28 years old ?! Never!

28 years old ?! Never!

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. Clarity Birthday Weekend here we come! Our friend Ken Kilminster kindly sent us cakes and treats too! Thanks Ken xxx

All set for the off, but before I hit the carpark that is the M25, let’s test your cognitive skills with a Spot the Difference…

Here we see my demo boxes, ready to be loaded into the waggon…

Here I have remembered something else to take…

If you managed that little challenge, here’s the next one. Here we have a legit pic taken on Dave’s phone yesterday evening. Spot the Dartford Warbler here on the Ashdown Forest…

What’s a Dartford Warbler?

Can’t see him? No, neither could the fella with the binoculars yesterday evening. Hang on, I’ll zoom in a little closer. He’s sitting on the gorse over on the left..


Singing a cheeky little tune too, he was.

Seriously, no. We didn’t spot a Dartford warbler, or a chiffchaff or a willow warbler, or any other little birds. But we did see a celestial sky and the most beautiful heathers…

We walked and talked and cleared our heads. And now I am ready for what promises to be the busiest weekend of the year ! Comfy shoes packed too. These are Paul’s…

What’s coming up at 10am tomorrow on the Craft Store? Some pretty epic dies. Don’t miss these! Even if you’re not a Dies person you’ll want these!

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

29 thoughts on “28 years old ?! Never!

  1. My problem is that I want everything! Will catch up with the SHAC this afternoon and then settle in tomorrow for a weekend of Clarity. Happy birthday, safe travels and wishing you all a great weekend. Hugs. Annette X

  2. I’m with Annette, I too will catch up with Shac this afternoon and settle down with Clarity for the weekend – well as settled as a pup will let me.
    So looking forward to this good luck Barbara and Paul, don’t tire yourselves out but I’m sure each show will be a sell out we just love your goodies 💕💕

  3. Well 28 years young, quite an achievement and still going strong you must all be so proud. Looking forwards to the birthday weekend want it all but on a budget defo need the new lino cuts want the dies will have to wait and see. Have a safe journey and see you tomorrow.xx

  4. Barbara and Team Clarity enjoy your goodies, you are very welcome after 28 magic years of Clarity! I’m usually quite good at Spot the Difference, I can see the potted plant but having trouble finding the Cuddly toy and the kitchen sink! 😄
    A truly magical photo of the 100 Acre Wood Dave, but I reckon the warbler was hiding behind the waterfall! And as for Paul’s comfy shoes, looks like all his hair has gone to his feet!
    Have a fun, busy and successful ( no worries there!) Birthday weekend, I’m really looking forward to seeing all of the goodies you’ve lined up for us and I’m sure I shall be tempted to pop some (!? 🤣) of them in my shopping basket! (I’m sure nettle soup and lettuce are very good for you!)
    Have a safe journey and a great weekend!

  5. Our walk last night, up on the Ashdown Forest, really was special, the light was just superb. Re : The Dartford Warbler….when we got to this part of the forest, a chap was coming towards us bedecked with binoculars / cameras / compass etc. looking pretty cheesed off.
    ” Its rubbish” he said “Ive been her for ten minutes and haven’t seen a thing” …he clearly was a disappointed ‘twitcher’ ! Focussed on one thing only.
    In the hour and and half we were out, it was still impossible to take it all in …the simple beauty of nature. If you were to paint those scenes, ‘plein air’ you would say that the colours were unreal…so vibrant…surreal.

    Hope the weekend goes well !!!

    28 years in the Craft Business Barb….brilliant xx
    Something to really celebrate xx

  6. Happy 28 birthday. Trouble is I’ve just been to opticians and need new lenses 😱. Feel baked beans duets coming on 🤣.

  7. Wow 28 years and still going strong xx lots of new ideas and fabulous colleagues xx must have found that magic formula xx
    Here’s to many more birthdays
    Keep up the fabulous work xx

  8. Happy birthday weekend. Thanks to all at Clarity for their hard work in giving us crafters so many lovely goodies to desire. Looking forward to seeing what you have in store for us tomorrow. Bread and water seem like a possible diet until the next pension cheque arrives!

  9. Hi Barbara you look like you are well prepared for your birthday weekend. I do hope it all goes well and that you have a good journey there and back. I am looking forward to the shows and I can’t wait to see the dies. Take care. Hugs xxx

  10. Hope Paul puts a foot up for us to see LOL !! Mine are cat faces! Going to catch up with Shac in a min. Picked up my car this morning – why does it take so long ….. Can’t wait to see what you have for us, I might have to wait a bit before buying though … xx

  11. The scenery & sky are beautiful, bet the man with the binoculars didn’t see any of that. Too busy moaning !!
    love the slippers, will keep an open to see if they appear on telly.
    Spotted the addition of the beautiful Christmas Cactus or at least that’s what my mom calls it although her flowers are pink. She somehow manages to keep them flowering for years & is known to pop them out in the garden during the summer so that is obviously something they like.
    Lots of prepped demo’s in those plastic boxes so hope you are able to use them all before the lovely goodies sell out – if not next weeks blogs are sorted !!
    Need to go & check that I have pressed record against the correct programmes as the TV guide has not yet been updated – just says join us for an hour of ??
    Have a fabulous Birthday Weekend, here to many more xx

