Heads up! White Van Driver

Heads up! White Van Driver

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. A little hazard warning to the wise. There’s a White Van Driver around the Tunbridge Wells Area. Moreover, it’s a SHE – and it’s ME! It’s a biggun too. Much taller and wider than usual. AND it’s got a useful tail lift thingy, which I have also mastered! Amazing what you can do when you have to. The Spa Hotel is all ready to welcome our Parchment retreat Guests now, the shop is looking great – and with a little help from a few good Clarity Staff and friends, we got the set-up job done in under 3 hours.

Where’s Dave? I hear you ask. Why’s she driving the van? Where’s her knight of the road? Well, joking aside now, Dave had a bad turn on Friday. Ended up in Pembury Hospital. Happy to report that he’s back home now, but after lots of tests they concluded that he had a TIA, a mini stroke. Which is pretty worrying, but as we all know, it could have been a whole helluvalot worse.

So he’s under strict orders from the Doctor to rest up. Strictly No Driving either. Hence the female Van Driver getting the gear to the Spa! It was fine, although I bet the driver of the HUGE combine harvester looking machine which came towards us on our side of the road got tingly nuts when he realised the IVECO Van Driverette wasn’t slowing down !!!

It’s difficult to get a man like Dave to sit and do nothing. So I’ve had to guilt him into chilling out! Something along the lines of “I’vegotenoughonmyplatewithouthavingtomakesureyou’rebehavingMr.!!” You get the drift. He certainly did! Why am I joking about it all? Well, because if I don’t laugh I’ll cry. And that’s not going to work right now, on the weekend before 120 happy crafty ladies are due to land. Fake it to make it.

So yeah. One day at a time we’ll get through this too. Life’s a chair of bowlies, innit!

Must dash. Got a few more boxes to tick yet, including having a cuppa with Dave. Got to figure out the drill for the retreat too! Linda and the ladies have been working on a brand new concept, which we are introducing at the workshop tomorrow. Absolutely wonderful. I am sure the guests will love it! More will be revealed.

Stay safe.

Love and hugs

Barb xxx

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  1. Oh Barbara all the best to Dave and he definitely has to take it easy. My husband had a TIA a few years ago and hated taking it easy but did as he was told. All the best for the retreat and so wish I was able to join you – perhaps next year,Xx

  2. I do hope Dave is going to be alright. Thank goodness for out NHS. It will be difficult for you not to worry. Love to you both

  3. Omg. It never rains but it pours for you atm. Hoping all gies well on all fronts. Your are in our thoughts and prayers.

  4. Sorry to hear Dave’s having to rest up. Hope he’s back to full strength soon. It can be hard to accept that our bodies aren’t how we think they are! But whether it be our mental health or our physical well being, travel gently is the way to go. Get well soon, Dave x

  5. So sorry to hear that Dave has been poorly. Time now for him to relax a bit if possible and let your good friends and staff look after you and the business. It’s been a helluva time recently but maybe this is a gentle warning to both of you to slow up a bit.
    Wishing Dave a speedy recovery and for you to have a successful Retreat. With all good wishes for you both and some big hugs.xx

  6. My thoughts are with you – be sure to make time for yourself and lean on your team and friends as needed to get through this latest trial. Glad to hear that Dave is back home and hope he behaves!

  7. OMG. Please take care Dave and also Barbara take care of you too. You are both pretty much workaholics so I am sure it won’t be easy to slow down a bit but it’s really for the best. Hope the retreats go well and I am sure everyone there will muck in and understand too. Take care xxx

  8. Hi Barbara
    OMG you are being tested. Love to both you and Dave and I am sure he will be back on his feet soon. Take it easy Dave!
    I hope everyone enjoys the retreat.

