First Claritystamps of the Year

First Claritystamps of the Year

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. It’s Monday the 10th of January already – where does the time go? Perhaps you watched TV yesterday? We launched our clever new Seasonal Wreaths – or should I say half-wreaths?

Ironically, the time whizzes past even faster during a 2 hour TV show. I never feel as though I have done the demos justice. But hey. They all sold out, so you saw the benefits of the stamps despite the whirlwind! Maybe it’s me. Maybe I’m just getting slower, and the world is actually on track. Anyway, we’re already making more, if you fancy them. They certainly are a seasonal stamp collection which can be used all year round! CLICK HERE to find.

Speaking of round, I think it was a smart move to resize those beautiful art rounds by Mel. They sit perfectly within the frames…

Here are a few art samples from the Clarity Design Team, showing off not only the 4 seasons, but also the arty round stamps by Mel and the small wise words…

Sam Crowe

Einstein said that time is relative, that the rate at which time passes depends on your frame of reference. And I would add that a frame of reference moves too. We may try to give it form, control it and box it in by creating seconds and minutes and hours and months etc. But the sun and the moon? They don’t respond to our manmade clocks, do they? In fact we have to shift our clocks to come in line with them a couple of times a year!

Time is on the wing for sure. All the more important to find joy in your days. I think I’ll go throw a pot! Huge Joy! Here are my latest makes…

Speaking of clocks and timepieces, did you watch the Pottery Throwdown yesterday. The young lad Cellan, with the curly blonde hair, is from our pottery studio here at Barnsgate Manor! I was cheering, clapping and leaping around the living room when he made Potter of the Week last night! PROUD MOMENT!!! Such a nice fella. Maybe I’ll try a clock instead of a pot today. Tick Tock.

Stay safe.

Love always,

Barb xxx

26 thoughts on “First Claritystamps of the Year

  1. Didn’t Cellan do a fantastic job with the tent clock? Fabulous. We’ll be waiting with bated breath for a Clarity stencil to find its way onto the programme too! Enjoy your potting x

  2. Lovely to see you fulfil your pottery dream Barbara and the results must make you very proud. Happy New Year. (If it’s not too late) 😘

  3. Enjoyed the shows yesterday Barbara and was very impressed with the mileage to be had from the lovely stamps. Thought you looked particularly lovely too, especially your hair xx

  4. Never fear Barbara, your demos were great, full of enthusiasm and information.
    Your pottery is coming along so well! I love your latest collection. Great you make time for that, good for the soul!

  5. Cellan did so well and one of the simplest – looking that is – not to do I’m sure, won the day. I just loved the feet poking out the end too.

    The stamps look so versatile and I really must try using the ones I have more but will add these to the list. I remember enjoying the wreath when we drew them year before last now as I turned one into a Christmas card for Mum then, seems no time ago at all…. xx

  6. Heard about Cellan on the FB page so will catch up with the shows later just watching Around the World in 80 days.
    Enjoyed the shows yesterday – time certainly flew by !!
    I wonder what you will make today – a pot or a clock ? Only time will tell !!

  7. Loved the shows yesterday. Watched the pottery last night and didn’t he do well his clock was beautiful,keep thinking will we see a clarity stencil being used by him..

  8. Enjoyed the shows yesterday, placed an order and nearly broke the bank !!!
    The idea of reducing the size of the rounds is brilliant as we don’t always want big stamps and these will be so useful.
    Your pots get better and better, clever you, love the colours you use.
    Time definitely got away from me today, so much to do and only moments to do it in. Does not help when a stiff and sore neck intrude on the plans!!!
    Thanks to Jeannine who corrected an idiotic mistake I made on an order, she is so kind.
    Stay well, stay safe.

  9. Really enjoyed the Craft Store shows yesterday Barbara, the new stamp sets are so versatile! You did the demos plenty proud, and packed in a lot of great ideas. So pleased you’ve resized Mel’s rounds – lovely designs and now a chance to use them in different ways from the originals! Looking forward to having a play when the goodies arrive!
    Wow, your pottery is amazing, so pleased you are managing to “find your style”, love the SHAC doodling on the dish!

  10. Watched the pottery show yesterday and was very impressed with what was achieved especially Cellan’s tent, looked simple but obviously not.
    Great show on the Craft Store Barbara. My itchy fingers could not resist buying the resized stamps.
    Happy ‘potting’.

  11. Oh no, I shouldn’t have read your blog yet, as I am going to watch the pottery throw down tonight! Serves me right for watching Vera last night, but it was a shared choice. Your pots are beautiful, by the way. You just get better and better. XX

  12. Loved your demos Barbara always inspirational. Your pottery is brilliant too is there no end to your talent?
    Loved the Pottery Throw Down I wonder if Cellan is aware of your fans routing for him, I felt almost like a personal friend cheering for him.
    I wonder how many of us had Anglesey eggs for supper/lunch !!!!!!!! We did and it was delicious – any more recipe ideas would be most

  13. Love the new stamps. As am about to move house will have to sit on my hands and wait. Cellan was very good on pottery showdown such a nice young man. Think you are right Barbara you will have to try and make a clarity clock.

  14. 2 of my favourite shows in one day, Clarity and the pottery throw down !! Cellan is very good. Can’t wait to see a Clarity pottery clock.

  15. great shows yesterday Barbara – I did give in to buying the wreaths set! Love the Pottery Throwdown – it’s regular family viewing in our house. I thought Cellan’s clock was fabulous!

  16. Hi Barbara
    Watched throw down last night thought you might not have seen it live so didn’t comment on previous blog as didn’t want to spoil it. Loved Cellan’s tent clock also liked the dancing one but as he came first in the challenge he deserved it well done him.
    Love the wreaths great examples from DT.
    Love Ruth & Jackie xx

  17. Catching up on the shows, loving the demos, loving all the stamps. Sitting on my hands! Pottery pieces are so you and thanks for showing them. I seem to be catching up all the time even your Blog! Where does the time go? X

  18. Hello Barb, loved the shows and all the demos and samples. So much creativity. I love the resized rounds and sentiments, which would be very useful to me. The wreaths are really lovely, and have popped them on my wish list for later in the year. The samples above are among some of my favourites. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  19. Superb stamps and demos although not enough. I am sure you had more. Such a shame the presenter didn’t honour the superb design team’s wonderful samples. In my opinion too many interruptions. We all have an opinion. Great pottery, what talent.

  20. Recorded Pottery but haven’t watched it yet but in the first programme the presenters hardly talked to Cellan. Hopefully in the second one we find out more about him. Love your pottery Barbara.

  21. Love your pots, love the stamps, love Cellan – so pleased he was potter of the week. He now has a lot of followers thanks to you Barb

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