Lost your Mojo ? Another way back…

Lost your Mojo ? Another way back…

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. It’s Tuesday and it’s Day 3 in this  #LOSTYOURMOJO Blog series. Why am I sitting with this subject for days at a time? Because your hobby is your sane lane! You get with your hands, you get out of your head – it’s that simple.

We crafters are so very lucky to have found something ANYTHING we want to learn about and make! It is the thing that keeps us company, keeps us occupied, keeps us in a good space. So to hit a wall, to lose your arty mojo – this is BIG STUFF, innit?!

New Year and beginning. And the last thing you need is a crafty blockage! No, no, no. Nobody wants a crafty blockage! Quite the contrary! January is a perfect month to start a new hobby, a new pastime.

The way we spend our time is the way we live our lives.

Seth Godin

I have set myself a new personal challenge too, regarding this ’ere blog. Since stupidly hitting the Update button last year, writing the blog has been a headache at best, a PITA (Pain in the Derriere) mostly. This is mainly why I had stopped blogging daily – just such a grind. What was a simple operation had become a real daily challenge, and sometimes I just didn’t have the time to fiddle about. Today was the first official day back at work, and I decided if I didn’t like it, I was going to have to change it. Lots of reading, opening various windows, googling. And already, within an hour I have solved my biggest issue: Photos and layout. Back in the game, I hope! Bear with me while I get my head round this technology. I wasn’t raised on bolt-ons, apps and plugins, but I’m pretty sure they’re straightforward if you apply yourself. There’s nothing here that time and a little patience won’t solve.

So. Let’s get back to the #Lostyourmojo post.

On Sunday, we looked at not overthinking what we do, and simply chopping up artwork into smaller pieces. I used a super stampset from Leonie (CLiCK HERE for half price offer) and our Designer Paper

On Monday, we introduced our nested Tag Dies (click here) and our 2-way overlay Christmas Stamps as a way to chop up scraps of art, or pieces that we didn’t know what to do with…

Today, I want to shine a little light on three things which are super useful for both easing you into a blank page and finishing off a piece of artwork:

The Designer Papers provide an instant background solution. No need to work out colours, inks, paints – they are a bridge to art. In fact, when you look at them, they often prompt you to add stamps or stencils in a particular area. Look on them as a landscape canvas, ready to work on.

The masks? Well, they are the picture, the landscape. Again, no colour thought required. Just a brush, a Spot-on sponge and a black ink pad.

The Poetry stamps. Beautiful, simple narrative. They add the story, the connection between yourself and the recipient.

Let’s take a look at the steps…

  • Pick a paper which conveys the flavour you want.
  • Add the Castle mask, or the Mountains mask, or the Roof tops mask
  • Mask off the bunting area and any exposed part of the designer paper with masking tape and copy paper.
  • Use a brush and black Archival ink. brush DOWNWARDS, off the mask, flicking the brush so that it lifts off the paper.
  • Use a Sponge and masking tape or copy paper to add the shadows of the castle turrets.
  • Add shade all along the castle and hills.
  • If you want it blacker, just brush longer or pound the sponge instead of smear.

This is exceptionally simple, but very effective. I believe that a surefire way to rekindle your mojo is to make something really cool that requires very little application. This project is just that.

When you peel away the reusable mask I bet you are impressed. The Designer Paper really helps massively too. Then pick a poem, a verse. Do this before you chop the paper up, so you have left a goodly space.

Straightforward, atmospheric, arty.

So who is receiving this artwork from you? A man? A Woman? Young? Older? These are the simple facts you may want to consider before mounting the art. Which do YOU prefer?

Here are two examples of the same ingredients, but with very different results:

These are simple solutions, easy ways to make lovely art and break through that mojo block. Just follow the steps. Allow me to guide you through the wall. Once you get to the other side, you’ll be off and running again. Sometimes we just need a little help, a few tips and tricks, some pointers and props. That’s it.

Love always

Barb xxx

PS I am pretty chuffed that the photo blocks are back! One little switch, one tiny change, one minor adjustment – and BOOM!! Excited to be blogging again!! When you win the Craft Award for Best Blog 2021, you really ought to know how the thing works! I shall spend the next hour working out how to add the button below to the side panel! Shewillworkitout… x

16 thoughts on “Lost your Mojo ? Another way back…

  1. Hi Barb
    Technology is wonderful when it works but the biggest frustrator when it doesn’t!
    I loved your rooftops artwork; reminded me of LS Lowry. I have some large leaves pressing under a pile of books and the forest mask I ordered arrived today so I will have a go at this technique in the next few days. Thanks for the inspiration.
    Enjoy your evening.