  9. Sorry to hear about Dave and the TIA. Had a few scares recently with my hubby. He’s already had a TIA and a stroke many years ago! This time they put it down to a narrowing of the canal in his spine! So he’s got excercises to do to keep him mobile! That’s on top of other hiccups, soone day at a time is certainly the best way forward. You still worry though!
    Big hugs to the both of you.xx

  10. Oh Barbara, you are certainly having a few blindsiders first your Dad and now Dave, I hope both are improving.
    Just make sure you have a few minutes with a cuppa and those 2 vikings to chill out with before you venture into the retreat. I’m attending the repeat as it were, and am looking forward to it immensely and seeing you again but remember family comes first.

  11. Oh my days! Glad to hear Dave is back home and wish him a speedy recovery. And yes he must do as you tell him! Hope you manage to enjoy the Retreat as much as all those attending will! Take care of yourself as well! Lots of love xx

  12. So sorry to hear about Dave and his funny turn. Sending him get well wishes. Missing the retreats, hope everyone enjoys themselves this week. Take care and remember family and your health come first . xxx

  13. I’m do sorry to hear that Daves unwell….. We wish him a speedy recovery Barbara….. and don’t forget to take a break yourself from it all, I know easier said than done…..
    I send my love to you all and I hope your Mum and Dad are keeping well too…..
    Thinking of you all Marianne Lait xxx

  14. I’m so sorry to hear that Daves unwell….. We wish him a speedy recovery Barbara….. and don’t forget to take a break yourself from it all, I know easier said than done…..
    I send my love to you all and I hope your Mum and Dad are keeping well too…..
    Thinking of you all Marianne Lait xxx

  15. So sorry to hear about Dave and wish him a speedy but restful recovery .Glad you have so many great friends to help out and keep you going xx
    Please try to take things easy yourself you are no good to any of them if you are ill too and what would we all do without you to keep us going so try to rest yourself xx take some time for you both those good friends will keep things rolling
    Hope all goes well at the retreat xx
    Take care

  16. Life is definitely throwing things at you this year and your strength is definitely being tested but you still keep going. Hope Dave is feeling a lot better soon also take care of yourself sending prayers hugs and love xxx

  17. Dear Barbara you certainly are being tested this year. Dave do as you are told and make a full & speedy recovery. Take care of each other and take any support offered. Love & hugs xxxxx

  18. Sending healing prayers for Dave. Take care Barbara and I hope you had a great time with the crafting ladies.
    We had a sad message from my brother– my sister in law/his wife is terminal ill and it won’t take a long time before to say good by to her.
    Take care both of you and a lots of love, Trijntje Huppel

  19. oh my goodness – what timing! Glad to hear it’s not a serious for Dave as it could have been – he needs to heed the warning now! Hope everything goes smoothly at the retreat this week – don’t forget to enjoy it! xx

  20. Oh Barb….. Hope Dave does as he’s told. It is worrying for you. My husband had a Stroke in 2006…….I worry about him all the time. He has to listen to his body telling him to slow down. Hope all goes well at The Retreat xx

  21. Barb – you are one strong lady and can get through this too! We are all thinking of you – remember to breathe! Best to Dave and his speedy recovery.

  22. Oh my goodness Barbara, sending healing hugs to Dave and you too. It never rains but it pours, what a blooming year you’ve had. Stay strong and as you say ‘this too shall pass’ big hugs xx

  23. Poor Dave, I hope he rests and recovers. Take a few deep breaths Barb. Try and get 10 minutes relaxation in between spinning all those plates. Have a bit of fun with the lovely crafters if you can xx

  24. Oh, Barbara! Sending positive thoughts to you both. Hope Dave rests and feels better soon. Enjoy the retreat but take time for the two of you as well. Xx

  25. Just wanted to say that my husband had the same happen to him 3 weeks ago just a few hours after having his flu vaccine (and have heard about another who had his the day before). Did your Dave? Wish him all the best

