What a girl….

What a girl….

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Proud Mum Moment here. Can you hear me smiling?

Gotta shout about our Grace’s second narrated book which was released on Audible yesterday. Call me a doting mother if you like, but I’ve already listened to the first eight chapters – and YES YES YES! She has nailed it once again.

What’s the title of the novel, I hear you ask…

Invisible by Day

Written by Teri Fink,
Narrated and edited by GRACE GRAY
Narrated by Grace Gray

To find out where to buy Invisible By Day, click HERE. Please do!

And here’s the Audible sample, for you to listen to:

Did you notice I said second? Yep she’s already got one under her belt: the rather saucy one, entitled

Aphrodite and the Duke

written by j j McAvoy, narrated mostly by grace gray
Narrated by Grace Gray

That one was very good too. I listen to a lot of books – it’s brilliant escapism, and I can do other things simultaneously, which allays any feelings of guilt. I’m always having to purchase extra Audible credits because I chomp through the books.

To find out where to buy Aphrodite And The Duke, click HERE.

And here’s the Audible sample, for you to listen to:

Now you may think I’m biased – and I probably am – but Grace definitely draws you into the plot. She has such a lovely voice, and also the ability to create characters with various accents and dialects. Yep, she’s good. It‘s interesting how you get so enmeshed in the plot, you forget it‘s your daughter reading to you! Love it. Love that she’s doing what she loves doing.

So there you go. Not only is she building our Clarity base in the US, and keeping a firm handle on all our socal media platforms, to ensure they are always safe and kind, she’s also narrating full on audio books!! What a girl.

But don’t think for a moment that this stuff just fell into her lap. There’s 10 years of nose to the grindstone behind this. Check out her VoiceOver website, if you have a minute. Prepare to be impressed…CLICK HERE

She‘s just done a pilot for something very very cool too. Fingers crossed that works out. If it does, rest assured – you‘ll be among the first to know!!!

Time to go and listen to the next chapter….

Love always,

Barb x x x

26 thoughts on “What a girl….

  1. Congratulations to Grace. She does indeed have a lovely voice that draws you in. I hope her other project is a success too. Love to all xx

  2. Wow, that is fantastic, really want to listen to the rest now. I remember how talented she is and such a performer. Remember an early appearance on C&C was it?
    You are quite rightly a proud Mum of both your lovely children

  3. Barbara, of course you’re a proud mum and nothing wrong with that. Grace is a very talented lady. She’s got such a lovely voice and I love the way she makes the characters so real and her ability to do all the various accents is just fab! All her hard work obviously has paid off. Well done Grace! Continued success! xxx

  4. Grace has a lovely voice , calming to listen to. Lovely young lady you have every right to be a proud mum. X

  5. brilliant for Grace. such a lovely voice. so calming and mature. you have the right to be proud. Its great when our kids succeed with their dreams. There will be many more proud moments I am sure. x

  6. I’m currently listening to Aphrodite and the Duke and enjoying it. If I can’t sleep I set it for 30 mins and will send me off, sometimes I listen to one bit quite a few times as I’m never quite sure where I drifted off ! Love it when I listen while crafting as I get right into it then. Will go and download the new one now as Grace has such a soothing voice. You and she should be really proud ! X

  7. Grace is brilliant – she has a rare ability to let you see HER whenever you hear her. And I’ve only ever heard her on your blog before! She is a star, in every sense of the word.
    Will we have to pay to say hello to her now?
    We are ALL proud of her.
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)

  8. Oh how wonderful. congratulations Grace and you can be as proud as punch Barbara. Grace is a superstar in the making.

    Exciting times ahead!

    I’m happy for you all.

    lots of love Tina.xxx

  9. already listened to Aphrodite, or Odite! Will have to download Invisible by day too!

    it’s really great listening and rests my eyes.

    Congratulations Grace x

  10. I could listen to Grace all day, she has such a lovely, clear voice. And as you say, she draws you into the story. No wonder you are so proud of her.

  11. Congratulations Grace, listened to the trailer loved it, such a lovely voice. Will be buying, great accompaniment to ironing! Definitely a proud Mum moment, great to have some really exciting news.

  12. Well your little girl in the blue velvet dress has come a long way from winking at you when she didn’t know the words in Twas the night before Christmas! No wonder you are such a proud mum x

  13. You deserve to be proud. I have listened to the trailer & love hearing the change in Grace’s voice for each person. I need to look into audible as we already have prime so need to liaise with my Tech Guru otherwise the OH.
    Now to catch up with the lastest SHAC session before Monday.

  14. Congratulations Grace, never quite got into audio books but I do keep trying. Bit of a Luddite I guess only read my Kindle on holiday I’m a library book girl at heart

  15. Hello barb, you have every reason to be proud of the lovely Grace, she is amazing. Thanks for sharing the snippets with us. Perhaps I need to turn to audible as well, and feel less guilt when I pick up a book. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  16. You really do have every reason to be proud of your daughter and her achievements to date: much more to come I think. Grace is very talented, hard working and generous. Chip of the old block I think. (sorry about the “old” bit).
    Hope Dave and his sister Barbara got to Devon OK and she is settling into her new home.

  17. Quite right you are proud of your beautiful daughter. I met her (and her lovely friend) at the open day in June. Such nice girls.
    What a game I’ve had today trying to get the book onto my MP3 player. I’m a bit of a technophobe and now I’ve had to rope my husband in to help. Don’t you just hate it when you have to admit defeat?! But I WILL listen to it, one way or another!! Hope you’re having a lovely weekend xx

  18. Congratulations Grace and indeed a lovely voice to listen to.
    For sure you are a proud Mum and should be!
    Have a lovely Sunday

  19. Beautiful young lady with a beautiful voice and an impressive range of accents! Not surprised you are bursting with pride. Well done Grace! xx

  20. Ive just finished listening to this book. Beautifully narrated by Grace with an impressive ability to create the atmosphere of the moment with her voice and accents. Really enjoyed it :-). Well done Grace. Looking forward to the next one now!

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