue to care for yourself and those you hold dear and sod the rest.
    Sending all our love Ruth and Jackie xx

  9. My heartfelt condolences to you and your family. My dad died too when he was in the care home after a hospital stay. He was going down hill for a while but went quietly and peacefully in the night so I couldn’t be there. I’m so glad your Dad was surrounded by his loving family. My daughter who is now 18 still wears his joggers and jumpers! Big and baggy on her but it makes me smile when I see her wearing them! x

  10. Just carry on doing what you need to do, there is no right or wrong at times like these. Above all be kind to yourself and b….. everything else it will all sort itself out one way or another. When we had to clear my Mum’s house we found one of my Dad’s favourite jumpers that she had kept for over 25 years just to keep him close. Thinking of you all xxx

  11. Now if you just tell us Barbbiebbers we will sort out the bad one so they don’t even end up on your radar. Do what feels right for you, your Clarity family will wrap their arms around you xx

  12. Kind thoughts from New Zealand. Just keep all the happy memories in your heart and your Dad will be with you always. Peace and condolences.

    Take good care of yourself, your husband, your Mum and your wonderful family. Hugs your two lovely cats – they will understand your sadness.

    Kindest regards and warmest wishes, Diana xx

  13. Let the nasties disintegrate, they are worthless, sad individuals. Let the goodness thrive, feel the warmth and love, calmness, the space.
    Thank you for your Blog again today and the lovely artwork and baby steps, no pressure. X

  14. There’s something very comforting about wearing the clothes of a loved one, inhaling their smell and remembering the good times.
    Sending much love, Barbara, to you and all the family.

  15. I don’t know what has been happening but it’s hard to think how someone can behave badly when you are at your most vulnerable. I was with my Dad when he passed away a number of years ago and it was the hardest thing I have ever done. It still upsets me now so I like many others who have posted know how you feel. As Dawn Wheeler said a number of times on C&C last week “you do you”. Take care xx

  16. Do whatever gives you comfort Barb. I lost my beloved mum 8 years ago and still wear one of her coats and use her handbags. Tomorrow would have been her birthday, so I shall be using a bag and carrying her memory with me. It gives me great comfort. Stay strong and ignore those who try to take advantage. XX

  17. Hello Dear Barb, There is always comfort gained from the belongings of a loved one when they have passed away. As for the other situation, as you say it will be sorted, but if you want me to go beat them up for you, just say the word and give me the name. Crafting certainly brings me peace at sad and difficult times, so do what you feel like doing. Love this weeks design. Take care and stay warm everyone. Bx

  18. There is no right or wrong way to grieve for the loss of a loved one. You need to do what feels right for you and anyone who tells you otherwise can take a long walk off a short pier, to put it politely! I know all the Clarity crew will keep the wheels on the bus turning, so make sure you take all the time you need. At a time like this, you & your family are the most important. love & hugs xxx

  19. Keep the faith.
    So sorry to hear about your darling Dad. May he rest in peace and rise in glory.
    Thinking of you and the whole family, and keeping you in my prayers.
    Love Cx

  20. There is always someone trying to take advantage when you’ve suffered such a loss. You’ve mentioned a lot how you would turn to your parents for advice regarding business; I’m sure your Dads advice would be that you need to carry on promoting the fantastic range you have. Don’t worry what people may think or say… let them walk in your shoes as an employer!

  21. I often think of other favourite phrase of yours, Barbara – one day at a time. Now more than ever that’s what you need to do – just take it one day at a time. This is a week for care of yourself and your family – you’ve built a fantastic team who will keep the rest of the show on the road.
    I’ve got the original stamp set in these designs! Have to confess it’s not been used much, but I guess this is a nudge from you to change that.
    Travel gently. Deborah xx

  22. Quite true Barb what goes around comes around I truly believe that, also you reap what you sow. You must have a fabulous amount of love and support coming your way at the moment through the later. Stay strong.

  23. Some humans are scum. But sit and wait until people are at their most vulnerable and then they strike. Believe you me it’s happened to me. But you know Barb you are one of the fine human beings on this earth who
    Helped me through even when I was at my lowest ebb, so stuff ‘em darling and when you’re ready and that wonderful heart of yours is ready you’ll find a way in the regal manner you always do. Take care, hug your mum and your family these are the most valuable currency you have at the moment.
    Best wishes Megan from Bolton

  24. Sending lots of love and BIG hugs to each and every one of you. I just know the way you spoke about your Dad, he sounded like a very Very VERY Special Man. Thank you for sharing little snippets and anecdotes about him in your blog and the Shac Shac, I feel very privileged to have heard about him. Take all the time you need with your loved ones, there’s no hurry, we’re not going anywhere. We will quietly support you from the sidelines, just like you have done and continue to do for us. Lots and lots of love and big BIG hugs xXx

  25. I read your blogs but don’t normally comment on them but I want to just offer my sympathy to you and your family at this sad time . But remember the good times and I’m sure there will have been many and you seem to be such a strong person you will come through. Thinking of you .
    Regards Maureen

  26. “To live in the hearts of those you love is not to die”.
    Thinking of you all Barbara, travel gently and do what you love. My wonderful husband and I were a team for 56 years and I made cushions for all the family out of his beloved check shirts. It’s great to see them in our children’s homes. Keep well and safe. X

  27. Anyone who cannot show compassion to another soul who has been bereaved is too low to deserve any of your attention. Leave them be in their own squalor x

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