  26. Sorry to hear about Dave, wishing him a speedy recovery. You take care too Barb and try to nominate rather than doing it all yourself. You are surrounded with willing and able friends and colleagues on your retreats this week, let them take some of the load and accept help whenever someone offers. Take care all of you and enjoy the retreats. Love Zena. xxx

  27. So sorry to hear about Dave. Hope he feels better soon. He will just have to keep himself busy being a cushion for the cats! I’m sure they will appreciate a nice warm lap th curl up on. Hope the retreat goes well ( I know it will). Don’t forget to take care of yourself too Barbara. Xx

  28. Hope Dave is soon back to normal and behaves himself. Good luck with the Retreat. Enjoy every minute of it. Xxx

  29. Oh my goodness! So sorry to hear Dave hasn’t been too good. I’m sending best wishes to him and you as I am sure its weighing down on your shoulders too Barbara. Well, life ran away with me too recently and I hardly have time to breathe so I am really, really looking forward to Wednesday when I come down for the Parchement retreat, I just can’t wait!

  30. Well all I can say is get rested up Dave and make sure you do as you and Barbara are a great team needing each other . My husband had a heart attack in May and has just had a quadruple bypass op. five weeks ago. This Certainly realigns life and puts everything into perspective. Life is soooo precious but together you will get through this. Sending lots of love and wishes for a successful Retreat. What next ?

  31. So sorry to hear about Dave but pleased to hear he is at home and relaxing! Great work, Barbara on driving that big van and best wishes for a fantastic retreat . X

  32. Wow not the reason for you driving the van that I was expecting – Glad to hear Dave is now home. Perhaps if he is good he can strum a few tunes on his guitar
    It has been a busy 18 months for you all with lots of changes to keep the business going but now you need to thing of yourselves & have a real break.
    Looking forward to hearing what you all get up to at the retreat. Take care -your words from the SHAC shack come to mind – This too shall pass – travel gently – one day at a time xx

  33. So sorry to hear that Dave is unwell. Thinking of you tons and hope Dave is soon better. Love and hugs to you both. Xx

  34. Try not to worry Barbara so long as he does as he is told he will be fine 😊 I had a Tia a few years back and at the time I asked him how long was I to take the tablets for and his reply was how long do you want to live , so here I am 15 years on still taking the tablets and still here 🙂 love to you both and have a lovely time at the thingy maybe one day I’ll get to one xxx

  35. A day at a time, Barb, and if need be, an hour at a time. Sending lots of love to both of you. Take it easy. Hxxx

  36. Sorry to hear about Dave but glad he’s home to recover with some “Viking therapy”. Stroking a cat or a dog is very good for your heart and blood pressure as the calmness settles us down. Dave’s always been very supportive and now about the best way he can support you is to rest and recover. You’re both taking some knocks so take good care of yourselves too. Wishing you both all the best.x

  37. As we say, it never rains…. SO sorry to hear Dave is not well. What a worry for you both. I do hope he will soon feel better…not easy to rest when there is so much going on. Barbara, please don’t get on the chair every whip and flip to make announcements!! You can do without a fall! Have a wonderful retreat and take it at half speed! I would love to be there but shall enjoy hearing all about it. Love to all I know. X

  38. Get well soon Dave! Barbara, we sometimes need to lay it on the line to our men folk. We can’t pick up the pieces *and* worry about them sticking to the rules as laid down by the Dr!
    Enjoy your week with your crafters. I’m sure they will look after you.
    Sending calming hugs,
    Alison xxx

  39. Hi Barb,
    So sorry to hear about Dave’s TIA and I hope that he follows drs orders and those of White Van Woman! Seriously though, I hope he has a speedy recovery. Remember that while you take care of him to take care of yourself too. I bet the combine driver was a bit concerned though!!! Hope the Retreat goes well and that everyone has a fabulous time. Intrigued to know what the new concept is – just hope it’s not expensive 🤣🤣. Love and hugs to you both Alison xxx

  40. So sorry to hear about Dave, but pleased he’s back home and resting. Hopefully he can make a good recovery soon. Dave, time to maybe rest up, get the guitar out and let the music do some healing.
    Barb you need to take care as well, I’m sure Paul, Linda and the others can take on much of the Retreats for you.
    Best wishes and positive thoughts to you both. Travel gently.

