Moment of Clarity

Moment of Clarity

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. I’ve been busy today, setting up a little Clarity Christmas Pop-up shop for Tomorrow at 3pm on Facebook and Youtube LIVE.

Spent hours faffing about, trying to make the SHAC look like Santa’s Grotto!! Grothole more like!! There’s so much stuff in this little room, I just seem to shuffle it around! I do shuffle it in a clockwise direction though, so eventually it ends up back in front of the cameras! However. Emptying out all the shelves behind me – which are usually packed to the gunnels – to decorate them and fill them with festive joy, has really topped it off though. What a shambles backstage !! But the front is lovely!


Right then! Let’s take a closer look at all those lovely stamps in the Pop-up Shop! There are some really classic Clarity designs in there, that we have reworked, and created lovely sets with now.

We’ve got some fantastic Calligraphy words and Verses…


We’ve got some very Nordic stylee sets – I LOVE these!


We’ve got some clever 2-way overlay sets…

I do love a Dove – or eight! What a little masterpiece by our Mel. In fact, Mel drew quite a few of these. Fabulous and original.


And in addition to the super popular Twas The Night Range – in Groovi too –




A Christmas Pop Up wouldn’t be complete without our Güd Gnomes!

There are loads more little lovely Christmas Stamp Sets which I will show you tomorrow, but there is one particularly close to my heart: The Clarity Charity Tree:

I designed the original one many many years ago. This is a new spin, more funky, with lots of additional elements. And here’s the deal. For every one of these Clarity Charity Trees sold, we will donate £1 to Crisis this year.

I look forward to showing off this lovely Collection of Clarity Classics. See those wire shapes bottom right below? They are so cool! I drew them a very long time ago. Now we’ve added a matching frame and a few fab little dangles. So lovely!


Anyway. Time to walk away from the chaos, and look at it all again tomorrow morning. Fresh head, Fresh eyes. It can all wait till then

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

All the stampset are available HERE

Why not head over and have a little look ….

15 thoughts on “Moment of Clarity

  1. Oh Barbara I wish I could get them all but unfortunately it’s been 3 years and 8 months since we had the house fire and we still haven’t got that house sold so money is very tied but as you always say it’s what it is I be watching though x

  2. What a lovely Christmas wall in your craftroom.
    Very busy at the moment with the boxes for moving house in 5 weeks, so no crafting at the moment for me.

    Take care and do hope that Dave is well now.
    Lots of love, Trijntje Huppel

  3. Well just might get to take time out tomorrow to watch. It has been non stop since coming home from retreat. Fred’s Birthday today so been busy entertaining etc. I do love Christmas and am always tempted by all the lovely designs. xx

  4. Hi Barbara you have done an amazing job it all looks fantastic. I love all the Christmas goodies. I can feel a spending spree coming on. I am hoping to join you tomorrow. Have a good evening. Take care. Hugs xxx

  5. Your pop-up shop looks lovely and you have a great selection of stamps (and Groovi ) for all to enjoy.
    Hope David is continuing to improve.
    Stay safe🍒

  6. Can’t watch live tomorrow, but will watch on catch up. Pop up shop looks very festive.
    Hope Dave is making a good recovery.

  7. Sadly, I’ll have to catch up later as I am invited out for lunch tomorrow about an hour away from here! Sorry about that. Impressive stand. I push stuff around too. The floor can get very busy! Anyway, as long as I’m careful, I shouldn’t trip over anything!! Lol. Have a lovely night. Lots of love. Hxx

  8. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Barbara, it’s a lovely display, full of very tempting stamps! Looking forward to see what festive designs you’ve come up with using them. Hope Dave is feeling better.

  9. As usual, the collections for Christmas are so unique and beautiful. Opened this months clubs delivered via the post today! You have produced a gorgeous set for each club that I can’t wait to try. Thankyou everyone at Clarity 😊

  10. Love your stand with all the Christmas goodies but will have watch on catch up as I have to take Mom for an appointment & won’t be home in time. Spotted a few must haves already but I an sure once you have demonstrated them there will be a few more !!
    Hope you both managed to have a quiet evening & that Dave continues to improve x

  11. Hi Barb, what a lovely festive scene, I can at least decorate my work space this year without getting a right …. from management, because it is in my own home. I will have to watch on catch up due to work though. Strangely enough I was going through my folders trying to decide on designs for this year (yes I know, cutting it fine) and what should catch my attention, but the wire designs, the originals. Now what do do with them? Hope Dave is feeling loads better. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  12. What a lovely selection, some new classics and some old and beautifully worked favourites.
    Must set an alarm to remind me to tune in, will be a good pick me up, as I’m still fighting a miserable cold – mercifully not Covid.
    See you later, Cx

  13. SHAC looking great, love a bit of festive fun, so I’ll be tuning in. It’ll make a welcome break from all the Halloween crafting and colouring 🙂

  14. I couldn’t watch as I was changing my Broadband from BT after endless years with them and the new one wasn’t connected until 5pm. I’m delighted with the change -now I have about £250 a year more to spend!! Must catch up soon. The new stamps look very interesting.

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