What’s the Story, Morning Glory?

What’s the Story, Morning Glory?

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Day 4 of our Jackanory Week.

So what’s the story, Morning Glory?

I looked up the meaning of that expression, which I have heard and used all my life. It simply means asking a flower what their tale is early in the morning.

Today’s story is about Linda Williams and a few good friends.

If you read this blog often, you will know that Linda and I are firm friends. I often talk about her, not just because we’re best mates, but also because she pretty much underpins the parchment leg of our business, doesn’t she? She never shouts about it, but she is actually one of two traditional Master Pergamano Tutors in the world. That is accolade and recognition indeed. But when you look at her artwork and her design work, it’s no surprise. She’s actually pretty good at all sorts of art – stamps and gelpress work included! But look how spotless her workspace is!! Comical. Here we see Jane Telford in action too! Another great friend.

Here’s the story though. When Covid hit, and all the staff went home to keep safe, Paul holed up at the office and kept the orders picked and packed, and for that I will be ever grateful. He swang that dispatch department on his own for many weeks during the first lockdown. And I’m talking 15 hour days.

Dave turned all the laser machines into PPE equipment making machines for the NHS

I fired up the daily SHAC SHAC, and did my bit, keeping us all occupied with doodles and colouring.

Several members of the Clarity Team beavered away from home, so to all intents and purposes it looked like business as usual. But it wasn’t. Not even remotely – if you’ll pardon the pun.

And Linda? Well, she rolled her sleeves up and started designing like there was no tomorrow. Morning, noon and night, she designed Groovi plates and made beautiful art for us. Even though her husband was very ill (he’s okay now), she kept it coming. If you think back to last year, you will realise just how prolific she was. Never looked up. She said it helped her stay sane, but I know she knew we needed the help.

Several people stepped up to the plate and rolled their sleeves up to keep us going – not for reward, not for payment. Just because they knew we were floundering. Linda was instrumental in keeping us afloat throughout the pandemic. And she still is.

So I shall say it now, loudly: THANK YOU. Thank you Linda, Thank you Paul, Thank you Hazel, Thank you Josie, Thank you Steve and Sheila, Thank you Dave, Thank you Jane, Thank you Grace – Thank you all those who just dived in to keep Clarity going. A friend in need is a friend indeed.

Now you know the rest of the story, Morning Glory.

Tomorrow is Pergamano TV Day, and clever Linda has come up trumps again. What a superb Heart plate design this new launch plate is! It’s a heart that can be wrapped around the fold of the card – doesn’t that sound fabulous? It doesn’t have to, but we designed a hearty card and stand so that you can, because it just looks so classy!

Check out the masterpieces that Linda has prepared for Paul to showcase during the 2 live hours tomorrow on The Craftstore TV ! Can you imagine how long these cards took to make?!?


and then at 3pm

Wow, eh? Thing is, once you have the heart shape, you can add anything your little heart desires, can’t you? Brilliant for a wedding card, or an anniversary, or Mother’s Day, or Father’s Day, or a Birthday.

The little card stand can be used for all the previous It’s a Wrap cards, you know! Paul will be showcasing them too, in cased you aren’t familiar with them.

In fact, it’s a year ago this month since we introduced the first rather exquisite It’s a Wraps. All Linda’s ideas.

It’s A Wrap! – Part 1

In the words of Michael Caine, They blew the doors off, and Linda has added more since then too…

It’s A Wrap! – Part 2

It’s A Wrap! – Part 3

I think the Heart wrap is a must have. Whether you’re a seasoned trad parcher, or just starting out on your Groovi journey, this plate – and the little stand plate – will offer you many many design hours of pleasure and art.

Here is some artwork from the design team

Frances Knott
Sheila Bradley
Josie Davidson
Karen Jackson
Chris Walker
Glynis Whitehead

I do hope you can join Paul at 11am and 3pm tomorrow, and that you also see the magic potential of this kit.

Love always

Barb xxx

31 thoughts on “What’s the Story, Morning Glory?

    1. Barbara, Dave, Paul and all Clarity Team, you are all fabulous, you’ve worked so hard to keep everyone happy, safe and smiling, thankyou for everything and I look forward to more outstanding products, crafting advise and fun, keep safe everyone xxoo

  1. And you know what? I’d do it all again, without hesitation. That’s what being a friend is really all about and being there when times are tougher than tough. Xxxx

    1. What a beautiful thing to say! It just goes to show that kindness gravitates it kindness. Thank you for all your inspiration.

  2. What stunning examples! You have good friends around you, riches beyond compare. Linda is definitely my kind of messy crafter!! Lol. 2nd vaccine done late afternoon. Have a good evening, Barb. Lots of love. Hxx

  3. You, your best pals, and the design team are fantastic, how do you all do it? It’s love isn’t it?
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)
    PS just out of interest, who is the second world tutor?