  41. Hi Barbara
    Hope you get well soon Dave, listen to your body and rest. Hope all goes well at the retreat and I’m sure everyone attending will have a great time.
    Love Ruth & Jackie xx

  42. The first bit made me laugh until I read why you were driving the van. You don’t deserve all this worry. Our thoughts and prayers are with you both. One never knows what the day has in store for you when you get out of bed. My brother is flying home tomorrow in an Air Ambulance from a Valencia hospital having had 2 brain bleeds whilst on vacation ☹️ I’m really looking forward to the Wednesday/Thursday retreat for some light relief. Take care and a big hug for Dave xx

  43. Never rains !!! Hope Dave listens to you Barbara and rests (but he is a man and they tend not too) my Dad had mini strikes for years but wouldn’t slow down but luckily for him they never left any lasting effects. Wish him well from me and my family have fun this week with the lucky ladies at the retreat. Look forward to hear all about it next week in the shac. Take care and stay safe . X

  44. Oh no! ❤️ Dave, you’d better do as you’re told and rest. You’re far too important to Barb to take any risks with your health. Sending love to you both xx

  45. Oh bloody hell! It never rains …..

    Do hope Dave does what he’s told and he’s ok, he should be if he follows docs and your orders. Have had experience of this in our family and once they’ve got your under their wing (hospital) you should be fine. Sending all good wishes for Dave you and the retreat. I would say travel gently but …… in that van ….. travel as best you can ! X

  46. So sorry to hear about Dave, pleased he’s back home and resting. Sending love and best wishes to you both. xx

  47. The other driver must have been scared, !!! seriously though take care hugs and best wishes to you both ,one day at a time xxx

  48. So sorry to hear about Dave and wishing him well in his recovery.Please take care of yourself too Barbara and allow other to help .Carmel x

  49. Oh eck. Wishing Dave a speedy recovery, rest now, catch up later.
    Wishing everyone a fantastic week on the parchment retreat x

  50. So sorry to hear about Dave and hope he makes a speedy recovery and does as he’s told. Have a wonderful retreat and travel as gently as you can. Sending love to you both xx

  51. Omg Barbara! All the best to Dave! I do hope he’ll behave vans get better quickly.
    You must take things slowly too! Not easy when it’s the retreat this week but do try and relax a bit.
    Dave, behave and Barb stay calm.
    Lots of love xxxx

  52. Sorry to hear about Dave. Sending best wishes for a speedy recovery. Barbara, keep calm and carry on (easier said than done at this time). Hope all goes well with the retreats.

  53. So sorry to hear about these latest worries Barbara and wishing Dave a speedy recovery. When the retreats are finished and Dave is stronger you should both spend some time away somewhere to relax and completely forget about the business for a little while. x

  54. So very sorry to learn of this, Barbara. Sending both of you our best wishes and please advise Dave to heed the advice.
    Wishing all fun time at the Retreat. X

  55. Sending you both love and hugs – you must be worried about each other. Family and health comes first always xxx

  56. Hello Barb, so sorry to hear about Dave being unwell. Hopefully he will do as he is told and rest up. Take note Dave, “she who must be obeyed!” I would have loved to have seen the expression on the other drivers face. Take care and I hope the retreats are an absolute creative fest. Stay safe everyone. Bx

  57. Oh my Barbara, so sorry to hear about Dave, what a fright for you both. I’m sure he will be a good patient, just so it helps with your pressure. So deep breath, chin up. I’m sure weekend will be fabulously for your guests. But so draining on you. Take care of yourself Barbara xx

