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Thanks for popping in. Hearty congratulations to the young English women who won the European Cup last night! What a game! And what a team. And to come up against the Germans, the absolute leaders! It was such a tight game! The teams were so evenly matched – it really could have gone either way. But for the first time since 1966, it was the English women who brought a major competition trophy home.

Did you see it? It was a joy to watch, and at so many levels. Not just because they won, but the professional way they played together, the way they kept going undeterred, regardless. The gracious, nimble way they played, and the way they danced and whooped when the final whistle blew, declaring them the victors. It was very moving.

Did you know that the English FA banned womens’ football right up until 1971? Baffling. And for many years they have been ridiculed and rejected, with much resistance. Oh how sweet this victory! And did you catch how hard it had been for them to find football stadiums to host the tournament, and how many of the big league stadiums had turned them down? (I had wondered why so many of the games were in lesser known club stadiums). Well boys – I hope you were watching.

Even if you don’t like football, you have to hand it to them. Decades of dedicated women have gone before these girls, having courage of their convictions, sticking at it, paving this way. And there have been many men supporting and banging the equality drum for sure. So to finally, after all these years, do what nobody has been able to achieve since 1966 – well that’s got to be worth cheering for.

Here’s a Congratulations card I made on TV on Friday, using one of our new Stencil bursts and our Wordchains, and a wee dancer…

Well Sarah, you can play football at major league level now too – if you want to. You can dance around a football pitch too!

Working class girls, working hard towards a common girl. Truly inspirational.

Love and huge hugs

Barb xxx

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  1. I echo your comments, so eloquently put as usual Barb about the Women’s Euro 2022 Football Tournament. I am not usually particularly interested in football, but boy did the girls play beautifully! (see what I did there?) Which is rather apt, as the game is often referred to as the “Beautiful Game”. However; your mum might not be quite so ecstatic today, though will probably be happy that so many young girls around the world will be inspired to play the game and one day lift a trophy or two? Many congratulations to the Lionesses! The FA should hang their heads in shame for banning Women’s Football right up until 1971 and the many top stadiums for not hosting this fantastic tournament. The very home and famous export of this great nation! Nuff said

  2. I am proud that a stadium in my home town Rotherham New York stadium was a host stadium and the local council made a real celebration with events around each March played there. It’s not a town that has much to celebrate since most of its industries steel and mining are long gone but they really did the woman’ game proud. And didn’t the Lionesses do well.

  3. I watched it for sure and remember 1966 very clearly even though I was only a little girl.

    The girls did good and it’s been a long time coming- we’ve been singing – ITS COMING HOME – FOR TOO LONG. I hope this achievement paves the way for change! My little granddaughter plays and loves it.

    Loved your card Barbara- those stencils are great!

    1. My granddaughter booked tickets for final two years ago and was there! They had the most amazing time and remarked on how well the fans behaved and how friendly both Germans and English were to each other! A celebration to remember! Onwards and upwards girls! Congratulations one and all.

  4. Congratulations indeed.
    While I admire the tenacity and the achievements of these women, football leaves me cold. I was forced to watch the 1966 game as I was the only one of my friends with a TV and several of the fans descended on my little bed sit to watch the game. Didn’t watch another until I married a football fanatic and for 19 years I tolerated it until he died. Did not watch this match and switched off the news because I couldn’t stand the noise and repetitions of the clips.
    Am I a grouch? Probably where this is concerned but I am fortunate that OH agrees with me. We had a lovely time crafting with Tina’s petites and listening to music.
    Looks like another scorcher is on the way so stay cool and hydrated everyone, be safe in the sun.

  5. After dipping in and out of the match, I watched the last 10 minutes of the match. Not really onto football, but did decide in the morning to put a little England flag in the front window, as when the men are playing any important matches, there are flags everywhere, and as the commonwealth games are on at the moment, I shall be leaving it for the time being. Lovely card. Enjoyed this mornings shac. xx

  6. Women’s football has played a major role in my adult life – my daughter, now 43, played for Crystal Palace Ladies from the age of 11, till she was 17, and then played for Arrecife F.C, when she went to live in Lanzarote (she was a superb player!). My hubs, Luke, and I ran our own Ladies football team (Clapton L.F C.) for many years. Last night’s game was so emotional, I cried like a baby when the whistle went! Super proud of how far we’ve come in such a male dominated sport – pure joy! xxx ❤️

  7. It was just amazing – positive, respectful, peaceful supporters, proper teamwork! Great job ladies and so inspiring for all the little girls out there with a dream!!!

  8. Although not a football fan, I watched to support the girls and I am so glad I did. I agree with everything you said so well. With two daughters and three granddaughters, I am a big advocate of ‘girls can do anything’ and bought my girls sweatshirts saying just that when they were kids, forty years ago! I also now live in Milton Keynes, where the MK Stadium proudly hosted a group and a semi final. X

  9. I completely agree with you Barbara. A tight match but didn’t our girls do well?! I’m not by any means a football fan but I watched it from start to finish and cried when they won. Just sheer joy and disbelief on their faces and what a lovely moment when William presented them with their medals and trophy. No stuffy formality from our future King….just genuine pleasure, excitement and pride. And (my husband read out from the newspaper this morning) not one arrest throughout the whole event……and no spitting!!! TAKE NOTE BOYS!!!

  10. It was a great match, no unnecessary dramas just the keenness to play well & win. Even though the Lionesses won they were still there for the German girls at the end.
    It was nice to see so many youngsters in the crowd thoroughly enjoying themselves & singing their hearts out with Sweet Caroline & Its Coming Home, Its Coming Home.

  11. Hi Barbara
    I was one of those women that played in the mid to late 70’s playing for Fulham ladies a great time who knows where I could have got to if I was born in a different era. I was also lucky enough to get a ticket for Wembley what a day the atmosphere was phenomenal. Well done done girls 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏆🏆. I was also sitting next to an Ex England ladies goalkeeper who played 60 times so a great experience one I won’t forget for a long time.
    Love Ruth & Jackie

  12. Hello Barb, it was certainly worth watching, even though ours is more a Rugby household than Footie. Very proud of the Lionesses, and they have done what many a male team has not been able to do! Love the card. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  13. Well done to them ,I’m not interested in football ,it’s all for the money these days ,not for the game. Love the cards and that stencil ,hope it’s one of the ones I just ordered yesterday or if not will have to wait till next week now xxx

  14. Yes Barb I agree with entirely. I personally hate football but what this team have done not just for womens football but for women in sport and in general is fantastic. Not only have a lot of these women played the game, but have held down other jobs and had families too and in a lot of cases washed their own kits. How many men would be still in the game if they had to do the same thing.

  15. Hi Barb
    I love football and I have watched every Lioness match through this tournament. I am proud to say that my club, Southampton, was one of the few premier league teams to host matches for the Euros. Saints Women’s team were promoted to the second tier at the end of last season and will play all their games this season at St Mary’s. They are also given equal prominence on the Saints website. Makes a change for Saints to be leading the way, let’s hope it continues on the pitch!
    Thanks girls for a wonderful experience and what a bus driver Sarina Wiegman is!

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