Room with a View – Special Bloggy Offer.

Room with a View – Special Bloggy Offer.

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. When I opened the bedroom curtains early this morning, the sky was a beautiful pinky grey. Glorious. A room with a View.

We actually have a wonderful collection of Room with a View dies, illustrated for us by our talented friend, Mel Turner. I love her work, and I particularly love this set. It reminds me of sitting on the bus from here to Brighton, and looking out over the South Downs from the top deck.

4 double panel dies, and then the whole panoramic view in miniature quarterette. These panels tessellate too. So you can line them up and join them up. Beautiful. What a fabulous panelled Wall Art piece you could make with this panorama..

Individually RRP – £14.99 – Special Price £9.99
Complete Collection – £74.95 – Special Price £39.95
Available HERE

I have done a neat, simple step by step demo, using the first one. Enjoy…

  • Cut the die out of black card.
  • Cut out the panels.

  • Pick a lovely background. I chose one of the Toscana Toppers.
  • Find the best spot on the designer paper for both panels.
  • Cut a sheet of Clarity double-sided adhesive paper. We sell A5 and A4. It’s top quality.
  • Peel off one side of the carrier sheet, attach to the card
  • Peel back the second wax carrier sheet.
  • Attach the two Room with a View panels on the adhesive sheet.

Glitter next. One panel is sitting on yellow, one panel is sitting on blue. So let’s try 2 different matching glitter colours. The Perga Glitters come in 6 colours.

Top tip: If you are going to use two different glitters, do one at a time.

  • Now to trim the panels. I used a Pergamano Ruler with a strip of Groovi Grip, to avoid slipping, and a craft knife. I found this the most accurate way to go, instead of a trimmer or guillotine.
  • Cut away all the black edging, staying as close to the edge as possible.
  • Layer up on black card.

  • Trim right back to the panel, or create a square. Your choice.
  • Add a sticker sentiment. Black or white. Again, YOUR choice.

Here’s a table top shot of all the ingredients. The Toscana Petite Toppers too, of course.

I hope you like these dies as much as I do. I think they would work beautifully for so many occasions! Even Christmas. But I just love them as original art pieces.

Here’s a super special bloggy offer. Only for a week though. Offer ends midnight Sunday x

Individually RRP – £14.99 – Special Price £9.99
Complete Collection – £74.95 – Special Price £39.95
Available HERE

Add your Clarity Craft Club discount to that – and you’ve got yourself a better-than-half-price deal! Happy shopping!

Love and hugs

Barb x x x

8 thoughts on “Room with a View – Special Bloggy Offer.

  1. I was looking at this set of dies the other day & realised I hadn’t used them for a while – made pictures using all 4 of the larger dies for the family.
    Like the idea of splitting the 2 sections on each die to make panels rather than squares.
    I need to have a play. Enjoyed this morning in the SHAC – need to rewatch as I missed the bit about the size of card to start off with. Did practice doodles on a piece of paper so I am ready to do the proper piece later.

  2. So lovely being able to be in the Shac even if it was from a hospital bed – didn’t realise just how much I’d missed it. Even better news I’m coming home later. I love these landscape dies they are so useful as they make really quick cards for any gender. You are so right Barb with all you say and you really do need to do as Grace tells you sometimes. Looking forwward to Monday morning now.

  3. Oh Barbara, I missed the Shac this morning due to a appointment but kept my promise to self and caught up this afternoon. I knew I missed the Shac, and thoroughly understand and agree that there needed to be a break but, gosh, didn’t realise how much I missed it until the catch up this afternoon and totally empathise with what you said about needing it So welcome back to the bus driver and everyone climb on board again for the magical mystery Shac rides!! :))

  4. These look great and a fantastic bloggy offer too! So far I’ve only watched the
    Last ten minutes of this mornings shac shack, which was great! The flowers look fantastic and am looking forward to watching and listening to the rest of it! If I got the gist of comments, I don’t blame you for taking a break from the shack and the blogs but by Jove, I’m so glad you are back as I did so miss the banter and everything.
    Hope you dad is doing ok. X

  5. I have really missed the SHAC and enjoyed it so much today on catch-up this evening. The doodling is so lovely and I must say how comforting it is to hear you talking about life and it’s problems, personal and worldly. It really resonated with me and many others I’m sure, so thank you Barb. It’s so good to know other people struggle too…sometimes I think it’s just me!
    I appreciate everything you do for all of us. Thank you.

  6. Hello Barb, what a lovely step by step to do. These dies are great and can be used for so many different occasions. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

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