That’s Torn it!

That’s Torn it!

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. It’s Jackanory – what’s the story – again today. Since the weekend, we have been thinking about artwork we’ve created in the past which we are particularly pleased with, or which brings back good memories.

Well, here’s one, a GelPress piece, which I did way back in 2014 – over 7 years ago.

This piece reminds me of a couple of things actually….

It takes me back to when we first started making Clarity YouTube videos, Jim and I. We used to have such a laugh, and whenever I got the giggles it was game over. And he was no help at all. He just chuckled long with me! Fun though.

This Gelpress print was the first of its kind. I was having a helluva job with the Gelpress plate! It just wasn’t doing my bidding! Then I figured out how to pull a multi-layered print in one hit – and it was like magic! Pulling all the paint off in one hit on one layer using another layer of acrylic to do the job was a new thing. It was all very exciting, and mixed media artists really loved it.

Of course it wasn’t long before the world and his brother were copying the technique. But I remember the breakthrough, and whenever I see somebody using the multi-layer print technique, I think of this artwork. Here are the other Youtubes we made, using GelPress.

In fact. here’s the Youtube too!

If you fancy having a go at Gelpress Printing, we do stock what I consider to be the key shapes and sizes.


If you are going to purchase, I recommend you go for the matching acrylic Mega Mount too. It makes the GelPress plate SO MUCH MORE USEFUL!!! And we have reduced the price by 25% for you too. Plus your Craft club discounts xx

If you’re not familiar with our Claritystamp Youtube channel, there are hundreds of craft videos there, using Stamps, Stencils, Groovi and Dies. Head on over and have a look! There may be something which gets your crafty juices flowing…

Stay safe.

Love always,

Barb xx

11 thoughts on “That’s Torn it!

  1. Lol. I loved watching the earlier YouTube outtakes where you would take a fit of the giggles. So funny. You were just helpless. Obviously didn’t know about Clarity when you made them. Hx

  2. I still have a similar print that you gave me at Catterick (I think) the first time Sandra and I travelled down.
    I love using my geli plates and have them in several sizes and shapes. So versatile with paints and inks.

  3. I remember watching you do this and thought it was magic! I bought a gel press straight away, all the paints, the megamount … and then had it all pristine for MONTHS before I plucked up the courage to use it myself!!! Now, I love making prints with the Clarity stencils, inks, alcohol ink, on wood, paper, old tins and boxes – nothing is safe! x

  4. Love watching your you tube channel always so interesting and wow have you done a lot and changed the way arts and mixed media is done lovely to be the first and have so many follow you knowing you came up with the concept so satisfying xx loving the jackanory pieces xx

  5. I have all your Gel plates but rarely use the big ones. However the small ones get quite a lot of use. I am very grateful that there are video’s/YouTubes to guide me as this messy craft takes me out of my comfort zone. My results are getting better though so I may progress to the A4 & A5 soon.
    Love the colours in the TRUST project – will have to watch YouTube and give it a try.
    Stay safe.

  6. I have watched and rewatched this particular YouTube piece of art and bought a gel press and added a further collection of shapes and sizes. I will retry this technique to see if my attempt has improved!

  7. Wow 7 years, I remember you doing this. I don’t use my gel press enough really. I do remember trying this though, I did not make a great job of it but have improved over the years.

  8. Can’t believe it’s 7 years since you did this – I think we also did it on the retreat that year as well. I remember the first time I pulled a successful print from the Gelli plate – I was so thrilled!

  9. Hi Barb, I think like with many others, this video was what spurred me on to buy my Gel plates, and mounts, plus paints. I reckon I have enough acrylic paints to re-float the Titanic. I do love having a Gel Press play, especially with the little shaped plates, which by the way work a treat with your shape masks, or make your own. In fact I think I may have a play today. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  10. I remember the giggles Barbara and how infectious they were. Your you tube channel is such a fund of information and growing all the time.
    Missing the SHAC today as off to Wisley for a tour of the new science building and a wander round the grounds. It is going to be hot today and then the weather is going to break. Have a good day and thank you for all you do for us xx

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