Festival of Clarity coming up!

Festival of Clarity coming up!

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Mind the piles of demo boxes and crafty gear as you come in though! Bomzitit springs to mind. The cats would never find their way out of here! It looks like it’s either been burgled, or I’m moving out, which is about right! Everything but the kitchen sink is going up to the TV studios tomorrow, in readiness for the BIG WEEKEND : It’s our Clarity 28th Birthday! Woohoo. Glad to still be here – to be here still glad!!

In fact, I may just pack the kitchen sink too – just in case.

Let me tell you about our Clarity 28th Birthday celebrations which kick off on The Craft Store with a WOW on Friday, so you also know what’s in store!

Friday 3rd September

– 10am – Weekend WOW BRAND NEW Doodle dies

Launching something very special. A set of nesting Doodle dies which have been many months in the making! From a sketchy doodle of mine to the finished product, it’s been a journey for sure, but all the effort was so worth it when you see the results.

– 2pm – Weekend WOW – Doodle Dies

– 6pm – One Day Special BRAND NEW Groovi Contour Plates

This is next level parching – made simple! We’re very excited to introduce a brand new kind of Groovi Plate. We’re calling them Contour Plates – and you will see why when we launch these masterpiece designs by Linda Williams. If you’re a parcher, this is not to be missed.

– 8pm – One Day Special – Contour Plates

Saturday 4th September

– 8am – One Day Special – Contour Plates

– 11am – Weekend WOW – Doodle Dies

– 12pm – One Day Special – Contour Plates

– 3pm – Weekend WOW – Doodle Dies

– 4pm – One Day Special – Contour Plates LAST CALL

Sunday 5th September

– 10am – Weekend WOW – Doodle Dies LAST CALL

– 2pm – 4pm – BRAND NEW Linocut stamps collection.

Remember the Floral Linocuts? There were 3 in the set, and you loved them when we made them into stamps. So to celebrate 28 years of Clarity, I’ve cut another collection of winter scenes, complete with Robin Redbreast and Lone Star.

– 6pm – One Day Special BRAND NEW Personalised Stamps.

Last launch on the weekend – but something EVERYBODY will love, and many of you have been waiting for! A collection of fabulous Customising, personalising stamps – with the unique opportunity to get your own personal name stamps made too. And at an irresistible price.

– 8pm – One Day Special Personalised Stamps

Monday 6th September

– 8am – One Day Special – Personalised Stamps

– 12pm – One Day Special – Personalised Stamps

– 4pm – One Day Special – Personalised Stamps LAST CALL

Paul and I are heading up to the studios after the 10am SHAC SHAC tomorrow. Got your bauble ready to ink and colour along? Now where did I put that SHAC folder? I remember thinking I’d best put it in a safe place, because I’d probably never find it. Yep.

So that’s it, folks. Many months of teamwork have gone into this Birthday Weekend, and I can’t tell you which product I’m more stoked about. The Doodle Dies blow me away, the contour plates are totally addictive, the custom stamps are pure excellence, and the linocuts? Well, I’ll let YOU be the judge.

Stay safe

Love and hugs

Barb xx

32 thoughts on “Festival of Clarity coming up!

  1. Oh for goodness sake Barbara ! Didn’t I mention I’m collecting a new (2nd hand) car tomorrow at 10 ! How am I going to afford this lot ? Just had to insure it this morning too ! Good job it’s my birthday next month …. I’m going to have to have a quiet word the postie so we come to some agreement as to where he leaves the goodies ! I’ll miss the Shac for reason above but will be catching up. Just been making a couple of card this afternoon with one of my new fave dies from the club and Tina got me on the tag dies ….. now more new dies …… I really can’t wait to see what you’ve come up with and the Groovi stuff sounds fab too! Have a safe trip tomorrow and look forward to Friday for the surprise ! X

  2. It’s my birthday (much more than 28) on Tuesday so also celebrating this weekend with family. Congratulations Clarity.

  3. Just from 3 posts, a birthday next month, one on Tuesday and mine yesterday, not even counting Clarity’s as well! The contour plates sound fascinating, so perhaps that is where my birthday money will be spent. What a busy time for you, but very exciting for everyone.
    I love the picture at the top of your post, which brings back so many family memories for me. We loved The Beverley Hillbillies and the Clampett (spelling?) family were so funny. It was good to have something all the family could enjoy in those days. Sleep well tonight, before the onslaught and I shall see you in the SHAC when I get back from line dancing tomorrow. Hugs. Annette. X

  4. Can’t wait to see it all. I bought a new personalised stamp the other day but was a bit disappointed when it arrived, can’t wait to see the clarity ones! Also can’t wait to see what the Groovi contour plates are all about. I will definitely have to intercept the postie! My husband has found a few parcels recently including the gorgeous rainbow parchment etc and said I need to cut down! (Said I would but really ……)

  5. What an exciting weekend ahead. Congratulations on reaching 28 years and keeping going. Keep up the good work. Take care. Hugs xxx

  6. Wow indeed !!! What a weekend we have to look forward to.
    I will have to be careful what I order as hubby has started to complain that the house looks like a Clarity shop. He looked at me with horror when the Rainbow bundle arrived. His comment? WHAT MORE CLARITY? My reply? BE THANKFUL IT’S MY ONLY ADDICTION !!!!!
    Do pace yourself throughout this birthday extravaganza. No need to get in a tizz. We love whatever you do. 👍
    Have a good journey to the studio and stay safe.

