We have some Winners!

We have some Winners!

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Grace has been very busy over in New York, gathering up answers and winners for all the Festival Giveaways! With the exception of the pottery, all the winners are listed below.

If you joined in but didn’t get picked to win, please smile for those who did win. Perhaps they really REALLY needed a little boost today – even more than you. This was all random, friends! xxx

Warm Up Winners! 6 signed copies of my old book...

Name your favourite author and the best book you have ever read

The winners are………………..
Nahid Kahn – To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee
Heather Treble – Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier
Penny Mann – Final Minute by Simon Kernick
Rhoda Keelty – Where are the children by Mary Higgins Clark
Christina Mackie – On the beach by Nevil Shute
Ken Kilminster – The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R.Tolkein

Giveaway #1 – Dee’s card with a £25 Clarity Gift Voucher

What do you like about Clarity?

The winner is………………

Julie Campbell
Clarity is simply the best! Best for products, Best for customer service and fantastic design team. All run by the bus driver who has kept going through thick and thin keeping everyone sane in the worst possible time when she herself has had to make some very difficult decisions to even keep afloat and has not seen her kids in over a year!
In my book there isn’t a better company or team of people around! Xx

Giveaway #2 – Large Lightwave Bundle

Why do you need a Lightwave in your life?

The winner is………………

Pauline Canham
My light box my hubby made for me 25 years ago . With a wooden frame . A peice of perspex. And a light bulb . Unfortunately he can’t make me another because he has dementia.

Giveaway #3 – Groovi Deluxe Starter Kit

Write a word which springs to mind when you think of the Groovi system

The winner is……………….

Sharon Prince
Addictive, I tried the scissor clinic at Ditton to keep my sister company and was hooked. Would love to upgrade my Groovi baby kit and pass it on to my granddaughter.

Giveaway #4 – Barb’s Pottery

The winners are……………………..

…to be announced later in the week! I want to blog around the thing you had to guess, and that’s a perfect Saturday blog!

Giveaway #5 – Watercolour Bundle

Leave a word to describe Clarity

The winners are…………….

Margaret-Ann Gray – G is for GREAT products AND Great customer service at Clarity
Gilly Rearden – Beguiling – highly attractive and tempting – covers it perfectly I think

Giveaway #6 – £50 Clarity Gift Voucher & Card

Tell us what you would spend the voucher on

The winner is………………..

Alison Brice – I would buy Linda’s Wrap 3 plates and the extender pieces for my A4 plate mate. Unless you would accept turning it round and buying doughnuts for the Clarity team, including you. They need buoying up by the end of the day, as they can’t slope off before the last tickets are called. And they have all the packing yet to do. Not sure you can post doughnuts to New York? You would have to ask Grace as she got afternoon tea delivered. I have faith she knows these things.

Giveaway #7 – Designer Parchment

Name the Meerkat!

The winners are…………………

Jayne Johnston – Mamo the Meerkat – means friend.
Moira Parker – Mazuri the Meerkat – means good in Swahili
Christa Mackie – Maji the Meerkat – means water in Swahili
Deborah Wheeler – Machupa the Meerkat – means he who likes to drink
Sharon Goodall – Kanu the Meerkat – as in…. Kanu see the water?
Lynda Young – Ivy the Meerkat – because she climbs to the top

Giveaway #6 – £50 Clarity Gift Voucher & Card

The answers to the questions are………….

  1. What ink pad is Barb demonstrating with? BLACK ARCHIVAL
  2. What is Barb saying through laughter at exactly 1 minute & 18 seconds (1:18) into the video? “This isn’t going well, is it.”
  3. What does Barb lie about in the video? “it never happens to me on the telly” (getting the giggles)
  4. What animal noise is used in editing to cover up a swear word? Cow
  5. What’s Barb’s favourite beverage of choice? Tea
  6. What is the name of the stamp Barbara is TRYING to demonstrate with? Honeysuckle Corner

The winner is………….