  12. Glad you didn’t forget the Christmas cactus! Everyone needs at least one of those on TV! Lol. Happy Birthday to Clarity. Really looking forward to the shows this weekend. Might be my last big spend for a while! Lol. However, it’s usually pointless making resolutions. Lol. Have a great weekend. Lots of love. Hxx

  13. Ashdown Forest looks fabulous… Love all the photos and remember to be thankful for what we have in our country. The only difference I can see is the addition of the Christmas Cactus. My recorder is set to copy all of the programmes – thankyou. The gnomes are definitely going in my basket!!! Keep safe all of you xxx
    Beryl Sheppard

  14. Congratulations on your 28th birthday.
    Gorgeous countryside pictures. Today on the way to Tarbolton to visit a very special friend who we haven’t seen since before Lockdown we drove through some gorgeous Ayrshire countryside with rolling hills, sheep, cows and hay bays filling the fields was amazing to look at. Missed seeing that part of the world for a while, but hopefully we will get to visit again in a few weeks.
    Looking forward to watching the shows over the weekend.

  15. Hi Barb,
    Happy Birthday Clarity & congratulations on 28 years! The only thing I can see that’s different is the addition of the Cactus. When Dave & I go to Norfolk ( usually towards ends of May), we go to Kelling Heath to try and see a Dartford Warbler( lovely little bird). We are usually successful but even when we aren’t we still take in time to enjoy the countryside and the steam train that generally passes us. I’m looking forward to the shows but at the same time dreading them as I know I will want to buy ( Gilly you know I have no willpower!!!). Still can’t record the shows though, I’m really getting sick of this. Have a safe journey and enjoy the shows even though you’ll be shattered by the end. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  16. Those boxes certainly look like they hold a lot of prep, hope you get to use it all. I am itching to see what you have in store for us. Tried to set record for the weekend but “join us for an hour” doesn’t work for me – grrr!!!
    Wonderful views of your walk, wish we had similar close to us but it needs a car ride to get there.
    Love ❤️Paul’s slippers. My grey bunnies and Welsh sheep can’t compete.
    See you in the morning – poised to place an order or two – fortunately hubby will be sorting jobs with the new gardener so he can’t stop me. I am bad !!!
    Stay safe.

  17. Happy 28th birthday! Bea and I first saw you in 1994, so must have been in at the beginning pretty much! I still have a green stamp pad I bought then and it still works -how’s that for good quality LOL. I see the box after the one with the cactus has been disturbed -you can see the writing clearly on the pad in the first picture but it has been moved in the second so maybe something else was tucked underneath or another note added (my eyes aren’t that good now!)? Have a great weekend and I’ll be ordering direct -I want the robin lino cut and I’m always interested in dies, and Bea will be looking for the Groovi things.

  18. Wow, 28 years! Wonderful time for us with great crafting goods! Hard work for all of you! But it’s been worth it! To see so many eager for more, must make it a satisfying g but hard work business! Well done to all of you involved!
    Paul, I loved the slippers but think you need some more substantial footwear to stand all the time and keep up with Barbara! 😍😍.

  19. Will Watch what you prepared for such a long time. Very excited about it . Will be a great weekend…..
    See you there😎
    Congrats for 28 years…..

  20. Well you had me there for a minute, I know I have cataracts but I thought they had got incredibly bad then. Hope weekend goes well xx

  21. Hi Barbara
    Well doesn’t time fly when you are having fun!!
    It must be amazing to look back on how far you’ve all come. You have earned some serious respect in the crafting world, and deserve it all.
    Really looking forward to this Birthday weekend
    Love & Hugs

  22. Travel safely and have a great Clarity celebration weekend.
    28 years since I first was introduced to parchment craft too! That led to a long and interesting journey of teaching , Travelling, designing and writing several books. I was 57 years old with a husband, three grown up children, a farm to help run and interests in the tourist industry at the time! Never a dull moment.

  23. Happy Birthday Clarity and thank you all for ALL you do I am penniless but content, I am.eternally grateful, for the comeraldery that i.have found, the educational friendship and love everyone emits from the company and.everyone in the group thank.you ?Clarity happy birthday xx

  24. Hi Barbara
    It’s my birthday this month considerably older than 28 years 🤣🤣. Good luck for the weekend 🎂🎂
    Ruth & Jackie xx

  25. Happy 28th Birthday weekend, looking forward to the shows, I can feel my wish list getting longer already. I can’t compete with Pauls footwear, just teddy bear ones for me. Safe journey. xx

  26. Hello Barb, well I am not meant to be spending on craft stuff, but I am sure something will fall into my basket by accident. Hope you had a safe journey up to the studios. Really had a good laugh at Dave’s comment. Hope the weekend goes well, and that both you and Paul have a chance to put your feet up in your comfy shoes. Love them by the way Paul, I can just imagine you in them your feet hidden behind the counter. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  27. Well Barbara
    All the groovi plates jumped into my basket thanks to the flexi pay
    And low and behold the weekend wonder I missed at the launch and they sold out. Bugger
    So I popped onto your website and got the new squares dies will have to wait for the circles I’m skint .lol
    Thank you for bringing us such beautiful crafty stash.
    Take care hugs 🤗

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