Tricks n Tips on TV

Tricks n Tips on TV

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Just a quickie before the 2-hour Clarity TV show on, to highlight what you can expect. I shall be putting these fabulous little fashion statement Claritystamps through their paces, offering loads of little tricks and tips on how to create dropshadows, how to make quick and easy cards, how to introduce texture into the background stamps and so on.

Even the scraps are cool!

There’s so much to show you! It’s actually absurd how much scope there is. So many elegant ladies. I just hope I remember everything! And hey. If not, we can always get together in a Moment of Clarity Facebook LIVE down the road a bit. I’ve got a Floral Linocut session all set to hit go with you too – haven’t forgotten it.

One day at a time – One thing at a time…

Please join me at 2pm on the Craftstore for a 2-hour arty session.

Love always

Barb xxx


20 thoughts on “Tricks n Tips on TV

  1. Look forward to it take things slowly and everything will come right xx
    As you say one day at a time xx
    Good luck today xx

  2. All ready for the shows, housework done , dinner prepped , hubby prepped to put oven on at 3 lol lol
    Looking forward to it
    Hope your Dad is still improving and will be home soon , take care look after yourself x

  3. Show is on to record for future reference, plan to have all necessary jobs done so I can sit down for lunch at 2. I like the pieces you have done above, the silhouettes look great against the backdrop stamps.
    Have checked out the claritymatters blog & there is another great tag by Glynis this week.
    Take care x

  4. Recording the show as I am at work. Looking forward to seeing what you create when I catch up on my day off.

  5. Great to have you back live on screen, Barb! 25 minutes into the first show and so many terrific tips and tricks already! Love the “James Bond title sequence” (or Emma Peel’s Avengers) silhouette samples. I didn’t think these stamps would be for me, but once you see the magic of the Design Team and your amazing demos – we’ll I’m hooked! Order’s gone in!
    Best wishes and good vibes to your Dad, hope he’s home soon.

  6. Hi Barb your shows were fabulous. There were just so many hints and tips. All the artwork was a feast for the eyes. I do hope your dad is able to come home soon. Take care. Hugs xxx

  7. Just finished watching the shows, they were sublime, so many tips and Ideas along with stunning samples from the very talented design team. Well done to everyone. Xxx

  8. Dear Barbara. Great that you are back on the TV just can’t watch as mine has stopped don’t know what is the matter. Tried to watch on iPad but didn’t manage that either. Will keep looking. Hope your Dad is improving and getting home soon. I expect you had a lovely time with Grace and Mark, even though it wasn’t what you.we’re expecting. Xx

  9. Enjoyed the shows today, Barb. Well done. I do like those stamps, too, but need to use what I’ve got first. If you could see the collection, you would understand! Lol. Just take it slowly and be where you are needed. We’re going nowhere! Take care. Lots of love. Hxx

  10. Great shows, lots of hints and tips. I’m a seasoned crafter but I always learn something new from you and Paul. Thank you.
    Wasn’t going to buy these stamps ( I have the Groovi plates and stencils ) did I really need more? Yes of course I did!!! Saw the London,Paris,New York dies too. Had to have those for an idea which popped into my head while watching those great samples on the show.
    Oh Barbara, I will never be rich at this rate !!! Still it keeps me happy 🤗😇😀
    Now I can plan to watch the Pergamano and mixed media shows but I will have to lock the computer away and sit on my hands – ha ha!
    Stay well.

  11. Absolutely fabulous shows today ! Yiannis was so enthusiastic too. Haven’t bought today yet as I’ve only just had a large sale parcel come this weekend ! I have got the stencils though, not used, so good ideas to use them for now ! S

  12. I’ve lost count of how many interruptions I had, but enjoyed what I saw of the show. Thanks Barbara, take it easy. X

  13. Absolutely brilliant shows – I thoroughly enjoyed it! How very nice to see Yiannis with you too – he thoroughly enjoyed catching up with you and the newer Clarity products that he had missed. Take care lovely lady, hugs Gilly xx

  14. great shows Barbara – so lovely to have you back. Hope your dad continues to make good progress and is home soon xx

  15. Hi Barb, what great shows, love the stamps, and your tips and techniques really are inspiring. Yiannis was so impressed with the sticker word stamps, and he is right they are brilliant. Hope your Dad is getting on well. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

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