  2. Glad you are getting to grips with your blog. Updates are seldom a good idea! Lol. Anyway, thanks for the inspiration. I’ve been tidying the wardrobe! I even found a top and a cardigan which I have never worn and thought I had thrown out in the box a couple of years ago!! Lol. That’s how bad it was! Lol. Have a lovely evening. Hxx

  3. Hi Barb, your persistence amazes me daily. Love everything you do! May not have all the ingredients to attempt everything, but my resolution this year is to try many things with what I have. Love the Sky Lines, and have them, but they have not seen the light of day for a while, so guess what my challenge is now. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  4. Fabulous artwork. Isn’t it amazing how a different background can make the project have a completely different feel?!
    I need a good old inky play. Think that might have to wait a while.
    Have a great evening.
    Love and hugs xxxx

  5. WOW!! Love the artwork.I’m a little bit older than you, and I find some tech frustrating – I don’t have (or need) a smartie phone, so maybe that’s why? Like you I research how to fix it, or find someone to help (usually a 10 year old child!). That’s what’s different, isn’t it? We were taught to think for ourselves and reason things out. I’m hopeless at sums, but you put a 2 for 1 offer in front of me at the supermarket, and I’m out with the calculator working out if it’s good value. Just find what you are good at and everything somehow falls into place better.
    Sorry to ramble.
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite) Happy New Year by the way.

  6. Uplifting blog. Haven’t lost my mojo. I am just severely challenged trying to put a parchment card together. I did the butterfly wrap but with the butterflies at each end. Also an inner layer. Many hours wasted as it cannot be rescued. Tomorrow is another day

  7. Now I am even more confused! I have been struggling to keep track of the days for months now. So is it Wednesday today as you said at the start of this blog, or is it Tuesday as I thought it was. I watched you and Linda this morning, believing it to be the regular Groovi Tuesday. Loved it and now got my printer working properly so that I can copy the project pages. I cannot easily get at my inks right now, so instead of following this lovely inky piece, I will settle for playing with my semi circle tool, one of my favourites. Glad to see it is the turn of the mini version next week. Hope you get the hang of your updated blog. I hate these updates, that completely destroy everything you thought you already knew. Good luck. xxx Maggie Craner

  8. Can remember at work when IT said it was time for an update we all used to groan and then be swearing for the next couple of weeks while we got used to it or tried to ! Great blog, glad you’re getting around it. X

  9. Don’t you just love updates – we up dated our laptops to windows 11 over Christmas & everything is in a different place. We did my mom’s as well so that at least I can see what she has on her screen when she phones with a query. Even the turn off process is different.
    Loving these mojo projects that you are doing for us – ink, a piece of designer paper, mask & a verse with a great piece of artwork to end up with.
    Now to catch up with Summer School as I am a bit behind.

  10. Hi Barbara
    My mojo has gone on extended leave I’m afraid
    To many other things going on.
    I have lots of new stuff from Clarity not even opened yet I have to say I keep on buying though lol ,
    Crafty retail therapy is my therapy at the minute.
    Loving the blog hugs 🤗

  11. Great artwork. I have the masks, also the poetry stamps, the latter I’m using for this years calendar, and have used the “Today well lived” for this month, did decide to try to keep it simple and not overthink things, after 3 attempts and many hours spent for the month of November! Still, it all adds to the fun. xx

  12. Another inky day for me today – my mojo was still intact, I just had lots of different craft projects on the go! Maybe I need to retire early? Lol x

  13. Hello Barb, I am loving the series for getting your Mojo back, and it has helped me enormously. Love this one too, have not had my skyline masks out for ages, so I think I must give this a try. Glad that you have got the technology sussed too. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  14. I am loving this, and really want to and must do some stamping. I am in the stamping club, for goodness sake, but my brain doesn’t seem to work with it. I will take a leaf out of your book and make a concerted effort. A resolution, and the masks are definately a thing to buy. Thanks Barbara.

  15. Loving the blogs so many great ideas xx made from a few items and easy to follow steps xx lol thank you so much xx off to look out the ingredients and get going xx

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