Enjoy Peaceful Moments…

Enjoy Peaceful Moments…

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. It’s a funny old day today. The TV Skype Show is at 6pm so I shall be heading over to Clarity Towers after lunch and setting up the Clarity Studio. All ready and packed – but it’s only 10am, and I keep thinking I should be DOING something! I’ve cleaned the kitchen, wiped down all the counters, sent various emails, made several phone calls, read up on How to lower your cholesterol and another report offering 10 ways to stop piling on poundage – and now I am blogging ahead!

Not used to this SLOW DOWN pace. Laundry’s out of the question – got to be here to pull it out of the machine, so it doesn’t need too much ironing. Pottery’s out of the question – not enough time for that, and I’ve already got my TV top on. So. Read a book? Sit and do nothing? Go for a stroll? Mmm…Those little gits Wurka and Hollick are definitely messing with my head today!

So, let’s just surrender to the fact that you’re a workaholic Barb. Let’s just go with it, and tick a few more boxes, so you can calm down. It’s like a fix. When you can only find relief in being productive, then that’s the place to go when you’re having a head-battle. Whether you clean the kitchen, mop the floor, write a blog or throw a pot – clearly the only place you can find relief is DOING or MAKING. Now you’ve accepted that, let’s make it count and even enjoy it. So Wurka and Hollick may have won the battle today, but not the war. Never the war!

I was smart enough yesterday to take some step by step pics of a demo I am hoping to be able to do on telly this evening. I particularly like it, because it was quick and easy, it really shows off how fabulous the new Layout Montage stamps are – and it resonated with me. Ready?

We are going to use the centre of one of the Layout stamps. Cut a piece of our 7”x7” stencilcard into quarters, or buy them ready cut. CLICK HERE.

Lay the little card onto a different colour paper, so you can see the white card, but you won’t stamp ink all over your table top.


Ink up the stamp with black Archival or Versafine Ink, plant it on the little white card, and lift off.

Now you can stamp several the same, because you have your template underneath on the coloured paper.

Decide which way up the little card is going to be, then stamp the tree first and second generation into the centre. I used Dark Garnet from the mini Artistry Set OLD PARCHMENT  .


The Tree comes from the actual set. See it?

So what’s next?

Cut out a mask to cover up the middle. Post-It works. Cut 2 or even 3 at the same time.

Next, stamp the oh so appropriate words (which also come with the same set) over the trees in black Archival, and cover up with the paper mask.

Use a Spot-on sponge to introduce a little shade into the background layers. Use masking tape to block off other areas as you go too. I think Brown and Pink always work well together, so use the pink in the same Ink Pad Box: COTTON CANDY.


These are the pencils and pens I used to add a little flash of pink, create the 3-D illusion underneath the layers and edge the whole thing to tie it together……

All done.

Looks good on Kraftcard too. Still got a few touches to add on the LIVE demo. See?

Simple concept, easy to execute. VERY creative, and certainly achievable.


See you at 6 for the launch!


Love and Hugs

Barb xx And Wurka. And Hollick!

(May as well accept they’re here, always lurking. They may actually stop screeching at me if I stop resisting them.)


19 thoughts on “Enjoy Peaceful Moments…

  1. Hi Barbara. Am looking forward to seeing more of these new stamps. Spotted the Gud gnomes in there! I’m not really a stamper but have been tempted by some of the recent ones. Think these might tempt me again! All the best for the show. L x

  2. Even though I’ve been a stamp club member for years I’ve not used them! Just started to though, the moments after clarity have really helped. These look really tempting. Thanks Barbara. You are an inspiration x

  3. Lovely pink and brown colour combo. Sometimes you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do and just give in to get by, even if it is wurka and Horlick. Really looking forward to the shows later. Xx

  4. Worka and Hollick can sometimes be a pain in the proverbial but if ‘doing’ is your thing don’t fight it.
    Just don’t overdo it.
    Looking forward to watching the shows today and have tomorrow’s on record as hubby has to go to the hospital and wants company. Must make sure I take a book 📚 or two to read while I wait.
    See you at 6 & 8 pm
    Stay safe.

