Pyjama Party Friday!

Pyjama Party Friday!

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in. Wanted to remind you about our little craftalong Pyjama party on Friday evening!

Lovely Linda will be leading the way, in a flouncy little pink number, and I shall be bringing up the rear in slinky black … NOT!!! But we’re sure to have a lot of fun and learn loads from the Queen of parchment art, Mrs Williams! I shall be crafting along with your good selves, so that’ll slow things down a bit!

We have put everything that Linda will be using in one place over on the Clarity website HERE and also created a downloadable list of ingredients if you would like to craft along.

Here are the new Roseplates, designed by darling Jayne Nestorenko, that we will be using. It always fills my heart with sadness when I think about Jayne. Still can’t believe she’s gone. But her art lives on through us. She would have loved a craftalong PJ party!

Here are a few lovely pieces of artwork by our Design Team, to get your creative juices flowing…

Sheila Bradley
Glynis Whitehead
Glynis Whitehead
Carol Baker
Carol Baker
Carol Baker
Jane Telford
Karen Jackson

Wonderful. I’d best print off the list and get my little stash of plates and tools ready for Tomorrow evening too! I wonder if Grace will join us … now that would be great.

I always used to love crafting with Gracie when she still lived at home; she has such an arty eye. Does anybody remember when she did some Kiddy Craft Shows on Create & Craft back in the day? Mmmm. I know to pick my battles, and I remember that was one, because they wouldn’t pay her. She had spent days preparing (the apple didn’t fall far from the tree there). I said they would have to pay any other presenter, they said she was coming up with me to the studios anyway, so that was that. I did my nut. It wasn’t so much about the money as about the message the adults were giving the 16 year old. Yep, that was one occasion when I did put my armour on. I paid her, and made sure she never worked for them again. A few years later, as soon as an opportunity arose, I left that channel too. Nuff said. Mess with my kids, mess with me.

So let’s get her involved on Friday night, shall we?? What a beautiful woman she has grown into. And you would not believe the voiceover career she has carved out for herself in New York. Here’s the link to her website. I must say, I am a very proud mum. And just in case you are wondering, all of the reels you listen to are actual jobs, PAID jobs, that Grace has done. Amazing Grace.

See you Friday on Facebook LIVE at 7pm. Go to the Clarity Page – we’ll be waiting for you!

Stay safe

Love always

Barb xxx

14 thoughts on “Pyjama Party Friday!

  1. Looking forward to it! I love crafting with my daughter. Doesn’t happen very often, like you. See you later in the SHAC Shack and tomorrow evening. Xx

  2. Hello Barbara and Clarity Team, I’m a huge fan, thanks for keeping us all going during the pandemic, Wow!! You must be so proud of your daughter’s achievements, no surprise as she has a fab mum xxoo

  3. Beautiful plates can’t wait xx what a fabulous idea and will be lovely to have Grace crafting alongside you xx
    Glad you stood your ground all those years ago and glad you are with the craft store xx
    Gorgeous artwork as ever from the design team xx
    See you tomorrow night xx

  4. So sorry I can’t join you for the pyjama as we will be away with no internet. Hope you have a wonderful time. I missed the birthday celebrations too for the same reason. Belated happy birthday to all at Clarity. Xx

  5. I remember watching those shows with Grace and thinking what a confident young lady she was. She is as good to listen to now as she was to watch all those years ago. No wonder you are so proud.
    I can’t join you on Friday evening, but shall catch up at the weekend. Hugs to you both. Annette X

  6. Your pride in your daughter comes across loud and clear. She is lucky to have you as a mum.
    I cannot join the PJ party live but will catch up when I can.
    Lovely samples. I have already used these plates for a birthday card for a special 85 year old friend, the wording was perfect.
    Looking forward to receiving the Gnomes to do a cheeky card for another friend with a great sense of humour.
    Have a good time with Grace, make some special memories ( and pots and cards ). Be happy.
    Stay safe.

  7. Both your Grace and Mark are lovely human beings but only as we’d expect with such a great Mum. No surprise they are both so centred and doing so well in their lives. Remember Grace doing C&C, she did brilliantly.
    Love Jayne Nestorenko’s designs and the talent of team Clarity.

  8. Looking forward to tomorrow night. It will be a laugh a minute when you three are together! Just what is needed. Thanks for doing this. Hxx

  9. All ready for the pj party. Have bought my pj’s & crafty stash with me & given instructions to OH that I need to be back at base for 7pm

  10. PJs washed and pressed (well you never know who may be watching) and really looking forward to another great evening. Xxx

  11. Hello Barb, what beautiful artwork, I think everyone will have a lovely PJ Party tonight. Grace is lovely and has such a fabulous voice, I am sure she will join in. And as you said, mess with my kids and you mess with me. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  12. No wonder you are so proud of Grace. She is very talented. I will be there tonight but hope it’s not too difficult as I am just a beginner. Long way to go before I can produce anything like what your talented team do. They are beautiful. Must practice more !!!!!

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