Keep the Faith

Keep the Faith

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. I promised a Daily Quote, so here it is…

Today’s quote, #8 is the one I would like to share with you.

Keep the Faith.

Yes. Always keep the faith. Trust in the process.

Never think you have been forsaken; whatever is going on is all part of Life’s rich tapestry.

love always,

Barbara x

39 thoughts on “Keep the Faith

  1. Keep the Faith, indeed Barbara.
    I have Faith in Team Clarity to provide quality products and customer service, inspiration and innovation.
    I have Faith in the Design Team to create amazing samples to inspire us in our quest for creative satisfaction.
    I have Faith in the SHAC and the websites to share friendship, support and ideas amongst the wider Clarity community.
    And I have Faith in you, Barbara to come through whatever life is throwing at you at the moment. Your strength of character, friendship and support has helped so many of us for so long, allow us to send some back to you to help you through the this part of Life’s tapestry. You have not been forsaken or forgotten, we are here for you, when you need us.
    Take care, travel gently, keep the faith.

    1. Beautiful thoughtful and true words Ken. The Clarity family especially Barbara feel as if they are also a part of my family and yes we are here for them when they need us . Love and hugs to them all.❤

  2. I have been thinking about you all day after reading this morning. Knowing that you weren’t on the TV this afternoon & won’t be in the SHAC tomorrow I guessed that something far more needy of your presence had cropped up. You need to do what ever is needed of you at this time, keeping the faith in the system & yourself to get over this latest hurdle that has been placed in front of you.
    Your fellow SHACers will be here when you need us – you are not alone. Sending a big virtual hug xx

  3. I think we’re all reading between the lines, putting two and two together, and reaching the conclusion that it’s not a good time for you right now… You have helped so many of us through dark times – I hope you can feel the love and support flowiing back to you.
    Big hugs xx

  4. I always read but rarely comment, feeling that sometimes I have nothing to say that hasn’t already been said, but today I feel that you need as much support as we can all offer, even mine. Sending love and hugs to uphold you and take you through this difficult and uncertain time. Keep faith in yourself and those you rely on but remember although you are a strong woman whom we all admire, it’s ok not to be ok and need support. Never feel forsaken, especially not in those dark hours of the night when sleep is miles away.I will be thinking of you as we all are and your family, both Clarity and Gray. and I will remember you in my prayers, asking for calm and a strength to deal with whatever lies ahead. Sending love xx

  5. Stay strong dear Barbara and know that you have your family around you and also your friends. We’ll be here when you need us.
    Keep the faith and travel gently.
    Sending a massive hug to you and your family
    Special love.

  6. Hi Barbara
    I totally agree with everything that Ken said earlier.
    You are a very special person and you have so many people who keep a special place for you in their hearts.
    Our thoughts are with you always
    Love & Huge Hugs

  7. Maybe it helps you to keep writing a daily blog, but please don’t think that you will be letting anyone down by not sticking to your promise to blog a positive quote every day. Do what is right for you and as long as we know you are ok, we won’t mind at all. I don’t mean to speak for everyone, but I am sure that all would agree. Do what is best for you. XX

  8. Barb, this time last year I was in exactly the same place as I suspect you are now. My heart goes out to you all and I am holding you close. Take care of each other and take time for yourself xxx

  9. Dear Barbara and family as already said I think we all have our suspicions as to what may be occurring but you need to know that we are all here for you no matter what life throws at you. Is it horrid, yes, is it painful, yes and yes it is OK not to be OK. Be kind to yourself and take not only each day but each minute as it comes and you will get through it with all the love and support that surrounds you xxxx

  10. I am sure everyone who has belonged to the Clarity family in whatever way, wishes they could give you and your family the biggest hugs right now. You have supported many hundreds of people through dark times and we want to help you too. We will be there when you feel better but don’t hurry on our account or put any pressure on yourself. Take care of yourself and look after what matters to you, your friends will be here no matter how long it takes.
    I wish I lived closer and could offer some practical help but in the meantime please accept my love and

  11. Know that the Clarity Community will wrap its faithful arms around you and those who you love and care for. As you have been there for us, let us be there for you.
    With love, care, prayers, and a virtual hug, Claire S x

    1. You have put my thoughts into beautiful, loving words Claire. Last year you all helped me, thank you.
      Barbara, we’re all here for you. Take care, stay safe. Love Susan.

  12. Love and thoughts are with you Barbara, especially at this time. You have always been there for us , so now it is our turn to be there for you. Please know we are all thinking of you and praying for and your family. xxx

  13. I have just seen the sad news about your dad. I am so sorry and send all my love to you and all your family, especially your dear mum. My thoughts are with you all. XX

  14. So sorry to hear of your loss and wish I could ease your pain and that of your family. How wonderful it was that you were all able to spend time with him at Christmas , a precious memory at this sad time. I wish I lived locally and could offer some practical help but in the meantime please accept my condolences and prayers.
    We will all be with you when you are ready, do not hurry yourself or put yourself under any pressure. You are among friends, who share your grief and send all best wishes and hugs. Take care. xxx

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