7 more sleeps!

7 more sleeps!

Hi everyone

Paul here. I hope you are all well.

No, it isn’t the countdown to Christmas (although it is just as exciting!) There are 7 more sleeps until we go back to school – who would have thought that at my age I would be excited about going back to school! Well, this in not just any school, this the Pergamano Summer School, headed up by the one and only Linda Williams – Pergamano Master Tutor!

You have one week left before the Pergamano Summer School launches on our Facebook and YouTube pages. If you have no idea what I am going on about – then read on!

For those of you who are into Groovi/Parchment art then you will be familiar with the super talented and super lovely Linda Williams.

Recently, Linda has been joining me as part of the Groovi Tuesday shows on Facebook and YouTube showing us (me included!) how to create and add beautiful shading to our work.

Anyway during a conversation between these two super lovely ladies

a plan was hatched and The Pergamano Summer School was born!

Since joining the Clarity/Pergamano family, Linda has written 2 books showcasing the various uses of the Pergamano range of Multi-Needle Tools. Now these are not just “books”, these are work books, project books, inspiration books and so much more.

Volume One
108 pages
Sampler Patterns for 9 of the essential multi-needle tools
12 step-by-step written and photographic projects

Volume Two
174 pages
Sampler Patterns for 11 of the more detailed multi-needle tools
18 step-by-step written and photographic projects

These books will form the basis of the Pergamano Summer School.
Starting with Volume One, each week Linda will hold our hand and guide us gently through the book and each of the tools. It doesn’t matter what level of parching you are at, Linda will have us covered with her amazing teaching skills.

There are so many great things to mention about the Pergamano Summer School:
– Linda Williams
– front row seats in the comfort of your own home – wherever you are in the world!
– Linda Williams
– close up tuition
– Linda Williams
– the ability to go back and watch it again and again and again
– oh and did I mention, Linda Williams!

All of the above is free, the only requirements if you wish to follow along, is like all school classes, you need to have your book and your tools!

To make it nice and easy, we have created a dedicated space on the Clarity website where you will find everything you need, together with a handy “tick list” that you can download and print to make sure you have everything ready for the class to start at 10am! HERE

Now, don’t be late, I don’t want to be handing out detentions on the first day of school! Actually, if you can’t join us live, you will be able to find all the lessons in the same place on the Clarity website once the class has finished or via our YouTube page.

Enjoy your evening.

Take care and stay safe.

Paul xxx

15 thoughts on “7 more sleeps!

  1. I need to find a quiet spot to watch on YouTube so I can concentrate. Have both books, some of the tools, but need a few more – maybe. Will have to see how I get on. No-one better than Linda as head teacher๐Ÿ˜€ .

  2. Hello Paul

    I am so excited. It is going to be brilliant. Got both books and all the tools. Have dipped in and out on my own but to be led by the hand of Linda will be fantastic.


  3. Will be joining in, usually busy in a morning but going to try to be there if not catch up. I have the books and really not used them properly so this will be good. xx

  4. With apologies to Alice Cooper – looks like “School’s in for Summer!” Really looking forward to the Pergamano Summer School, and the chance to have a front seat for some inspirational teaching from the amazing Linda Williams! Thank you all at Clarity for this wonderful opportunity to learn from the best!

  5. Looking forward to it, have the tools & books so ready to watch Linda weave her magic from my front row seat.

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