Oh what brilliant stencils!!

Oh what brilliant stencils!!

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in. A set of stencils caught my eye at work this morning. They are frameless. Brilliant for pottery AND Mixed Media! So I decided to have a play with them when I got home this evening. Upstairs for a change, in the arty painty inky part of my little Art studio!! You know. Get away from the news, the TV. Do something creative. MAKE something. ESCAPE.

They are those new stencils we recently launched in Sam Crowe’s Collection. Remember the fish? Blimming excellent. Click Here

Haven’t looked at a Gel Press Plate for months either. I so love working with Gelliplates too! So out with the 8×10!!! CLICK HERE

So let’s see what happens when you use a couple of the stencils on the Gel Press and add a little colour with Distress Oxide pads…

Absolutely fabulous Darling!! Now isn’t that something? Many of you will know straightaway how this was achieved. Many of you won‘t. It’s really REALLY EASY. Let’s do a step by step together…

Place the stencil on the clean Gel Press plate.

Best to place the Gel Press on a 9×11 inch Mega Mount. We sell them too.

Dab a selection of Distress Oxide ink pads onto the plate.

Spread and blend the ink with a spot on Sponge

Lift off the stencils and put to the side for now, ink sunny side up.

Lay a sheet of our large 8.5×11 inch Clarity Stencil Card on the inky plate, or

Flip the Gel Press on the mega Mount over, and position on a sheet of the Stencil Card.

Rub the back of the white card and pull the print. Bingo.


Now let’s pull the ghost print. You can either just pull a dry ghost print by repeating steps 7 and 8, or lightly spritz the plate before you place the card. Either works.


Now let’s keep going with the inky stencils. The ink will still be wet on the stencils at this point.

For this transfer trick you need a die cutting machne. Pressure. A Mangle, if you like.

Make a sandwich with a rubber shim, to emboss the stencil at the same time.

Spritz inky side lightly with water, lay on card, complete your plate sandwich, and run through your machine.


Want a more faded, ghost print? Spritz the stencil lightly with water and go again.

Lots of 1st and 2nd generation prints!

And then we make an arty picture!

And now we need a narrative – a caption. That’s where you come in! What‘s it to be ?

Here are a few ideas…

Which would YOU go with? I’m leaning towards HAPPY RETIREMENT myself! Bit dark…Or have you got other suggestions?

Would love to hear what you think. Ideas below please! Let me know you‘re there, and I’m not swimming around in blogland alone! I made the H U G E mistake of hitting the update button on the Blog site, and now it is really really hard to compose a blog. I wish I could go back to the old blogway. But then again, I say that about lots of things nowadays.

Stay safe!

Love and hugs

Barb xx

39 thoughts on “Oh what brilliant stencils!!

  1. I love these stencils. Have only used them with texture paste so far but seeing your gel press has made me want to play. Oh and got my craft club stamp this afternoon I love it

  2. Lol. Happy Retirement is anything but a bit dark. It is bursting with light and hope and freedom – not that I would want to encourage you!! – which means the one in the middle is definitley the one that got away! YOU only get one chance at life so make sure you have time for each other! Thanks for the reminder of what to do with the gel press. I took it out the other night but quickly put it away again!! Will try harder! Lol. Have a lovely evening with Dave. Hope he’s doing a lot better. Lots of love. Hxxx

  3. Dare to be different I think ! Would make a could card for hubby – he likes a bit of fishing ! Thanks for the full description – I usually need to look for a reminder. Have a good week, and thanks for the lovely club stuff, all beautiful and useful as always x x

  4. There’s always one.
    Your the one..
    Personally it makes me think of the game of sardines,
    I’ve asked but my husband refuses to get in the cupboard for a giggle. Apparently we are to old.

    Glad I’m not the only one to hit the update button when I shouldn’t !!!! Crashed my computer yesterday😢 boo hoo !!! Thankfully I have a computer savvy hubby.
    Thanks for the above reminder re the Gelli plate methods. I’m not brilliant at this but I do try. Some of the results are hilarious but also happy accidents. Thats the beauty of crafting – you can use the mistakes and scraps in all sorts of ways. I waste nothing.
    Loving the club package received today, made 3 quick cards already
    Stay well, stay safe.

  6. Don’t worry…..you’re not in blogland alone! I look forward to your updates….and now I need to order those stencils and the stamps! Trouble is, I think that about EVERYTHING I see…..and then mine never quite look the same! I heard you say once “all the gear, and no idea”…..YEP that’s me!! So please carry on inspiring us. And isn’t it just SO infuriating when you do as you’re told and press “update”. I’ve just done it with my IPad and now can’t find a flipping thing!! Hope Dave is ok x

  7. Definitely here Barbara.
    I love the embossing effect with the only stencils. Time to get my gel press out as well,
    I think “Dare to be different” is very apt for all us crafters.
    Thanks for still providing us with inspiration and distraction in this strange and worrying times.

