Brand new Stencil Bursts and Wee Stamps !

Brand new Stencil Bursts and Wee Stamps !

Hi there!

Thanks for popping in.

Wanted to shine a little light on some super new Stencil Bursts …

…and a couple of new additions to our Wee Stamp Family! Introducing our brilliant Cats and Dogs

Our Wee range is very poplular, so we’re showcasing a selection of favourites

And the funky Word Chain Alphabet is the perfect companion to all the Word Chains stamps, because you can write absolutely anything you want! Numbers included too.

Ani‘s Stamps are what I consider to be Essential stamps. They are magical, just as she was. I do miss that young woman.

Here is some inspiration from the Design Team

I’d best get ready for the 4pm Groovi Christmas Treasures show now though!!

So I hope you can join me tomorrow, Friday at 9am & 1pm on Create and Craft
Create and Craft – Sky 683, Virgin 748, Freesat 813, Freeview 85

Love and hugs

Barb xxx

14 thoughts on “Brand new Stencil Bursts and Wee Stamps !

  1. These are wonderful, and as a lover of all things feline, I especially love the cat one. You all never disappoint. Please keep up the great work you’re doing – Kristina x

  2. All set for this afternoons shows! All the samples look amazing (as always) – wishing Sonia Goodliff many congratulations on joining the Clarity DT – a perfect addition IMHO! x

  3. Wow the stencils look like a must have – the samples from the DT are fantastic yet again.
    Just watching the 4pm show & as predicted the stock is flying, even the extended stock. There are going to be a lot at the PJ party on the 12 – good job it is virtual so we can all have a front row seat !!

  4. I hope your shows go well. I have the original 2 stencils and have used them, especially the circles. I’ll see if the budget lets me have some of the new ones -or maybe I might get some of the other goodies! I’m sorry there isn’t an even vaguely whippet/greyhound dog shape but I guess you can’t do them all. Maybe in the the next set? We just adopted a new almost 10 year old whippet/greyhound cross who is blind, to be friends with my 13 and a half year old rescue whippet, and most of my friends have sighthounds!

  5. Enjoyed todays shows, recorder set for tomorrow morning as we have a early visit to the vets for Megs (westie) routine 6 monthly check up and inoculations. The wee dog and cat stamps will join Ani’s stamps on my wish list, which gets ever longer by the day! xx

  6. Morning Barb, sounds like yesterdays shows were a huge success. Looking forward to today. Love these new stencils and that artwork is just incredible, very talented people on the design team. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  7. Hope C&C have spare hinges because these Groovi plates are going to blow the doors off every month. Looks like someone is going to be doing overtime to fulfil the orders !!!
    Just back from the hospital, watched the 9am show before to calm my nerves. All ok so far. Can’t wait for tomorrow so I can order Linda’s plates and the stencils together with the wee cats and dogs which are the only wee ones I don’t have.

  8. Fabulous shows Barb…you are such a lovely lady … so natural …friendly…talented…love the stencils I have seen …
    Unfortunately C&C won’t ship to Gibraltar any more …so couldn’t order…
    Hoping I can get them with you xxx
    Sylvie xx

  9. Stumbled on your show today on YouTubeTV, and am ENTHRALLED!!! Really Great to watch you showing the Groovi plates. Will need to save my allowance to get your starter kit. These days $$$ is tight, but this will be top of my list! Will be looking forward to finding you in the future.

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