Kiss me quick…

Kiss me quick…

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. I have spent the day cleaning, tidying, clearing out, pottering, listening to a brilliant book – and I feel so much better for it. Life has been so topsy turvy here for so long, a good old deep clean feels good. Whilst clearing a path through my SHAC artroom above the garage, I was thinking about all the new designs we’ve been rolling out and releasing during the past few months.

So many really lovely things that they fly past without my having a chance to enjoy them. So I decided to park up for an hour and have another little play with those superb little bijou florals and trees….

If these escaped your notice, then you really missed a super little arty stamp set. CLICK HERE TO FIND.

Here are a few little toppers I made, using combinations of the sets…

These really should belong to our new KISS range of stamps – they are so KEEP IT SIMPLE STAMPS !! But they were launched before the KISS Range, for our Clarity Retreat. That’s why. It matters not! Main thing is we have them – and Boy! Are they perfect.

You’ll notice also that I used our Clarity Embedders to create that classy embossed edge that folks are really loving . Again, if you missed these Embedders, they’re pretty special too. CLICK HERE TO FIND.

They make such a difference!

Anyway, back to the little toppers. I atually used some of the bonus Companion Swatches which you automatically get when you buy a pad of our new Companion Papers. Hey! That’s another very lovely new product we’ve added to our Clarity shop: top quality fabulous plain papers. CLICK HERE TO FIND. Also available separately and individually. xx

So where was I? Ah yes. The little toppers stamped on the little coloured swatches…

Several of you have noticed that we have changed the name on our website from Claritystamp to Clarity Crafts. Well, we figure that we design and make so much more than just stamps now, that Clarity Crafts is a far better representation of what and who we are now. Actually, we are still Claritystamp Ltd, but trading as Clarity Crafts. Nothing dodgy, nothing tax efficient or clever. Just a simple change of the sign above the door – which far better describes where we are 30 years down the road. We didn’t want to make a big song n dance about it – not with everything that’s going on at the moment. But we are quietly happy and proud x x x

Sometimes you just have to park up and take the time to look back at all the things you HAVE achieved. We spend far too much time looking at what we HAVEN’t done.

When I look at what our little, vastly reduced team has accompllished in the last year, it is pretty formidable. We may not be the biggest craft company out there, but that was never EVER my driver. Our mission has only ever been to get better, to improve our products and designs, and find a little joy in our work. I think we are on the right road.

Stay safe

Love and hugs

Barb x x x

15 thoughts on “Kiss me quick…

  1. Those little stamps are great, so adaptable and easy to add things to. I really enjoyed using them at the retreat. Congratulations on the name change. It certainly covers all the varied things you tempt us with. Thank you and Linda and Jilly for a lovely evening of crafting yesterday. I think we all need that fabulous booster in our lives from watching last night. xxx

  2. All of it is lovely! I must admit that when I saw the change of name on the website, I did wonder if your shop had been cloned!! Glad it’s not.

  3. Good change of name and thanks for the reminder to get the stamps we used on the retreat which I failed to put into my basket. Got lots of other goodies then though!

  4. Love the new name as it reflects what you have become after 29 years.
    I am enjoying the new style of stamps – I like the clean & simple look but also the ability to mix & match the different sets.
    I will finish last night’s Groovi project over the next few days – certainly a learning curve with the Perga colours but liking the finished effect. Thanks to you & Linda for a great evening full of hints, tips & laughter!! Thanks also to Jilly for manning the comments.

  5. The recipe is just perfect, quality, quantity, so you should be proud especially with everything else happening around you. Xx

  6. Fabulous, I love that the new name has moved with the vast quality product ranges that Clarity now does. (simply stylish)
    So proud to be a design team member of this top notch company with simply the best customer service I have ever experienced.
    The product ranges are superb, and I love all that Clarity stands for.
    Well done Barb and Team.xx

  7. The new name is ideal Barbara. The bijou stamps are really wonderful and they suit my favourite style. What a joy they are! xx

  8. I have spent half the day at a childrens animal themed party. Celebrating grandaughter’s first Birthday. Second half of day back at the house with family and son and daughter’s birthday to celebrate. Shattered now.
    Name change is right. You have so many different products. x

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