10 Elegant Ladies

10 Elegant Ladies

Hi everyone

Paul here. I hope you are well.

There must be something in the air at the moment, as I am super excited again today. Yesterday it was all about going back to school, and today it is all about a group of 10 elegant ladies! Oooh er missus!

If you tuned into this weeks Groovi Tuesday, I gave you a sneaky peek of some brand new Groovi plates launching tomorrow on The Pergamano Show on The Craft Store (aka Hochanda) at 11am and 3pm

The first collection of plates have been designed by Barb.
Barb has often spoke of being a fashion designer and back in the day would often make her own clothes. I know that the urge to create is still there, as she has a small collection of sewing machines on display in her craft studio!

Well when it comes to these designs, a sewing machine is not required! So if you have ever wanted to be a fashion designer, then these plates are perfect! One size fits all!

The elegant ladies have been designed so that you can recreate them exactly as you see them, or if you are feeling creative, you can trace the outline of the outfit and infill with your own design! You also have a selection of fantastic fabric designs in the form of our Designer Parchment!

Due to popular demand, the lovely Josie Davidson – Queen of Grids & Patterns has worked her magic and created 2 brand new embossed pattern sampler plates – Diagonal 2 & Straight 2. Josie told me that these had been created to allow for more perforating and picot cutting opportunities. As with the previous 2 designs, they can be extended to create larger areas. These also work as perfect infills for the 10 elegant ladies!

When putting the TV show together, I went back through the Groovi archives and found some plates that will work perfectly with the new collections.

These plates were last on TV back in January 2017!

and so were these – crazy!

Here are some samples from the design team to whet your appetite

Glynis Whitehead
Frances Knott
Sheila Bradley
Glynis Whitehead

I am such a tease!

I have some great demonstrations to share with you tomorrow that the lovely Josie Davidson & Jane Telford have prepared for me, so I hope that you can join me at 11am and 3pm.

Enjoy your evening, and I will see you all tomorrow.

Take care and stay safe.

Paul xxx

14 thoughts on “10 Elegant Ladies

  1. Not able to watch you live tomorrow, but will definitely be watching on rewind. All the plates look brilliant, especially the elegant ladies. Thanks for the reminder on accessory plates I’d forgotten about them.

  2. Looking forward to seeing these new fashion plates, and wonder if there might be some male characters in the pipeline to compliment the ladies ?

  3. i just cant wait am so excited about them LIKE NOW !!!!! now I cant wait like a kid in a candy store NOW PLEASE!!!!! already look for stamp too. my son say holed on one at a time

  4. i just cant wait am so excited about them LIKE NOW !!!!! now I cant wait like a kid in a candy store NOW PLEASE!!!!! already look for stamp too. my son say holed on one at a time.

  5. I feel quite sad I can no longer do parchment work (due to health problems) and of course Clarity is nothing but parchment at the moment. I’ll be glad to get back to some ideas for stamping/stencils/dies some time in the not too distant future I hope! My friend will probably watch the shows tomorrow -I know she really enjoys the Groovi Tuesday shows and is working through the exercises. She has all the stuff ready for Linda’s lessons at the end of the month too.

  6. Oh dear Paul, I am going to be in the naughty corner on bread and water until the end of the month if not longer. I have the hats and bags BUT I WANT THE REST OF THESE NOW, NOW, NOW!!!! Will be watching tomorrow.
    Somewhere along the line I must have missed out on the word plates but will need these too now.
    Off now to do a second troll through the club sale.
    Stay safe.

  7. Barbara,
    I haven’t seen anything, other than a man about a dog, for you missing the SHAC, so, I hope everything is okay with you and yours. Sending Hugs.

  8. We miss you ?Barbara but all is well and in safe hands with Paul. He’s doing a great job. Looking forward to the new plates tomorrow.
    Keep safe and well, everyone. X

  9. Will I think this little lot will definitely ‘blow the doors off’ and some. I already have the stencils but like Gayle wonder if a set of stamps, out lines and then infills could maybe be done in the future. Can’t wait xx

  10. These elegant ladies are going to be flying off the shelf. I have got the stencil versions and must admit I need to find them and revisit the demo using the gel press which Barb did some time ago. Will be watching the shows Paul.

  11. Hello Paul, what beautiful samples and as always awesome designs on the new plates. Hope Barb is ok and taking it easy. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

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