An early Happy New Year Project

An early Happy New Year Project

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. I hope your Christmas has been a good one, a peaceful one and a safe one? Did the family festivities happen? Are the needles falling off the tree yet? Is it over yet? Can we put the chairs and cushions back in their place?  I don’t think I can eat any more!

I left everyone in the house and came up to my little Shac above the garage for a couple of hours, to prepare the Happy New Year card that is going out with the January mail order boxes. It was on my list of Things to Do, and if we are going to print them this week, then I needed to get it done! I thoroughly enjoyed playing with the new Stamps and building a little arty card. You may even remember doodling this art with me in the SHACSHAC last year…what a cool stampset we created, eh?!?

Well, here’s the process. Here are the steps I took to make this card. Lots of tricks and techniques, which might interest you. Go put the kettle on and just follow the winding road….Mount the two large stamps. They work independently, but they also sing beautifully together…
Work on a piece of 7×7 inch Clarity Stencil Card:























Use a black Archival to stamp the outline image first.





Apply a selection of Distress Oxide ink pads to the other stamp, the infill stamp, using Spot On Sponges.
Start with the lightest colour in the middle. When you touch the yellow with blue you will get lovely shades of green.
Once the stamp is covered with ink, spritz lightly with water…
and plant inside the black outline image.
add colour to the insides of the stars in the background, using the matching solid stamps which come with the set.
Wipe the infill stamp clean and load again, but this time with Versamark, or any embossing pad. Lay down on top of the coloured image.
Sprinkle the wet clear embossing ink with embossing powder.
You can see here, close up, how the poswder sticks to the embossing ink. This is a great way to glaze the coloured letters.
Use a heat gun to heat set the thermographic powder. Heat from the top on low heat.
If you prefer the glaze to be super smooth, simply go again with the Versamark pad over the dimpled glaze, apply powder and heat set again.
Now for the background. Using the small rectangle Backdrop stamp, dab dab dab the residual ink on the Spot-On sponges around the outer edge. Want it darker? Use more ink!
For a mottled effect, lightly spritz the backdrop stamp with water.
Blot the centre with a tissue,
… then plant the colourful infill stamp exactly over the outline stamp. Very easy to do.
Instant matching background!
Use Perga Colour pens to colour in the background images. The super fine tips are excellent for this detailed work.
Pick the colours to match the lettering.
Let‘s add a few additional starbursts from the stampset.
These swirls are very cool too, but I have already overcooked the starbursts! That’ll do Donkey!!
Use grey pencils and/or the gray Perga Colour fine tip to add a dramatic dropshadow line. This makes the lettering look layered.
Use a fine white Posca Pen to add the highlights on the letters. It is very effective, and glides onto the glazed areas perfectly.
Let’s step back to see where we could add a few stars for balance…
Yep. One Day at a TIme is the only way THE ONLY WAY forward. x




































We’ve made some of these stamps for you. And we’ve loaded them onto the website. We’ve also added a very good Early Bird price. Let’s face it. You could be sending this card out the whole of January!! And by the looks of it, what with new restrictions and staying safe, you’ll have plenty of time to make a few! We just have to go with the flow, keep smiling and do what we can to help others. One day at a time.

Time to go indoors and check on the family…Hope you enjoyed that little project. The art is bright and fresh – just what we wish for in 2022.


CLICK HERE TO FIND THE STAMPSETI plan on getting back in the bloggy saddle here again. But I’m sure you understand that having a house full of guests for 10 days keeps you hopping round the island in the kitchen! All good .


Love always,Barb xxx











20 thoughts on “An early Happy New Year Project

  1. Thats beautiful Barb I’ve not had time to craft been busy with family ,my son did get me a small trolley on wheels for all my bits and bobs ,tucks in a corner and pulls out when needed 😀

  2. Sounds like you are having a lovely time with the family but even so it is nice to just go off and be quiet on your own for a bit. Love this step by step so thank you so much for sharing it. Keep safe xx

  3. An early Happy New Year wish for you and your family Barbara, and I hope it’s a safe and healthy new year for us all.

  4. Great project, so pleased this has come out as a two way overlay set. Thank you. Hope you and yours are all OK, and enjoying a bit of a rest. C

  5. As my kitchen is about the size of your island, not much dancing is possible here! It was lovely to have one of my daughters and granddaughter here for the weekend though, unlike last year. Enjoy the rest of the visit with your kids.
    I used this design idea from the SHAC in many different ways during the year, so love it. Hugs. Annette X

  6. Love this stamp and what you have done with it, Wish I had got it. Next year will make sure. Hope you and the family have had a wonderful Christmas together xx

  7. Oh I remember that doodle. I still love drawing, adding a background or adding some stitching. Those stamps are gorgeous. Enjoy the time with your family. Just remember where we were last year things are different this time. Happy New Year. Take care. Hugs xxx

  8. Great project, lovely card. Pleased to hear you’re getting some quality time with your family. Have fun. xxx

  9. Happy New Year.
    Not sure why….
    but the last two blogs or so, there has been long plain gaps between parts of the message, so it looks like you just stopped the blog, but after scrolling up and up, came to more message, then it happened again…..very odd, I wonder why it’s happening!! A fault somewhere!

  10. Great project Barbara.
    Wishing you and y pur far amily ca very Happy New Year. Best wishes for a prosperous and healthy from Australia

  11. Love this Barbara – we’re definitely looking forward to new year this time, as my son’s Covid isolation should finish on Friday (providing he tests negative…!). Planning to catch up on our cancelled Christmas celebrations with family. Hope you’re having a wonderful time with Grace & Mark home xx

  12. Lovely project, I’m so glad you did this step by step forgot all about embossing with clear powder over inks! Being in my seventies my memory needs a good jogging. Love this stamp and have got to go through my stash as I think I’ve got it to make cards this year!!!!! Enjoy the family time very very precious days, love to you all x

  13. Hello Barb, a lovely little project, will definitely be ordering the stamp set. Wishing you and the family as well as the Clarity team and all the Clarity followers a very Happy New Year, may 2022 be a much better and safer year. Bx

  14. A beautiful, colourful design. Let’s hope it heralds a year full of brighter things to come!

    Happy Hogmanay to you and yours, and all the Clarity family x

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