  58. Sending healing loving thoughts to Dave and you. Grace and Mark will be feeling too far away now so hugs to them too.
    Love to you all,
    Linda xx

  59. Oh Barbara, dave certainly picks his moments. Seriously take care both of you, slow down m’luvs. We will still be here for you both and Clarity. Well done with the van, I know how daunting it can be. Had the same problem when it came to driving the motorhome. Just got in and drove, hillstart to get going. Bingo if I can do that I can do anything. 4yrs on, don’t even think about it now. Easier than the car. So gutted couldn’t get to retreat, would have been a real tonic at moment, crafting and friends, but as they say someone has to stay home. Once hubby’s farewell is done, I will be able to get on with my life and relax back into crafting. I’ll be back. Do you think you can manage another East Northants Groovi Group member. We are a fun loving crazy bunch . Seriously love to you both and take care. You could always handcuff Dave to a chair, 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  60. Oh Barbara I do hope that Dave makes a speedy recovery and that he does rest as he should. I also all goes well at the retreat. You are amazing. Just keep going you can do it. Hugs xxxxx

  61. So sorry to hear about Dave, wishing him a speedy recovery. Enjoy the retreat . Take care of yourself too🙂🙂

  62. Oh my goodness me what next? Dear Dave please do as your told and rest (guitar and cats will help I’m sure) and Barbara just remember you are going to be surrounded by loving and loyal friends who will want to help you too. Having attended several retreats I know how much hard work they are for you and the team but they are also full of moments of great hilarity and fun – laughter is the best medicine. Do take care of yourselves and this too shall pass xx

  63. So sorry to hear about Dave. It’s a real shock and wake up call to slow down when this happens. I’m sure he’ll listen to the doctors and nurse Barbara and take it easy. Love to you both xx

  64. Sorry to hear Dave has had a problem but great to know he is now home. Having been there and done that with my husband nearly 20 years ago with a few more problems on the way he had a heart op and got fit enough again to become European age group champion twice and God willing will be 90 next year. The Stroke Association people were a wonderful support and the amazing NHS got him up and literally running again. Like Dave Brian was a difficult patient, but did what I and the NHS told him to do, although he has slowed down a bit now days he still walks miles and uses a indoor rowing machine. You take care and look after yourself and take time for yourself as well, it is difficult to do this but very necessary. Sending you and your family a crafty hug.

  65. So sorry to hear the news about Dave, totally understand as my husband had a mini stroke earlier this year and it is very traumatic all round, had to drop him off at a and e and wait outside before being told to go home, he was staying in. Very scary. Loads better now, but getting him to take it easy, Phew, now almost back to how he was, but could have been so much worse, got off lightly. So sending you loads of love and strength and hope Dave behaves ( LOL yeah I know ) and is feeling better soon.

  66. Oh bless you Barbara, you know what they say “what doesn’t break you makes you stronger” what a load of Bxxxxxxs. Life just keeps chucking stuff at you and laughing, I think we need to put up 2 fingers and say not on my watch mate. Best wishes and a speedy recovery to Dave. The only way to make men behave is make them feel really guilty for being selfish, it works in this house. I’m sure all will be well, found it, know about it, will sort it.

  67. I had a chuckle at the first part of your blog until I read the reason you were driving the van.
    I feel for you as my first husband died of heart failure and now Ray has heart problems as well as other health bothers ( including my nagging him to be more careful ) but these men do take a lot of persuading to obey the doctors.
    DAVE – Do as you are told and you will recover sooner.
    Barbara, let the team take the strain, you know how good they are and you have many friends to help. I hope all goes well at the retreat and I am sorry I couldn’t be there this year. When things settle down you and Dave should take some time for yourselves and have a quiet, restful holiday to recoup your energy and well being.
    Love and hugs to you both. 🍒

  68. The whole ‘Clarity family’ I’m sure are wishing Dave the very best. Let us know if he starts misbehaving and we’ll be round to ‘sort him out’ for you. Sure the retreat will go off without a hitch and will be loved by all attending.