Janine Nickells

Thank you so much everybody who joined in. A festival is only as good as the visitors, as the folks who join in. The Pyjama party was only great fun because there were loads of us having a crack. The Giveaways only work if there are friends to give things away to.

And the Pottery giveaway? Well. Believe it or not, NOBODY has guessed what it is yet! I will go back and check one more time, but nope. I’m pretty certain, that one’s still wide open!! If you’d like to have another go at guessing that one, if you’d like to own one of my little bowls, then have another guess at what this is going to be. We’ve had plenty of vases, loads of fruit bowls, even a few teapots…

Try again, if you fancy one of these little giveaways….

On Saturday I’ll blog the construction and shed a little light on what it is going to be !! Still not finished, but it’s coming along nicely…

Thanks to Grace for organising all this.

Stay safe.

Love always

Barb xxx

91 thoughts on “We have some Winners!

  1. Congratulations to all the winners, enjoy your prizes.
    Well Im off to rethink my pottery answer!
    Thank you once again to EVERYONE at Clarity for a wonderful festival weekend.
    Take care keep safe everyone x

  2. A great weekend of giveaways thank you all
    Massive congratulations to all the winners enjoy your prizes

  3. My guess is a decorative building with holes/ windows. When y ou place a candle inside the building the light would shine from the windows.

    Congratulations to all the winners, enjoy your prizes.

  4. Well done everyone. What a superb time had by all. Even my polar bears pj’s got an airing.
    Another guess a basket. Keep trying to visualise the shaped pieces joined together. Angel wings came to mind but nah . X

  5. Congratulations to all the winners. I hope you all enjoyed your prizes. What a great weekend it was. Roll on next year when hopefully we’ll be back in Ditton

  6. Congratulations to all you winners! – And a huge thank you to team Clarity for yet another enjoyable and fun packed weekend! – Another guess at the Pottery. A MILK JUG? to go with the lovely tea service you are making.

  7. Huge happy congratulations to all the lucky winners! Yahoo! Thank you so much to Barb and the gang for an awesome weekend. I will have another think about the pottery question. Take care. xxx

  8. Congratulations to all the winners! Thanks for the opportunity xx haven’t a clue with the pottery if it’s not what we’ve guessed! X

  9. Congratulations to all the winners and what fun we all had trying. I have no idea what the pottery is, so look forward to the big reveal. Thanks for everything Barbara, it was a fantastic weekend. Hugs. Annette X

  10. Congratulations to all the winners! I consider myself a winner as well since I could take part in this virtual Open Day Festival, which in real life I can’t 😉
    Well, the pottery question is a tough one. I’ll think over it again …

  11. Well done everyone. And we’ll done Barbara and the Clarity team. Another fantastic weekend packed to the rafters.

  12. Congratulations to everyone who has won a prize, well done to all and thanks to all the clarity team who keep us going

  13. Congratulations to all the winners – enjoy your prizes. Thank you all at Clarity for a fabulous Festival, I’ve had an amazing time full of laughter and fun. It’s the closest I’ll get to a Clarity Open day as I have PTSD an I’m unable to leave the house alone or be in crowded places so this has been so wonderful for me to feel apart of it so a huge THANK YOU xx

  14. Well done everyone – I’m over the moon to be one of the lucky winners.
    Thanks to Grace and Barb for all the hard work you put in (and the team!)
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)

  15. Well done to all the winners.
    I’ll have another guess at the pottery I think it could be a teapot!

  16. Congratulations to all of the winners! 🎉 Enjoy using your prizes. Would love one of the pottery give always, but can’t for the life of me see anything but a fruit or flower basket 😂
    Thanks for a fab weekend xx

  17. Congrats to all thee winners and thanks so much to you, Grace and the team for all your generosity and all you do xoxo

  18. What a fun weekend! Congratulations to all the winners in the draws – enjoy your goodies when they arrive. I’ll go back and have another guess on the pottery then – I’d love one of your little pots, although they will be fighting for space as both my dad and John’s dad did pottery, so there are lots of examples all over the house!

