Best of Craft Awards 2021

Best of Craft Awards 2021

Hi everyone.

Paul here. I hope you are all well and staying safe.

Another busy start to the week here at Clarity Towers – I can’t believe that it is Tuesday already!

I have spent the past few days helping out in the picking and packing department. Whilst the team are working through the Half Price Members Sale orders, I am rummaging through the orders and picking the quick and easy orders. Now when I say quick and easy orders, what I mean by this, orders containing items that do not require any making or assembly! I am also picking new orders that have come in since the sale ended. This is something we always do when we have an online event – the team concentrate on the event orders and another team concentrate on new orders, this time it happens to be me! So if you placed an order in the sale and an order after the sale, you may receive the latest order first! Don’t panic though! The team are doing an amazing job – if only you could see the size of some of these orders! So please bear with us whilst we work through them – I can see a light at the end of the tunnel and it is approaching fast!

Did you attend Lesson 2 of The Pergamano Summer School with Linda Williams today? We listened to the feedback from Lesson 1 and Linda (in Wales) worked with Mr Jim (in Kent) our in-house IT expert (one of his many hats!), made some tweaks and this week, the cameras behaved themselves. If you missed this weeks lesson, then you can catch up below

On another note, we are very honoured to have been nominated in a number of categories in the Best of Crafts Awards 2021, a big thank you if you took the time to nominate.

We’ve been nominated for:

Best Rated Customer Service 

Most Loved Stamping Range 

Female Craft Personality of The Year – Barbara Gray 

Best Workshop/Online class – Barbara Gray SHAC Shack

Most Inspiring Blog – Barbara Gray One Day at A Time 

I think that it is brilliant news that we have been nominated in the various categories, but the category that stands out the most for me, is:

Barbara and the SHAC shack has been nominated in the Best Workshop/Online Class category.

So many of you have joined Barbara live in the SHAC Shack throughout the pandemic. The idea/aim of the SHAC Shack was not to be a workshop or online class, it was all about keeping one another company through difficult times………. we laughed, we cried, we shared, we learnt

Stay Home And Craft
Safe Happy And Creative

So if you have a spare 10 minutes and think we are worth it, then please click HERE to vote. Your vote and support is very much appreciated.

Enjoy your evening.

Take care and stay safe.

Paul xx

24 thoughts on “Best of Craft Awards 2021

  1. Have voted for you. Brilliant lesson with Linda, she really explains how to get good results. Also good to see how it you don’t get quite right how your work could look. Intrigued by “new technique” but as can’t go to retreats will just have to hope that it won’t be too long before it is shared

  2. Have voted for you in all these categories of course xx
    Loved the lesson today easier to get to grips with lol will be practicing during the week
    Thanks to your wonderful teams doing the picking and packing have received both orders so happy crafter here xx

  3. Hi Paul,
    Congrats to Clarity for the nominations. Will go to vote now.
    I am one of the horrors that placed a looong order and am willing to wait – no probs.
    Stay safe.

  4. Have just voted.
    My order arrived yesterday with my books for summer school
    Have listened in and made the borders in lesson one this evening.
    Will have to have another session to complete other designs on pattern.
    Hope to have completed lesson 2 before next Tuesday.
    Thank you for all the help you give to keep us crafting and making progress

  5. Already voted before I saw the blog, of course you know who I voted for in each category!!! Fingers crossed there will be a few or more First class prizes winging Clarity’s way!

  6. Already voted via a link form another page but voted all things Clarity of course. Great that the SHAC has made the short list for votes.
    Our sales orders will reach us when they reach us – its such a great offer from Clarity for us to be able to shop at half price on almost everything. Thanks must go to all the team for all the work they are doing especially as it has been sooo hot.
    Off to catch up with lesson 2 from Summer School as I had to leave early for a dentist appointment.

  7. Voting done. Thank you to you and Linda for another informative lesson. I like to watch the lesson and then go to the recording to practise.

  8. Hi Paul, voting all done! Clarity’s nominations are so well deserved! Big thank you to all of Team Clarity for your hard work in getting the orders out and many thanks to Linda for the excellent Summer School lessons!

  9. Voting done. Work today, so will catch up with lesson 2 within the next few days. A treat to look forward to. xx

  10. Hi Paul,
    Great the Clarity has been nominated – already done my voting. My members’ sale parcel arrived on Saturday – thank you to all of the team for getting them out so quickly. Love Alison x

  11. Hello Paul, have done my voting, really great nominations for all of the Clarity team and Barb, especially the online Class one. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  12. Keep going Team Clarity. You’re all doing an amazing job.
    I’ve just voted in the awards and it was a no brainer on those categories! Good luck all!
    Love and hugs. Xxx

  13. I have voted in all the nominated categories, but can’t understand why you have not been included in the Best Male crafting category Paul. Hopefully, after all your Groovi Tuesdays, you will be there next year. Love Annette. X

  14. I wanted to vote in the craft awards but they wanted my phone number and address when I left that blank it would not let me go any further and that’s information I don’t give out on my phone so sorry clarity couldn’t vote but wanted to

    1. I left some of my details out as I did not want to be forever contacted by the magazines. However it did let me finish and accepted my votes.
      Shame that the marketing people are so ruthless collecting information.

  15. Voting completed in all areas – wouldn’t vote for anyone but the Clarity team as you are the best. I wouldn’t have managed lockdown without the Shac Shac. Members order has arrived thank you. Tuesday lesson so good I particularly found the scissor section helpful. Thanks Barbara,Paul, Linda and the Clarity team. Xx

  16. Voting done. Anyone heard from Sue Dakin? If you are there Sue I hope you are improving and keeping your spirits up – miss your hilarious comments xx

  17. Off to vote now. Eagerly awaiting my sale order which is with Royal Mail, and the installation of my new office/craft room next week too! My OH calls it the Claritystamp wing – those boxes of goodies are definitely the biggest!!!

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