Home is where your Mum is

Home is where your Mum is

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Just a quickie to show off our new Mum/Mom stamps. Are they for Mother‘s Day? Well, they can be of course!! But they are also perfect just to say I love you to a Mum. Or Mom if you are American.

They are a very young design. Designed by our very young Jazz at Clarity, which figures! She lives with her mum and I know they are very close, so it all makes sense.

It’s the kind of design Grace would send to me – any time of the year actually. I know she misses her Mum and she still thinks of our home as her home – which it is and always will be. Both she and our Mark always say they are coming HOME for Christmas, not back to England.

I was thinking about all you Grandmothers in our Clarity community, who look after their grandchildren, and craft along with them. What a great stampset this would be for those young people, to make cards for their mums -YOUR daughters!

Available HERE

I played with the stamps earlier, and made a card for my Mum….

So whether it’s from you to your Mum/Mom, or for your Grandchild to your daughter – it’s certainly a beautiful design that speaks volumes.

I am going over to my parents tomorrow for a couple of days. It really is the only other home in the world where I have a pair of slippers waiting for me.

Love always

Barb xxxx

Mothers Day in UK – 27th March
Mothers Day in USA – 8th May

20 thoughts on “Home is where your Mum is

  1. Hi my Mam as we call her is 90 on the 31st of this month,she is mama to my children and mamma p to the grandchildren ,all areas have different names for there loved one’s but yes home is where the heart is and mam still lives in the family home after bringing up 7 children .

  2. Super Idea – some of us sadly have no Mums handy these days, but I will be thinking of her on Mother’s Day.
    Happy belated birthday – and thanks for the Barb Bonus – I’ve just been waiting for an excuse to get those doodle rectangle frames. Hope you had a lovely day.
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)

  3. Mine was 92 last week – getting old is no joke – now that might make a good stamp for any age I reckon ! That’s her favourite phrase at the moment and my hubby has picked it up ! She’s still in my childhood home and i now think I’ve got two homes – lucky I think. Hubby is 75 tomorrow…. It’s all birthdays again this month ! Have a good couple of days with your mum and dad and so glad fur baby is ok, hopefully he’ll stay this side of fence in future. The man who knocked on your door was certainly thoughtful and kind – it must have been difficult for him and his daughter. Reminds me of an evening a few years ago when I was in someone’s house and the door bell rang with a similar story but not a good outcome then – another ginger one. Anyway all’s we’ll that ends well this time 😘

  4. Lucky are those people who experience the warmth of a loving mother.
    I only once tried to celebrate Mothering Sunday. I bought a lovely card, a box of Black Magic (her favourites) and a bunch of flowers but the response was totally unexpected !!! She said ‘why did you waste your money? – threw the card on the fire, the flowers in the bin and gave the chocolates to the neighbour who happened to have dropped in for a cuppa.
    Humiliation doesn’t come into it. NEVER AGAIN.
    On a happier note the sun is shining, the birds are singing and for now all is right with my world.
    Happy crafting everyone. Stay safe.

    1. I have lost my mum too and I miss her every day. Let’s send love and hugs to each other on Mother’s Day.

      1. I’m sorry you were so abused, Cherry. You aren’t the one who should feel bad about it, though I totally understand the hurt. My face burns for you just hearing about it. I am very sure that your mum did one thing right, as she gave us you, a force for good in the world as so often seen in your comments here.

        I will be thinking of both you and Zara this Mother’s Day, sending great love. I was orphaned at 38 and still remember the pain of raw grief decades on, though it eases. I hope you both, and others in similar situations, find the healing you need on that day and all others.

  5. Hi Barbara I love these stamps. The artwork is stunning. I have slippers at my daughter’s house. I hope all is okay with your parents. I know these things are a big worry. Sending love. Hugs xxx

  6. What a beautiful card! How I wish I had known about Clarity years ago! Treasure every minute with your mum and dad. Laugh and make memories. Lots of love. Hxx

  7. Very lovely stamp and beautiful card. Made my mother’s day cards yesterday with a wreath set so too late for me! Enjoy spending time with your folks and birthday greetings for yesterday xxx

  8. So sad to hear one of your kitties has been hurt….had noticed you had not been talking about them lately.
    Do you still have both? So sorry if not….too sad.
    but I do often think of them and would help me understand why…if not. It will be on my mind, being a cat lover.

    1. Just to reassure you, Barbara told us about Ragnar’s brush with a car in the SHAC yesterday. Thankfully he was found, checked over by Dave and seems to have come out of the incident with nothing more than the loss of one of his nine lives, and hopefully an increased wariness of roads.

  9. My mother died in 2016 (aged 96) and I hadn’t seen her for 20 years before that, though we were in touch weekly until a few weeks before she died, as she had to go into a nursing home. I did manage to speak to her 2 days before she died, though I’m not certain she knew who I was. I hope the staff explained as my brother hadn’t got here in time to help with the call. It was partly due to the time difference between Australia and UK. I think of her in May when Mother’s day is celebrated in Oz (and of course all the days between!).

  10. The spelling of Mom/Mum is a regional thing as here in the Birmingham area we say Mom. Mine is 93 years young & in the process of moving house – her choice – after living for nearly 69 years in the family home but she will be nearer to us. It will seem very strange but as the stamp says Home is where Mom is !! I forgot to add it to my order in my hurry to complete before I left it too late but no doubt there will be more orders going in over the coming weeks !!
    Glad Ragnar is ok & I hope your Dad is doing better when you get there tomorrow.
    Now to put the finishing touches to my hares as we had to pop out first thing this morning to sort house stuff out.

  11. This is a lovely stamp but, for the first time ever, I no longer need to make a Mothers Day card. I must admit it has been really hard seeing all the lovely cards being made knowing I now have no one to make one for.

  12. Hello Barb, what beautiful stamps, hope you enjoy the days you are spending with your Mum and Dad. I unfortunately lost my Mom in 1998 in SA and my Mum-in-law in 2015 here in the UK, so I have nobody to make cards for except if friends and neighbours ask me to make some for their Mums/Moms. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  13. Thank you to those who have sent love and good wishes my way. It is heartwarming.
    I got through the mental and sometimes physical abuse because I am strong and had a wonderful father.
    I feel your love ❤️ ♥️❤️

  14. Thankyou…Claire S for replying to my concerns for Barbara’s kitties….it means a lot….I am a worry guys over cats, I have one myself and live with this fear continuously
    ….everyday. I do hope Erik is safe to, they are both wonderful and I feel they need each other so much, they are gorgeous. Thankyou for taking the time to reply, that means a lot.

  15. Lovely stamp set and beautiful card demo. My Mum has been gone now twenty years and I miss her and will always wish her Happy Mums Day on the day. Hope your Dad is getting stronger and you enjoy your time with your parents.

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