  69. Best wishes to Dave and yes he must rest (maybe both of you can after the retreat !!!). Difficult I know. Wish I was joining you all at the retreat. Enjoy. Well done on the driving Barbara – another thing to add to your CV.

  70. Wishing Dave a speedy recovery & you take care Barbara too! Hope all goes well for you all at the Spa retreats! Take care & stay safe both of you! From now on I’ll be watching out for the white van man/lady! xxx

  71. Oh, Barbara, it never rains but it pours, doesn’t it! Please tell that man of yours to ease up a bit and rest (hugs for Dave).
    Hope you can manage to enjoy the retreat, but please look after your own health too – sending both you and Dave lots of positive vibes (and hugs, natch!)

    Debbie xxx

  72. For some reason, I have only just been able to access this post, so you are already half a day into the first retreat. I was so sorry to read about Dave and send love to you both for his full recovery. Take care and try to relax with Dave when you can. Hugs. Annette X

  73. Poor Dave – we are all wishing you well. Here’s your chance to sort out your tool box (sitting down of course), look at e-bay type stuff for new bits of music to play, feed the birds (not to the cats!) and watch cats play. DO NOT WORRY about the Hindleberg – it has been around this long, it can wait a bit (hope I spelt it right). You just concentrate on getting right again.
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)

  74. Hi Barbara,
    Life sure does keep you on your toes don’t it?
    My husband had a mini stroke just a week before lockdown and I think that helped because he couldn’t go anywhere or do much. Sorry to hear about Dave and hope that he returns to full fitness soon.
    Hope all went well with the retreat. Blessings

  75. Hi Barbara
    Well it never rains but it pours does it my friend you don’t need an umbrella you need a flipping marquee lol . One day at a time sweetheart.
    I hope Dave is doing as he is told and taking things easy.
    Dave if you don’t I wouldn’t want to be in your shoes when Barbara gets home so chill and I hope a speedy recovery 🤗
    I am sorry to be missing the retreat this year I too have a hubby that is not to good at the minute hence I had to cancel my place.
    Anyway I am waffling I’m sure you don’t want to hear about me so with that try to enjoy the retreat don’t fake it through the whole event people love you and will totally understand.
    Big hugs 🤗 to you and to Dave Give Linda and all the team my best wishes xxx

  76. Well maybe just maybe this is a lesson to you both about working yourself too hard.
    All the money in the world does not help if you have serious illness.
    Love to you both.

  77. So sorry to hear about Dave, wish him better. Like a lot of people on here, we have also had our problems. My husband has had two unexpected health problems in the last six months. Hopefully, they are resolved now, fingers crossed, but you never know what is around the corner. Unfortunately age doesn’t usually bring good health with it as well, but the medical people can manage to help with so many things now.
    I was worried about you last week after reading what you wrote, as you sounded so stressed, I can’t remember if it was the same day as Dave’s illness, but sounds like it could have been. Take it easy both of you.

  78. OMG Barbara, didn’t you already have enough on your mind? I understand you are worried about him, but I think he is wise enough to take care of himself. He will be worried too for himself but also for you. So try to enjoy the spa retreat and do the things you need. And then take your time with Dave if it is possible. I wish you both a lot of strength and I still hope you have a lovely time in Thunbridge Wells.

  79. Lots of blessings for Dave. Very worrying for you! Looks like the Retreat was great fun. All the best to you both.

  80. Sending hugs to you all. Hope Dave is soon feeling better but slowly returns to previous activities. Think of you Barbara – don’t try to do too much. There are plenty of people that you trained up that can take some of the pressure off. Xx

  81. Hi Barbara
    So sorry to hear Dave isn’t well, you must be so worried about him, but I know you will carry on with a smile on your face. Take care Dave, rest up and behave and get well soon. Love to you both. Xxx

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