Picot Boo!

Picot Boo!

Hi everyone.

Paul here. I hope you are all well and have had a good week.

I have some very good news to share with you today…………………

Finally, after months and months and months of waiting, the Nested Square Picot dies have finally landed – yipeeeeeeeeeee!

If you are new to Clarity and all things Groovi/Pergamano/Parchment, then you may have heard the words “picot cutting” or seen it being demonstrated when we appear on The Craft Store or showcased in our Facebook Live sessions (we have been covering this in the Pergamano Summer School with Linda Williams).

So what is Picot Cutting? Picot cutting is a technique used in Parchment Craft to create a delicate/pointy finish to your work (similar to the edge of a postage stamp), either around the outside or within your design.

Traditionally, you have to perforate your parchment with a two-needle or multi-needle tool and then use special scissors or snips to “picot cut” the perforations to leave the delicate finish. It is beautiful when done and does make a difference to your work. It does however, take time, patience and practice! It took me 6 months until I was happy with the result. If you are going around the outside of your work it can take a long time, unless of course you work is only 2 inches x 2 inches – ha ha ha! Personally, I would rather spend the time on the main design of my work and not have to worry about the outside edge.

Back in September 2018, I had the pleasure of joining Linda Williams on The Craft Store (aka Hochanda) for the launch of our brand new concept – Nested Picot Dies and co-ordinating Groovi Plate. Let’s just say that they blew the doors off!

How does it work?

Take a piece of parchment and your picot die of choice and run through you die cutting machine

Once die cut, place on the co-ordinating Groovi Plate, lining up the the zig-zags on the plate – secure in place with Groovi tabs

Using the Groovi No1 tool, emboss the double lines – this gives the die cut parchment the authentic picot cut look. The Groovi Guard really helps

All done! This will take less than 5 minutes from start to finish – doing it the traditional way, 30 – 45 minutes – no brainer!

Another benefit of using the Nested Picot Dies is that you can Picot Cut paper and card, which you can’t really do in the traditional way.

The nested dies and co-ordinating plates are available in squares, circles, rectangles and ovals in sets or individually.

Available HERE
Available HERE
Available HERE
Available HERE

Here is some inspiration from the design team

Glynis Whitehead
Josie Davidson
Chris Walker
Gail Sydenham
Shelagh Metselaar
Paul Church

Here is a YouTube tutorial I found using the Picot Circles & Squares on parchment, paper and card

They really are an essential to your crafting stash, something a little different to a plain edge.

All things Picot are available HERE

Take care and stay safe.

Paul xx

10 thoughts on “Picot Boo!

  1. I couldn’t do without mine. I use them for matting and layering on my cards all the time. Would love to have some non picot ovals to complete my die sets though.

  2. As you say these dies are a great time saver when cutting out the pieces to add designs to make card toppers. Having the ability to cut matching mats to layer up is a bonus to

  3. Would be totally lost if I didn’t have these dies and plates. They are a staple in my craft room x

  4. Hello Paul, these dies are really great for that Picot edge effect and quick. Love the samples shared. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  5. Oh wow you certainly know how to temp people. My sale order came yesterday I am a very happy bunny. Take care. Hugs xxx

  6. O-O-O-O-O Paul!! I think you are missing a trick, I was thinking about the picot dies and my little ii books came to mind. In them, it often says use for example the 2nd die in. I am never sure where this is counted from, but if I use the dies and make an examples as above, I could write in which is 2nd from….etc. It’s a whole new life for them!
    Hope you are well. Keep picking and packing!
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite) – in case you may not remember, Bendy is our HUGE Norweigian Forest cat.

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