Hi everyone, Paul here.

Don’t panic, I haven’t started writing in code! I thought I would shine a light on the additions to this weeks W.I.G.I.G (When It’s Gone, It’s Gone!)

As you know, we’re always adding beautiful new designs to our library of stamps, stencils, Groovi plates and Fresh Cut dies, and sometimes you just need to make a space on the shelf! This is where W.I.G.I.G comes into play! With 60% off plus your club discount, it’s a great chance to stock up on outgoing products before they are sold out for good.

So what have we added this week?

All of the current W.I.G.I.G can be found in one place on the Clarity website HERE

I will be back tomorrow sharing some amazing artwork from the design team showcasing the latest addition to the Doodle Frame-Its range of dies launching on the new Create and Craft on Friday at 9am & 1pm – I have had so much fun playing with them today

Leave me a comment below letting me if you already have some of the Nested Doodle Frame-Its and which ones!

Enjoy your evening.

Happy crafting

Paul x

12 thoughts on “W.I.G.I.G

  1. I have the circles and squares. I’m sure I’ll add to them at some point, they’re so useful and add a perfect finish to cards and artwork. Looking forward to seeing the new ones in action. X

  2. I have the circles, squares and rectangles. I recorded your last show where you explain in detail how they work – I really needed that, thanks Paul, it helped me to understand the thinking of how they go together, and now I want to use them constantly. How are the cats doing?
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)

  3. I have the square ones and oblong ones and round ones lm always using them and l think the new ones will be a great addition to the ones l already have looking forward to seeing them on Friday x

  4. I have all of them and look forward to some new ones. Since being a tad immobile the last few weeks I have been using the frames to jazz up my non-Clarity stash as it is being cleared out to make more room for new Clarity products.

  5. I have them all & am sure the new ones will be joining them at some point. There seems to be many combinations that can be made from the new dies so look forward to seeing what you have to show us on Friday.

  6. Hi paul, that’s a cert alt question, i have rhen all and love working with them, i am sure these new ones will accidently fall into my shopping basket… cannot wait to see them in action.

  7. Hi Paul, what a great offer, some lovely stamps there, need to go check what I have got. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  8. I’ve got the square ones and am trying to save up for the rectangular ones. They ready are so useful especially when you know your card just needs a little something extra but you can’t think what. Looking forward to tomorrow’s shows.

  9. I have the circles and square doodle dies at the moment, the others are on my wish list, and I’m sure, the new dies will be added to the list, as they look fabulous and very useful. Looking forward to the shows tomorrow.

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