  8. Hi Barb
    Be the one that got away . I must give my gel plate another go, haven’t used it for ages.
    Love to Dave.
    Zara x

  9. Hi Barbara, you are not alone in blog land. Never miss one of your blog posts. Always an enjoyable, thoughtful and kind read – I learn,laugh, cry happy tears with laughter (sometimes sad tears), your words inspire me, make me stop and think and sometimes remind me to pivot my thoughts and so much more.
    Barbara – you and your team, your videos, pj parties, Shac Shack, all my amazing Clarity supplies and all things Clarity keep me moving forward during this strange times, Thank you with much appreciation and admiration.

  10. Hi Barb, always love a gel plate and stencil session – even if it’s a bit fishy! But if you’re fishing for caption ideas and floundering for which one to perch on, I’m a dab hand with suggestions!
    There’s a plaice for us!
    Fins ain’t what they used to be!
    Tuna you than me!
    This cod be the start of something new!
    And if you mask in a moon behind the fish and frame the picture with some musical notes – salmon chanted evening!
    Or maybe stick with Dare to be Different !

    1. Hi Barbara. Love your blogs.
      Great pictures too. How about ‘Be yourself’ or ‘Be a leader not a follower’
      They’re all good suggestions. I hope Dave is continuing to rest and recoup, and giving Ragnar and Erik lots of cuddles.
      Take care both. X

  11. I think ”Dare To be Different” is the title I would choose.
    Have been making cards with some of the past club stamps today after seeing some posts on Clarity Worldwide. Looks as though this months club envelope is on its way so will look out for the post lady tomorrow. Meanwhile I might just get my gel plate & stencils out !!

  12. Nice to read your blog as always. Thank you for another new plate. It’s lovely. Sorry to hear Dave hasn’t been so well. But hope he is feeling better.
    So wish I could have come to the retreat,
    Lots of happy ladies on the photos. Hope you have all recovered from the hard work. Xxx

  13. Fabulous! I always read your blogs! They are so interesting! I do sometimes reply, but quite often there are loads of replies, so I just hit an emoji. Hope Dave is doing ok and doing as he was told!
    Received the club groovi today! It’s lovely!

  14. Lovely art work, very inspiring. Now I want to play with my set too 😊. Hope Dave is feeling a lot better, send best wishes to you both xx

  15. I’d choose ‘Happy Retirement’. When I took early retirement a few years ago, I definitely felt like I was ‘off the hook’! There were parts of the job – the most important parts – I really missed but the less important parts – done to just tick boxes – I didn’t miss at all!
    Take care x

  16. You’re off the hook would be a good caption.
    Love what you’ve done here Barbara. Those stencils are fantastic and I need to have another play with them very soon.
    Love and hugs xxxxx

  17. Hi Barbara. I think ‘Be a leader not a follower’ is a good one. Or simply ‘Be yourself.’
    Love your blogs. Sometimes taking your computer back to before you updated will return it to the old programs. Don’t ask me how tho!!
    Hope Dave is continuing to improve. X x

  18. Love your Blog and your step by step instructions, you amaze us with how you juggle everything and find the time to do what you do. You always make me get out the Gelpress and have a go! Love these stencils and look forward to seeing them in your pottery makes. I think “Go before you get hooked” might be appropriate

  19. You are never alone Barbara, I am sure there is an army of followers looking forward to your blogs. Love the gel press ideas. I think ‘Dare to be different’ could go with the card. Love the colours.

  20. You are definitely not alone in blog land I always read your posts. Love these step by step tutorials as we all so easily forget what we’ve got as stuff migrates to the bottom of the pile or the back of the cupboard as we buy the latest must have products. I love my geli plate but don’t use it nearly as much as I should so guess what I’ll be playing with today. Glad to hear that Dave is making progress by taking it slowly and following the advice he has been given. Xxx

  21. Hi Barb, thanks for the step by step. Ken’s captions are brilliant. I think “Swim against the tide” is a good one. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  22. Oh Barbara those stencils are fantastic. I love the art work you have created. Crafting is a great escape. We all have so much going on in our heads right now. My club goodies have arrived they are gorgeous. Have a good day. Take care. Hugs xxx

  23. I reckon dare to be different is apt for us crafters, but absolutely chuckling away at the submissions mentioned by Ken!😄

  24. Love Ken’s captions had a good giggle.Don’t think I could better them. Love reading your blog Barbara . If I had to choose a caption it would be the one that got away.

  25. love these – haven’t tried Distress Oxides on a gel plate, but i know what I’ll be doing at the weekend now!

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