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Thanks for popping in. Happy Sunday to you!

2 hours of TV this afternoon from 2-4 pm. Just 120 minutes. All set, all prepped, all packed. I sit here with you in my head, chatting to you, sipping my black coffee (cos I’m a Gray-Scaler too, and trying to shed that Covid poundage I’ve packed on!), and I ponder the many hours of work and energy that have gone into those two hours – which will be over before I’ve said G I N K G O!

Not just my hours. Art hours, manufacturing hours of stamps, stencils and masks, assembly and packaging hours, sample making hours, show building hours, prep hours – and that’s before we’ve even flicked the cameras on!

But it‘s our way of shining a light on our art stamps and products. And I cannot think of a better way to reach so many crafters at the same time! Especially when it’s pouring with rain. There’s no better day to craft than a rainy Sunday! The Craftstore allows us time to demonstrate our products, the presenters are kind and gracious, the crew are all over it, pedalling in the background, making sure everything is working well. The Craftstore really is a smashing TV channel to work with. I’ve worked with several; I have the power of comparison.

And so I conclude this morning’s reverie by saying I’m looking forward to the show and hope to have your company. I shall be working with Cathryn Sturrock, a very knowledgeable crafter herself, who will genuinely appreciate the art and products. She’ll LOVE the ginkgos and other flowers – I bet!




Time to decide what to wear and put my face on. That’ll probably take another 2 hours! Sheesh!!

Stay safe, stay dry, stay warm.

Love always

Barb xxx




13 thoughts on “Countdown

  1. It would frighten the life out of me! So glad we are all different as you will bring joy to so many people. You and your company puts the faith back in human nature. X

  2. Morning Barbara, yes you will definitely have my company (l know I won’t be alone!) later today as you put these beautiful stamps through their paces. And yes I do appreciate (I know I’m not alone in this either!) all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes to give us Clarity crafters the chance to watch another magical, inspirational session of amazing tuition with your good self. So a big shout out of thanks and gratitude to all of Team Clarity and those at the Craft Store that make it possible! Take care, travel gently.

  3. Ken you’ve taken the words right out of my mouth, couldn’t have said it any better myself. Here’s to a brilliant show.xx

  4. Looking forward to the show, have set to record as well & that was when I realised how many mainly Clarity shows I have already have on my hard drive going back to 2018. Need to go through & delete some of them but that will have to wait.
    I am sure you have plenty of demo’s planned – bonus is you can always blog the unused ones if the stock flies as we suspect it will !!
    See you at 2pm x

  5. I’m just going over to the Clarity website to order the Ginko leaves. They are a Christmas present from my sister-in-law which will be wrapped and hidden to open Christmas Day

  6. Loved the two hours Barb, really good tips and tricks, learnt a lot. Love all the stamps so pleased you had a sell out. Love the Ginkgo leaves and put them on my wish list with lots of hints dropped. Well done with all the awards too x

  7. I have the shows recorded to watch next week when I have time to enjoy them properly. Hope you blew the doors off with your sales! X

  8. Didn’t see the full 2 hours,but enjoyed what I have seen!
    Great show and looking forwards to craft again in my new craftroom in the ‘new’ house.
    Take care and lots of love, Trijntje Huppel

  9. Hello Barb, have only watched a little bit of the 2 hour show, great demos and beautiful samples of the fabulous products, will catch up on the rest by treating myself to some small breaks from my normal work day. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  10. Loved the shows and ordered a few things. Your hints and tips are so useful. I was impressed by the stencil which fits the stamped image perfectly and adds a new dimension this design.
    Stay well, stay safe.

  11. Watched and recorded both shows so can go back again. Such hard work and you do it so well. Thank you. Enjoyed doing the Ginkgo with you on Shac Shac but I am going to order the stamps. Christmas present !!!!!

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