Sunday Blog – Free Stencil

Sunday Blog – Free Stencil

Hi there!

Thanks for popping in. Up bright and early today. It was potter potter pottery this morning! My favourite time of the week! You know that old adage “we have good days and growing days” ? Well, today was certainly a growing day. I made such a horlicks of the glazing! What a mess! Never mind. The good news is you can scrape it off and go again. So back she goes tomorrow evening, for another run at it!

Here’s the piece I’m working on. Oxides…and before you ask, this was BEFORE the clear glaze went on! THIS IS STILL GÜD !!! More will be revealed…



Our Gray Friday Sale has gone mad again. I’m always very grateful to you when you turn up to shop during this sale – but this year even more so. I’m sure you understand.

Many of you have taken advantage of our GRAY WEEKEND SALE by now, I know. And many of you have been back more than once too! I wonder though…is there yet still more on your wishlist? Well….

Let’s give you another good reason to pop back! Just one more time…

On top of the up to 50% blanket sale, and in addition to your gold and diamond member’s discount, if you go back in to the Gray Sale and spend another £20 from today (SUNDAY) up to Monday midnight (after all discounts), we will send you a lovely, fresh out of the oven, never been seen before, very useful not to mention seasonal Stencil.  It’s from me to you, with heartfelt thanks.

FREE 6×6 HEARTS stencil worth £4.99


No need to mention it in your order. We will know to add it to ANY Sunday/Monday orders automatically. I have a hankering to use it on the Gel Press with alcohol inks. I can see it in my mind’s eye. As soon as I get my hands on one, I’ll step it up on the blog.

Anyway, enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

Love and Hugs, Barb

Have a Heart! In fact, have lots of hearts!

















































15 thoughts on “Sunday Blog – Free Stencil

  1. So glad we have till midnight tomorrow as suffering today with my bad shoulder so can’t keep scrolling through images on the computer – just about managing to type this – ouch.xx

  2. After much pondering, I’ve ordered the A5 light panel along with another few things. I do have the A4 light panel, which is great, but I tend to catch the on /off at times with the lead, so while you are being very generous with your sale, thought I’d treat myself to the smaller one. This is my second order, as after doing a much bigger order yesterday, I realised that I’d missed a few things off my list. Now, I shall start a new wish list, which is what I normally do after your Gray Sale. Enjoy the rest of the day. xxx

  3. Love the look of this stencil, I need to make more use of them – my plan for next year so a step by step project would be good.
    The pottery is looking good to, love the shades of black to white – or is it Grayscale ? Isn’t it strange how when you want something to go right as it is a special project it never does but when you do a practice piece it goes right first time.
    Off to check the website out as I have voucher from Grace to spend as well xx

  4. I’ve been dithering over more parchment and have added some, silly not to when it’s on sale, saying that, I do have a good stock of coloured and must get and use it !

    I’ve lost mum’s front door key today, 99.9 per cent certain it was in my pocket, went to take her home and no it isn’t – yet I know it was….. no problem as she has a key safe so we got in with that and found another so she has one. My sister has a set but only for the back and I’d hate to think Mum was in there without a front door key just in case she needed to get out during the night. Doing my head in now thinking about it. Don’t know why I’m telling you really, but there are some odd things happening at the moment !
    Love your pottery and look forward to seeing the finished piece. X

  5. It’s a lovely stencil Barbara– I love everything with hearts!!
    Don’t have the time to go to the webshop to order some goods, because in a few days we will move house. So we are very busy with packing all the stuff into boxes.
    Your pottery looks good to me.
    Have a peacefull Sunday afternoon and evening.
    Lots of love, Trijntje Huppel

  6. Interesting pottery, look forward to seeing it finished.
    Just placed an order, coudn’t resist.
    I think I may have solved my storage problems – there is a large cupboard off my hallway which houses a tall book case loaded with cleaning materials, paper tableware, kitchen rolls and all sorts of paraphernalia. Tomorrow I will empty the cupboard, find homes for the things I need to keep and dispose of the rest. It will become my stamping cupboard, everything together.
    Take care, stay safe.

  7. Placed another order today have been debating pergacolours for a while for a while but wasn’t sure I needed another type of colouring medium but at the offer price it was a no brained. Thank you. Your pottery looks great can’t wait to see end product

  8. Oh no, you don’t know how much agony I am in not being able to take advantage of the sale! I have serious withdrawal symptoms! We moved out of our house last week and haven’t been able to even exchange on our new house yet, so stuck in Hotels until we do, basically homeless and not having my craft things until January is doing my head in! – I will definitely allow myself a shopathon at the next sale, guaranteed!! 👍😃😃😃

  9. I hope your pottery goes to plan tomorrow! I love the stencil , but after my order yesterday I’ve spent over my November craft budget and part of December so sadly won’t be able to order anything else. I was disappointed that the Artistry ink pad small sets weren’t in the sale -I’ve waited until the sale for them. It’s s***s law that the one thing you want, is one of the things NOT in the sale isn’t it!!

  10. Hello Barb, a lovely stencil and great offer, unfortunately I have gone above what I said I would spend on the sale goodies, so will not be able to come back again. Great to see that some of my orders are on their way already. Love the look of your pottery bowl, can’t wait to see the finished article. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  11. Oh, I didn’t see this blog last night so didn’t know about the stencil but was back buying last night. That was a stroke of luck! Thank you so much for the stencil. That will be lovely to add to my collection. We have a wee shop “Let’s Make” that has opened in Lochgilphead, a pottery shop! I was there a few weeks ago with a friend. She painted a couple of ready made mugs for her great nephews and I had a lesson on the wheel! Talk about making mud pies! Great fun but nothing to show for it. Lol. However, I did make a bit of progress. I will go back as I am determined to make something but maybe there is an opening there for Clarity pottery stencils!! Hope the glaze works tonight. Have fun. Lots of love. Hxx

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