  5. Dear Barbara, looking forward to the shows.
    Whilst I completely understand where you are coming from with regards to Worka & Hollick and trying to slow down, please try! Speaking from experience!!!
    Perhaps a jigsaw, enjoying the vikings or keeping Dave company before the shows begin might help. You MUST take care of yourself too, its called self care and its something a lot of us don’t do but should.
    Take care, keep safe everyone

  6. Love the look of these stamps! I wasn’t going to buy any more stamps until after Christmas but, seeing you worked so hard on them, well, it would be rude not to! 😂

    Really looking forwards to the shows tonight and tomorrow. I love watching your demos, you’re so inspiring. You should go for a walk in the woods and leave Wurka and Hollick at home before you rush off to Clarity Towers so you’re nice and relaxed for later.

    Look after yourself and stay safe. xx

  7. That is just beautiful. I’ve got a day off today, and I’m having a really restful, quiet day. I probably should be listening to Worka and Hollick, but I’m not – the dusting will wait. Making a little hooded jacket for my friend’s baby instead, and have my book ready for when my hands get tired.

    Looking forward to your launch show later x

  8. Hello Barbara, I know what you mean about those two ‘demons’; even though I have retired, I still have to organise my days in the hope of getting a balance of required jobs completed and doing things for pleasure so that it lessens those ‘two’ in my head reminding me of everything that is still to be done!! Will be watching and recording the shows as I have started stamping again after too-long a break and, honestly, it’s not going well at the moment. Have a lovely time with the shows, go with the flow as much as you can and at the end of the day – you can only do what you can do, some days it will be more that others and the two demons will have to lump it!!xx

  9. Looking forward to the shows this evening these stamps are very interesting . Have also got two demons like yours who take over far to often but today they have been banished as my designer parchment paper arrived and I’ve had a lovely time playing. You really started something when you introduced the Ginko leaf Barbara I just can’t stop I’ve done a few horsechesnut leaves as well. Please try to have some you time it’s very important.xx

  10. I am so looking forward to tonight’s shows, the stamps look very tempting and I know your demo will make them irresistible. Designer parchment arrived today but I am waiting to use it until tomorrow in case I get carried away and miss your show.

  11. Sorry Wurka &Hollick have paid you a visit today when you were trying to take things more slowly. Its hard to change pace when you are so used to jumping from one task to another throughout the day. So it really is a case of ”One day at a time” just go with the flow – some busy days & some quieter ones.
    Looking forward to the shows tonight & tomorrow, recording for future reference as I am sure some of them will wending their way here.

  12. I‘ve been doing a workout in the garden digging over and weeding an area of ground that is going to be planted up on Saturday with bare root beech hedge plants! Just about jiggered! Anyway, it is more of less finished so that is good. Might not be able to move tomorrow but with lots of Clarity on TV, it could be worse! Happy days. Hope all the shows go well. Lots of love. Hxx

  13. I defrosted the freezer this morning, didn’t feel like it, have been putting it off, but it’s all the better for it, and it was preferable than getting the vac out and upsetting my dog! Great show at 6, looking forward to the next show, will have to record tomorrows shows, as working. Have ordered the clean & tidy stamps sets from Clarity, along with the lovely Poppies Meadow & Wreath, also added to my ever growing wish list.

  14. Wow, wow, wow! Barbara I was blown away by your demos on the 6pm show on Craft Store. These new stamps are a real game changer – another one from the amazing Clarity Towers! There have been several this year already – Frame-it Framing Dies, Lino Cut stamps and now these brilliant layout stamps. So many uses, so clever, so versatile, so inspiring! Yes I’m hooked, order’s gone in, can’t wait to play!
    Hope Dave is well and you get the better of those two little blighters, Wurka and Hollick. Take care Barbara, find the time for yourself and travel gently.

  15. Hi Barbara
    We have been celebrating a friend’s 60th today the last of our group to reach that milestone Spent the evening 10 pin bowling we have all retired as well but I have to say I’m finding it difficult have always worked and I now feel I don’t have a purpose so I line up projects to do to occupy me. I cannot sit still so know how you feel but I also understand that you need to listen to your body and enjoy living. Hope all went well with the show I’m sure it did as you are always well prepared.
    Love Ruth & Jackie xx

  16. Catching up on some missed shows or demos from you. That will be my quiet time. Take care Barb and enjoy every spare moment you have.

  17. Hello Barb, have not seen the launch show yet. Love the step by step above, so hope you got to do the demo. Have popped the stamps on my wish list. Received my Poppy stamps yesterday, they are lovely. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  18. Relax now! All the shows and your demos were great…the sales are proof enough! I also find doing nothing is not relaxing and still have a tick box every day. Ridiculous at almost 85, but if that’s the way we are wired so be it. I’ll never make a stamper but loved the stamps and couldn’t resist. Thank you. X

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