  19. Congratulations to all of the winners. Can’t wait until your open day at Leyburn is on again but this weekend is a fantastic virtual open day(s). I think it might be a Santa sleigh.

  20. Congratulations everyone who won a prize , and I feel very lucky to be among them. Thank you Barbara and Grace and all in Team Clarity for your hard work in producing an amazingly fun Open Day Festival, especially the PJ Party!
    You’ve really got me stumped with your pottery Barbara, one more guess? A two handled drinking vessel of some sort? You cut the oblong in half to create the two handles.

  21. Congratulations to all the winners – some brilliant answers /comments there! As for the pottery, I’m not surprised no one has got the answer yet – it seems impossible to guess! I’m going to show it to my other half, he has one of those minds that can see things in shapes!
    Big thanks Clarity for an excellent Festival

  22. Think the pottery is going to be “off the wall art” with pictures inside 🤣all pottery very very lovely. Hope I am lucky

  23. Congratulations to all you lucky winners. Enjoy your wonderful prizes. I had a very busy weekend so missed an awful lot of what was happening. Did catch up on your chat with Linda Williams, wonderful. Not sure about your pottery creation, tried visualizing those pieces coming together but brain cells not working. xx

  24. Congratulations, everyone. That should brighten your day whatever is happening. Enjoy your gift when it arrives. Hxx

  25. Congratulations to all the winners. Thank you to Barbara, Grace and all the team for all their hard work and for providing so many prizes.

  26. Congratulations to everyone! Your pottery is amazing Barbara, you have such imagination. Your project looks intriguing……cake/sandwich plate or maybe a type of cheeseboard…can’t wait to see the finished article.

  27. Wow, couldn’t believe my eyes to see my name mentioned as a winner! Thank you so much and congratulations everyone else. Brilliant weekend and have made a few purchases! Xx

  28. Many thanks for my prize, Barbara. I would be delighted if you got doughnuts for the team as a turnaround prize. They need that boost with the TV sell outs and sale. It’s the team’s Open Days too. That’s another blog sorted. And that’s just how you are going to get Grace her share!

  29. Congratulations to all the winners. It was a brilliant weekend so a big thank you Clarity for all your hard work.xx

  30. Congratulations to all the winners, I feel thrilled and very lucky to be one of them. A lovely surprise. Thank you Barbara, Grace and the Clarity team for a wonderful Open Day Festival. Hugs to you all. xxx

  31. Congratulations to all the winners! Enjoy your prizes. Maybe I’ll have to cut out the pieces to work out what the pottery piece might be!!
    Also thanks to the Shackers who wished my friend a happy 91st birthday -you made her day.

  32. Can’t quite believe that I won a prize😁. You’re quite right Barbara a much needed boost here!
    The positivity that has come through this last weekend has been great.
    Thank you all at Clarity and to all for the sharing of artwork x

  33. Enjoy your prizes everyone. Well I was sure it was going to be a cheeseboard but if not then maybe a little basket to put short flowers in.

  34. Great weekend! Congratulations to all the lucky winners.
    Could the pottery piece be a pencil/pen pot?

  35. I think it’s going to be an open-ended thing for standing mix mats and groovi guards in with the rectangular piece the base and the curved bit the back. My husband thinks it’s a basket with the curve at the base and the rectangle for a handle! Intrigued! X

  36. Congratulations to all the winners, enjoy your prizes everyone.
    Look forward to Saturday’s blog to see what your pottery piece is as we have all racked our brains but no new ideas x

  37. Congrats to all the winners. Wonder about the meerkat name, what that was 🤔. My new guess for pottery would be either a bird house for the garden…re…that little lone bird, or a
    Bell for outside

  38. Well done to all the winners. As to the pottery I haven’t got a clue. It has reminded me of what my mum used to say when I asked her what she was making, “it’s a wigwam for ducks to waddle in” . !! Xx

  39. Thanks so very much for my lovely prize, will be really looking forward to reading your fabulous book. Couldn’t have been better! Well done to all concerned with the festivities. So much hard work for you all but much appreciated.