  4. How wonderful that friends and family and all at clarity rallied round to help out and thank heaven for Paul and Linda and Dave .Also for yourself with the SHAC so many including myself were kept sane xx
    The new groovi looks fabulous and a definite winner xx

  5. Ha! With any luck it will be raining here tomorrow and I can at last re- visit my craft room without any guilt! AND watch the shows- Marooned indoors, just like lockdown, which for me was lovely, because it made me slow down and enjoy doing my crafting. You ALL did so well through Lockdown and selflessly and its something I never took for granted, so my thanks will be embedded into Clarity and all that kept Calm and carried on forever. 😘 xx

  6. This brought tears to my eyes. What an amazing team and a company with wonderful human ethics and values. A shining example to us all. Thank you all xxx

  7. Only a good boss can command the sort of loyalty you get from your crew and you have some fabulously selfless friends. I am sorry I was too far away to help but I made up for it by buying far too much ( that is according to hubby !!! ) The fact that you managed to keep going is brilliant.
    I am sitting here with feet and ankles the size of barrage balloons, unable to do more than hobble about bare foot, but it has given me a great opportunity to get on with some picot cutting on the lace plates without feeling guilty re jobs not done. These plates really are the bees knees.
    Cooler tomorrow thank goodness.
    Stay safe

  8. Wow it is beautiful and Linda works magic with patching .
    Thank you to every one who as helped you keep going .
    You are simply the best

  9. Barbara, you really have the most fantastic Dream Team with you at “Clarity Towers” and in the Design Team. An amazing group of friends and family that makes Clarity the wonderful company it is. All you have done in the nearly 30 years since you came back from the States with Claritystamp has helped to keep those of us lucky enough to be in the wider Clarity family so happy, crafty, artful and totally inspired! So how can we help and support you in return – well to quote another of my favourite films “If you build it, they will come!”
    I’m sure we can “Blow the b****y doors off again!
    I can see you in the next Clarity Team meeting saying (in your best Michael Caine voice!) “Hang on Team, I’ve got this great idea!”
    Really looking forward to this weekend’s “Open Days” online!

  10. Hi Barbara
    Thank you everyone from clarity who helped keep us all sane during the last year and more:😊😊
    Love Ruth & Jackie xx

  11. I only found Clarity in March 2020, I have never been a stamper but at the beginning of March I attended a Groovi workshop locally and fell in love with it. Then the SHAC SHAC came along and have adored all the doodling. You have a great team around you, all lead by a superb leader.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart

  12. I am so glad to have tuned in to a craft tv programme some years ago and found this wonderful lady called Barbara Grey demonstrating. You got me hooked Barbara, you and your Clarity family are very special people and long may your company continue. With friends like yours you can’t go wrong.xx

  13. Where would we all be without Team Clarity keeping us sane during the lockdowns. The SHAC SHAC keeps my mind occupied and even though I can’t always join in as I’m still working from home I always watch and listen. Linda’s designs are always a must to buy and I can’t wait to get the heart plate tomorrow. I have a wedding to go to in August and it will be perfect for a very special card.

  14. Such beautiful work. I don’t have the patience for parching but love to see the designs and creations. You must be so proud of your whole team for keeping on keeping on in such difficult circumstances x

  15. Thank you Barbara and all your ‘friends and family’. I didn’t know what relax was until I met you and now I try to do it every day. Hope it rains tomorrow as promised so I can sit and concentrate on Paul

  16. When the chips are down you find out who your real friends are. You e got some of the best. A superb team at Clarity – where we would WE all be without you. Thank you all of you for keep me and all the others out their sane during these unusual times. Lovely samples. Looking forward to the next pieces of inspiration. 💕xx

  17. I only stumbled apon you in January this year. You have helped me and probably many other people who are in the same situation.
    I was doing parchment craft 20 years ago . And stopped. So busy with family and life. But you have given me a second chance and opportunity to improve my skills. Thank you. I was so glad I did not part with any of my stock . I had never seen groovi plate before omg its wonderful 👏 😍.
    Having to do overtime to pay for the stock . 😆 🤣 having to have it delivered to work so I can sneak it in to the house 🏠 under my lunch box 😆 🤣 just like to say thank you Barbara gray and all the team . And the fantastic delivery and deals . Xxxx

  18. ”Teamwork makes the dream work” – Clarity has survived by thinking out of the box – turning to Facebook lives instead of the shows & the SHAC Shack has no doubt encouraged many people to have a go. With demos by you & Paul breaking down the process so that we could see that it was possible to get the results like you has helped hundreds of crafters along with the projects set by Hazel & now the DT on the clarity matters blog so we should be thanking you for giving us the opportunity to widen our horizons & get out of our comfort zone.
    Thank You Clarity xx

  19. I simply just thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am one of the many people that you have lifted up and in my role as a carer at home , I have been to the depths. In spite of all your own stress and struggle you have helped me through . Thank you X

  20. What a lovely read. It’s such a wonderful thing to have good friends who will just do what needs doing without hesitation. Clarity was a lifeline for so many during lockdown and continues to be so. The Shac kept me going and sane through the first lockdown and I learnt so much from you Barbara. I don’t manage to tune in much now but every so often will dip in. May the good ship Clarity sail on strong in the future! X

  21. Hello Barb, there is nothing more treasured than a good friend. You have a lovely team supporting you and obviously many treasured friends. Love the artwork shown. Linda is an amazing designer, and well Paul just does his thing and shows how to create beautiful works of art. Well done all of you, thank you for keeping us going. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  22. these are all so gorgeous (the people as well as the parchment!) I don’t do Groovi but always stand in amazement at the fab designs that Linda & the team produce

  23. Your team are amazing,Barbara, but that is because of your kindness and generosity it just shines out of you. You can’t surround yourself with beautiful people if you are not one yourself. Thank you to all of the Clarity team, but especially you, Barbara for keeping us all sane during lockdown.xx

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