Last orders, Ladies and Gentlemen please!

Last orders, Ladies and Gentlemen please!

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Just a quickie to remind you that our Gray Friday Weekend upto50%off Extravaganza is closing its doors at midnight. So if you want to get in one more cheeky little bargain before then, do it. And don’t forget! That lovely heart stencil is yours FREE with every order over £20!

It’s been a very busy weekend, and now we are pedalling to turn the orders around as quickly as possible.

This will be the last sale of 2021 at Clarity. We have been going like the clappers all year, and once these orders are out the door, we’ll finally take our foot off the gas, and slow down.

I don’t know about you, but when I buy things in a sale, I go for things I couldn’t usually afford. I call it the Half-price leather jacket effect. We aren’t selling leather jackets, but we do sell some high ticket items. Stamp collections, Groovi Collections, Die Collections. Or even the 500 Groovi Tabs on a roll. Everybody shops differently, but I see a sale as a chance to get that thing I wouldn’t or couldn’t usually buy.

Just a couple more TV shows to prep and do, and then I can stop till 2022! Woohoo!! Hahaha. That rhymes!

On the subject of rhymes. I spent a wee while this weekend rustling up no less than 24 little rhyming riddles for our Annual Elf Hunt! Except this year it’s a GNOME HUNT !!

Last day of Gnomevember tomorrow, so I will tell you all about our Advent Competition tomorrow, if I may? We gnome you will love it! It will be a Güd thing!!

Stay safe.

Love always,

Barb xx

13 thoughts on “Last orders, Ladies and Gentlemen please!

  1. Cant wait for the gnome hunt! Absolutely loved all the elf ones. Last order already placed last night thanks again for everything you do for us all, its about time you started to slow down a bit, especially as you have some lovely visitors over for Christmas xx

  2. My 1st order is on its way with 2 more in the pipeline. I keep thinking of items that I need/ would like & the bargains are too good to miss but I will try not to go back again unless my granddaughter sends me a request !!
    Looking forward to the Gnome hunt, it will be so Güd to be looking for something different after Elvis & Evie.
    I am sure you are all looking forward to slowing down for a break after what has been a very busy but stressful year. Good to see that Mark & Grace have booked their flights home for Christmas – I am sure there are a lot of families looking forward to this year. Fingers crossed that nothing arises over the next few weeks to stop it happening !! One day at a time xx

  3. Lol. Looking forward to the Gnome hunt. They are always good fun. Thanks for doing this on top of everything else. Hxx

  4. I am so weak – just put in my final order, and will be getting that lovely new stencil. Thanks Barbara! Hopefully it will prevent me from having the cash to spend on fattening treats! No calories on Clarity treats! Looking forward to ‘The Hunt’ – thanks for doing this for us again Barbara. Love and hugs xx

  5. I have just put in my last order, have christmas presents for me now until 2027 according to my husband, bless him. Last one was for more storage for everything else plus of course pergacolour pens that I have been covetting since I first started doing groovi.

  6. Placed my final order yesterday. The Viva Decot paints arrived today, a complete set I would not normally consider but too good an offer to miss.
    The Gnome hunt sounds great, can’t wait.
    Do try to have a proper rest over the next few weeks, enjoy yourself with the kids and kittens, and recoup some energy.
    Stay safe.

  7. Hi Barb, the sale was a great chance to get stuff I wanted but had been avoiding buying, or needed to stock up on. Thank you for all the offers and great deals. Looking forward to the Gnome hunt, I enjoy doing it every year. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  8. Glad to hear you will finally be able to take your foot off the gas, slow down and enjoy a real family Christmas (fingers crossed). Looking forward to the gud hunt xxx

  9. Hi Barbara I have placed my order. I am looking forward to the gnome hunt. It is beginning to feel a lot like Christmas. I do hope you get some rest over the festivities and have a lovely time with your family. Take care. Hugs xxx

  10. Looking forward to gnome hunt. Some of your clues have been real brainteasers for the elves so thinking cap on tomorrow. Thank you for everything you and the team have given us all over the last year.

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