  40. Just found the names for the meerkats..well done lucky winners.
    Last quick guess at the pottery …maybe a wind chime for the garden, that would be nice. Fingers crossed.

  41. Well done and congratulations to all the winners ! It was great fun being part of the weekend.
    Final guess for pottery ,picture frame ,key holder, some sort of shelf ?

  42. Congratulations to all the lucky prize winners – enjoy your prizes. I was lucky enough to receive a couple of vouchers which will be very useful….,thankyou Clarity. Thanks to Barb and all in Clarity Towers who pulled out all the stops to make such a fantastic festival for us all (especially all those who are not usually able to come to Open Days)….keep safe everyone and “travel gently”….love Beryl S x

  43. Gosh thank you so much, I have won a prize. I feel so fortunate. Big thanks to you and Grace, for all of your hard work. Also, congratulations to the rest of the lucky winners.
    I didn’t have a clue what your piece of pottery was Barb, but could it be a wine bottle holder/pourer 🤔 I look forward to finding out what it is. Love and hugs 🤗❤xx

  44. Well done to all the winners 👏👏👏. Lots of fun joining in. Cannot wait to discover the mystery pottery item x

  45. Well done to all the winners…….. enjoy your goodies.
    I think that maybe it’s going to be…….. an apple 🍏
    Good luck everybody
    Loraine x

  46. Congratulations to all the prize winners. My guess for the pottery is a pot holder for kitchen utensils.

  47. Congratulations everyone. It was a great weekend! I’m still flummoxed as to what the clay pieces will make! It doesn’t look very big so could it be a holder for Groovi nibs or maybe to hold sea salt and you’ve yet to make the little spoon 😀.

  48. Congratulations to all the lucky winners, enjoy your prizes.
    I think the pottery will become an owl. Just needs the eyes cut out when formed!

  49. I’ve remade my little paper reconstruction, and think you could make a jug out of the pieces shown!

  50. Hello Barb and Grace, thanks for all the organising and a huge congratulations to all the winners, well done and enjoy your prizes. I still think that it is a piece of wall art, failing which a butterfly. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  51. Definitely last attempt at guessing what your pottery is Barbara! My lovely wife took a look at it and said “it’s a bell”! Just like the one she uses to summon me when it’s time for a cup of tea! Ha, ha …

  52. Congratulations to all the winners, enjoy your goodies.
    I think maybe the pottery is a bell.
    Look forward to seeing the finished piece.

  53. Congratulations to all winners; enjoy your goodies. Thank you for a great weekend event. Unfortunately Ditton is too far away for me.

  54. Congratulations to all the winners, well done. Enjoy your prizes. Thank you Barbara and all of the team for making the weekend such an enjoyable time. It was fantastic from beginning to end and we have the Shac Shack and Groovi Tuesdays to look forward to. Thank you so much. x

  55. Congratulations to all the winners. Thanks to all concerned with making the weekend such fun and a big thank you to the Clarity elves who picked, packed and dispatched my order which arrived yesterday. Excellent service as always!!!
    Still have no idea about the pottery but have lots of paper shapes to try and work it out. (I’m not holding my breath!!!)

  56. Well done to all the winner’s.
    Another guess for the pottery.
    Totally wild guess at that!
    An art deco bookend. A book sits in the bookend itself to give it a good weight.

  57. Well done everyone – enjoy!
    If the pottery is not a decorative frisbee – lol – maybe it will be a plant pot? Xx

  58. Well done to all the winners, andCommiserations to everyone else! I thoroughly enjoyed the whole weekend! Thankyou to Barbara and all who were involved.x

  59. Hi Barbara is is going to be a pot garden trug……loved all the competitions u have had clarity simply the best of craft supplies ..x

  60. Congratulations to all you winners,
    For the pottery how about an artists palette for those gorgeous mixed media ideas,

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