Never say never.

Never say never.

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Have you ever looked at a craft project and said, “I’d NEVER be able to do that?”. I bet we all have. The thing is, you’re probably right.

Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, either way you’re probably right. You’ll probably NEVER even try, because you’ve already decided you’ll NEVER be able to succeed. So if you have already failed before you’ve even given it a go, then chances are yep. You’ll NEVER do that.

Now whether you would have been able to, had you tried, is another matter entirely.

It’s like turning your nose up at a kind of food that you’ve never tried.

I don’t like artichokes.
Have you ever eaten them?

Food for thought, eh?

Anyway, here’s a lovely triptych project by Dee, using our latest dies, Woodland Scene Trio. Click here to find the special offer, 3 for 2

Here’s how…

Would make a wonderful gift for someone special. Just saying.

Mind you, there have been a few occasions in my life where I have said NEVER AGAIN!!! But that infers that I tried it, right ????

Oh! And I have some good news. The doodle frame on the triptych above reminded me.Remember those doodle dies which sold like hotcakes on our Birthday weekend? Well, they’re back in the building!

Click here to find the Square ones at a 3 for 2 price…

Click here to find the round one at a 3 for 2 price…

Have a great weekend

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

10 thoughts on “Never say never.

  1. I have a beaded Christmas bauble kit, which was a present from a friend, which I have looked at several times, and thought can I do this? Not tried yet, but as I’ve had it for a few years, and not had the urge to give it away, but I will get it out and have a go one day, maybe I should make a early resolution for the New Year to try to get it done for Christmas 2022! So, as you’ve got the square doodle dies back in, I can feel a spend coming on. Take care, have a good day. xxx

  2. Love, love, love this set of dies. Glad the square dies are back as well so am just off to get them before they go again. Hope everyone has a good weekend.

  3. Thanks for the step by step, have all the stash needed so there is no excuse – is there !!
    I do agree we do say we can’t do it or we don’t like it before we have tried. Just you talking about it made me think – oysters, snails & cockles are something I won’t eat – never tried them but the thought of it just makes me heave. As to doing things – bungee jumps, abseiling, rock climbing or a parachute jump would be things I would just not try. Like to have my feet on terra firma. Craft wise I will have a go at most things although doing new things at a workshop makes you do it rather than on your own when you dilly dally about it !!
    Challenge for the weekend – try something new or do something different !!

  4. Wise words and l agree, you won’t know until you’ve tried.
    Like Sue, snails and cockles and the like, also curry, are not for me and I too like my feet firmly on the ground but within reason ( mine ) I will try most things.
    When I was forced into early retirement with cancer and not knowing how long I had I vowed to try as many things as took my fancy and never had the chance before. A lot of things I ditched but at least I tried. Here I am 22 years later so glad I did because throughout this Covid shenanigans I have had plenty to keep me occupied and ( maybe ) out of mischief apart from spending too much on crafty stuff.
    These lovely dies arrived today, they are great 👍 And I am looking forward to using them.

  5. Hope you have a great weekend, too, and get some time to relax before Monday. Sorry not to be with you. Lots of love. Hxx

  6. So glad the squares ones are back, I’ve just placed and order, that’s 2 in two days now! Good job I got some birthday money…. I have plenty to try and do ….

    Such a sad day for Grace and also the news in Leigh on Sea. I feel the world is turning upside down at the moment. Certainly put my day into perspective – a three hour wait at the eye hospital …. I’m now thanking myself lucky I was at least able to attend the appointment and got home safe and sound.

    Travel gently x x

  7. Hi Barbara
    Always said I would never do pottery tried it, didn’t like getting my hands dirty so won’t venture again 🤣🤣. Give me groovi any day do use inks as long as there is a sinks close by to wash hands 🤣. Still it would be a sad world and boring if we all liked the same things.
    Love Ruth & Jackie XX

  8. Hi Barb, love this Triptych by Dee, and the photos are easy to follow, so when the dies fall into my basket, will give it a go. Great offer on the doodle dies to, thank you. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  9. I’ll try most things once, unless they involve heights! Lovely project by Dee too. Might have to have those frame dies when I get home – very elegant x

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