A Pergamano Show peep…

A Pergamano Show peep…

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. A Pergamano Show peep. No. not a Pergamano peep Show! Mind you, I bet we’d get more viewers if it were! Maybe not the parching audience we’re looking to entertain though…

Ready to be impressed? Ready to invest in a set of super duper brand new Groovi plates? Then look no further! Linda Williams has designed these oh so useful layout plate, which give you instant frames for any – and I mean ANY – parchment art.

Get set tomorrow Thursday at 11am on The Craft Store, when Paul launches these 3 brand new designs. Not only are they packed with brilliant images and assets – it’s the actual layout that will help you so much when creating Parch-Art.

Look at this art sample by Frances, and you will understand what I mean. And she has used the plate almost exactly as it comes – except for the Happy Retirement message from the other plate with the boat in the centre.

Frances Knott

Here’s another art sample by Josie, again using the lovely girlie elements just as they sit in the layout, plus a little gridwork. But of course, you could fill the blocks and panels with absolutely ANYTHING.

Josie Davidson

And what about this beauty by Carol, who also has showcased the plate exactly as Linda designed it. But you can clearly see how the layout panels offer so many cardmaking options! Love the boat! Great for a man’s card.

Carol Baker

Here is the original collection that we launched in November last year. They will also be on the show. They sold out very quickly last year, so here’s your chance to get them again.

In addition to the Layout Plates, Paul will also be showcasing Tina’s fabulous 3D Flowers & Butterflies, complete with Ideas & Inspiration book full of projects.

You’re in for a treat with these Layout Plates. A real game changer when it comes to composition. I often struggle where to start with Groovi art. These give me so many cool layout options, and of course they all look different every time you rotate them. Paul will be on The Craft Store at 11am & 3pm tomorrow. I hope you can join him. I’ll be in the SHAC at 10am too xxx Here to keep you company.

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Love always,

Barb xxx

15 thoughts on “A Pergamano Show peep…

  1. Just watching Paul on rewind, love the look of these new plates too , decisions, decisions
    Lovely art work as usual great inspiration
    Hugs xxx

  2. OohI love these plates! You can either follow all of it, or just take out certain elements! How versatile they are! I shall look forward to getting some of these with birthday money!

  3. Linda Williams has done it again !! I think these new plates will fly tomorrow – they are a great addition to the layout plates that came out before Christmas.
    Off to finish my doodle for tomorrow’s SHAC & catch up with Paul on the Craft Store

  4. Wow wow and wow… I love these new plates. Going to have to take a sneaky peek at 11am and purchase them.
    In the words of Kaiser Chiefs “I predict a riot” there going to crash out. Love them xxx

  5. Another set of great plates, I haven’t used the first set yet! Was struggling this afternoon just to know what with two ladies – kept it very simple in the end! Look forward to the shows and Shac xx

  6. Linda must have read my thoughts! I was about to ask if we could have plates with boats and gardening themes. Perfect, hope they come in stamps soon!
    Good telly tomorrow then! I’ll be there.x

  7. Hello Barb, what beautiful samples showing off these very cleverly designed plates. Will try catch the shows, no doubt packed with inspiration. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

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