  7. Oh my goodness…….it’s going to be a busy weekend for you but I am sure once you get going you will enjoy it. You are always so full of enthusiasm. Sadly I am away this weekend…….so will have to catch up online. Off to spend the weekend with the grandchildren. Precious times. Have a great weekend xx

  8. So more spending me thinks!! Can’t wait for the weekend and a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Clarity. Not a parcher but am very interested in seeing the personalised stamps and the winter lino cuts. See you in the Shac with my baubles tomorrow xxx.

  9. Congrats, Barb and team! Can’t wait to see everything… and might just have to buy myself some more belated birthday gifts! Grin.

    Safe travels tomorrow xoxo

  10. I will never be rich while you are bringing us such treasures. Glad I am going to be home at the weekend. My husband might not be so happy.

  11. Oh what brilliant news……..My name stamp is really needing to be replaced as it has been used hundreds of times! Looking forward to this weekend too. Thankyou.

  12. Oh no, I’m managing to get away in mHome tomorrow till Mon. Going to miss it all but I’m desperate to get away from all my long ongoing hassle over hubby. Just wish hospitals would communicate. Nightmare. Oh and nursing homes. Oh dear I’ll record your shows. Enjoy your visit up here and the shows. X

  13. So delighted you are doing personalised stamps again. Ravenswood WI card making club will be over the moon. We’ve been struggling as our stamps have almost worn out. It goes to show how many years Clarity stamps last as they have been so well used on the back of every one of our cards we produce.
    Can’t wait to see them and hope there is one with birds (Ravens) coming out of a tree or two (wood)!

  14. Happy Birthday to Clarity!!! 🌟🍀🌟🌹
    Looking forwards to the weekend to know what all the new stuff is.
    Lucky me! Its my Birthday too this month and hopefully also a new home! Sitting in a rollercoaster at the moment with sold our house in a weeks time.
    Take care Barbara and enjoy the party!
    Lots of love, Trijntje Huppel

  15. I’ve got a personalised stamp from years ago when I first found clarity stamp but would love another design so can’t wait.

  16. Showing our age there Barbara with a shot of the Clampets loved that show by the way. Out Sunday at a friend’s BEM celebration so will miss the show still I’m sure I’ll be spent up by then. Take care both of you and take it easier next week.

  17. Happy Birthday Clarity, it looks as if it is going to be an exciting weekend of fabulous new goodies that can’t be missed.
    Safe journey tomorrow, once you get there & are all set up you will be fine. Enjoy the weekend x

  18. Sounds as if it’s going to be a fabulous weekend. So glad you are doing the personalised stamps again, I rang up last year because I couldn’t find them on the website and I wanted one for my 8 year old granddaughter but you weren’t doing them. I ordered one from a local stationary shop but it wasn’t nearly as nice. Guess what she will find in her Christmas stocking! The lino cut stamps sound great too. Xx

  19. Oh my goodness what a packed weekend ahead of you. I will try to tune in for as much as I can, we also have a busy weekend just need the new grandchild to arrive to make it even busier. Doodle dies sound interesting and the Groovi plates. Good Luck Barbara and Paul with your shows and Happy Birthday to Clarity. x

  20. Hi Barbara and Clarity team. Congratulation on reaching 28 years . Wow. What a weekend ahead. Lucky its my birthday today, so not feeling guilty when ordering some of the new fabulous products. Present to myself😉 Your enthousiasm is catching on. Will be watching ShacShac today. Good luck on Sunday.

  21. Happy 28th Birthday! Hope you get some time to sit down with a cuppa and some cake in between all those shows? Best of luck with all the new products x

  22. Hello Barb, oh what a hectic schedule you have this weekend. Can’t wait to see the new products, and you and Paul putting them through their paces. Safe travels Barb and Paul and wishing Clarity and all the team a very Happy 28th Birthday. Will have to print off the schedule, so I make sure I record the right shows. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  23. Can’t wait! I so NEED a new personalised stamp! Looking forward to seeing the dies too. So exciting! Happy Birthday Clarity and well done to the whole team x

  24. Looks great! can only watch Friday as I’m parching with my sister next week (who is being taught by me) so I hope the shows will be available when I get back! Good luck Barbara and Linda.

  25. Wow Busy busy busy bees. You will all need a lie down in a dark room after all this excitement. Looking forward to seeing it all. Safe journey.
    Apparantly I have had birthday presents up to 2028, so have booked a place in a time machine so I don’t miss out on this weekends shopping.

  26. Wow when do you and Paul get to eat,sleep and breath xx
    Good luck with it I am sure it will all be a resounding success as always with Clarity and Groovi xx I will be watching and no doubt purchasing xx
    Enjoy the ride and remember we will all be there with you cheering you on cx

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