Go with the flow…

Go with the flow…

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Go with the Flow

or should I say: Go with the flower!!

Paul is going to do the Sunday Show for Clarity this weekend on Create & Craft 3pm-5pm. I hope you love these new Bijou stamps as much as I do!! The size of these floral letters and numbers is perfect for cardmaking – and so is the price!

Here’s a picture gallery to feast your eyes on.

Bijou Floral Alphabet and Numbers stamp sets

New Outline Letterbox ABC stamp set, perfect for colouring

Bijou Entwined Wreaths stamp sets

Bijou Entwined Wreaths A6 Groovi Plates and Spacer

As I was saying, “go with the flow”. In my mind I finish the sentence. “Go with the flow of water. Go with the flow of Life” . It will go where it is supposed to. Maybe not where we want, but nonetheless, it will go. And we have to go with it. Go with the flow xxx

love always

Barb x x x

22 thoughts on “Go with the flow…

  1. The stamps look lovely. I’m sure they will sell well with whomever is on create and craft! Hope everything is ok. thinking of you at the moment! Good luck Paul. hugs.x

  2. I am not a stamper and have all the groovi floral alphabet but am so tempted by these. Guess I might be a stamper too x

    1. Eve the stamps combine really nicely with the Groovi plates. One of my samples I used the stamp numbers on. The rest was Groovi.
      Jane x

  3. Such beautiful art work. superb stamps. The Bijou letters/numbers gives us more scope for the personalisation with a pop. This super set has miles of use, as we can see from all the gallery art the design team have produced. It always amazes me how no two are ever the same. Miles and Miles of inspiration and play time. I do hope everyone loves them as much as I do. Thank you for the daily blog, especially today.
    You are in my thoughts. xxx

  4. After yesterday’s “Eats, shoots and leaves” or “Eats shoots and leaves”, thought I’d better give you the answer to yesterday’s punctuation teaser.
    Answer: John, whereas Jane had had “had”, had had “had had”. “Had had” had been the right answer.

  5. Oh dear!!!
    Thought I was going to get away with minimal spending this month. The new Bijou range of stamps previously launched captured my mojo so these stamps and Groovi plates will leap into my basket.
    Definitely a go with the flow day tomorrow.
    The example artwork shown here is superb. It will be nice to see what Paul does with them.
    PS: still looking for the language sheet. Will post when I find it.

  6. looking forward to seeing Paul demonstrate these! I loved working with them to produce some samples. The letters are definitely a must as if your ever stuck for a card – a name or inspirational word is always great!

    Looking forward to tomorrow’s show!

    Sending love!

  7. These Bijou sets, like the earlier ones, are definite “must haves”, especially when you see what the amazing Design Team have produced with them! Looking forward to Paul’s demos on Sunday’s shows, for inspiration, tips and tricks.
    Take care, Barbara, hope all’s well, best wishes and hugs.

  8. Can’t wait to see these demonstrated tomorrow. They look fabulous. Hope all is well thinking of you sending love and hugs your way.❤

  9. Not a stamper myself, but always love to watch and see the beautiful artwork. All of the above are gorgeous.I hope all is well Barb. Take care. XX

  10. What fabulous samples from the design team. Sorry you are not able to be on the show tomorrow but no doubt you have prepped everything for Paul to demo so look forward to seeing what you have created between you. Just hope it is nothing more than the after effects of your dental treatment. Thinking of you all, take care xx

  11. Hello Barb, looking forward to shows today with Paul, he is so creative. Love all the samples shared from the Design Team, gorgeous. Take care and stay warm everyone. Bx

  12. Hi Barbara
    The Dream Team, Paul and Yourself give all of us so much inspiration. The above gallery is a perfect example of this. They are amazing.

    Could I ask a question? – Has anyone purchased anything from the link on this blog – Jomitty?
    If so, were they pleased with the quality of the items and how did they rate delivery and returns?
    Sorry for the questions

    Love & Hugs

  13. Paul superb show.
    Glad everyone loves the Bijou Alphabet. I really enjoyed working with these. Especially the Bijou Entwined Wreaths. So cool for little scenes.
    I hope everyone that buys them enjoys them too!
    lots of crafty hugs to everyone.
    lots of love.

  14. beautiful stamps and groovi plates, Paul as always did a brilliant session of demos. Barbara, sending love’n’hugs, obviously something is not good for you, take each day as it comes, thinking of you xxx

  15. Haven’t got to watch the shows yet, but the samples from the DT look amazing. Go with the flow reminds me of a mindfulness meditation where you sit beside a river and let your thoughts flow by in the current.

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