This Old House!

This Old House!

Hi everyone

Paul here again, Barb will be back tomorrow!

Monday saw the launch of the current Half Price – Offer of the Week

So I thought that I would delve into the YouTube archives to see what I could find………..

Stencil & Gel Press – 2014

Stencil, Texture Paste and Canvas Boards – 2014

3 Way Overlay Stamps & Ink Pads – 2018

Fresh Cut Aperture Die – 2019

3 Way Overlay Stamps, Ink Pads and Stencils – 2020

I think in this current climate, where we have had to adapt, we have learnt how to do more “online”. Look at the way that the SHAC Shack has developed and grown, and with the recent addition of Groovi Tuesday and now with the upcoming Pergamano Summer School with Linda Williams. If we can’t all be in the same room at once for whatever reason, then I think the next best thing is online – Facebook, YouTube, Zoom etc

Did you know that we launched our YouTube channel back in April 2011 – over 10 years ago. Since then we have uploaded over 450 videos which have had over 2,819,705 views – many of which are free step-by-step tutorials.

Back in February 2020, the lovely Grace created this fantastic tutorial on how to subscribe and receive a notification every time we upload a new video – whether it be a tutorial, an episode of the SHAC Shack, Groovi Tuesday or the soon to be Summer Pergamano School with Linda Williams, it is a perfect opportunity to sign up now so that you don’t miss out!

How easy is that!

So, shall we have a little bit of fun? Pop over to our YouTube page HERE and see if you can find the video that has had the most views over the past 10 years, then come back here and leave your answer below – you have until midnight Thursday to join the fun! Then on Friday, I will put all the names in a hat and choose a winner to receive a Clarity £10 Gift Voucher and ask Barbara to announce the winner, and don’t forget to subscribe and turn on notifications if you haven’t already!

Happy hunting!

Take care and stay safe!

Paul xx

39 thoughts on “This Old House!

  1. Hi great blog Paul so nice of you to step in for Barb
    I could only see 120 tutorials but out of them the most viewed was Gelli plate it’s all vine now

  2. Hi Paul 😃
    The answer is Gelli plate it’s all fine now
    Thank you for the generous competition! Good luck everyone xx

  3. Thanks Paul for stepping in for Barbara – hope everything ok. Having put into filter most popular on YouTube I think it’s
    Gelli Plate How To – It’s All Vine Now.
    Take care x

  4. Hi Paul, 10 years of amazing Clarity videos, wow that’s incredible! I’ve also got the Art of Transparent Stamping DVDs Barbara has brought out over the years (and maybe a couple of VHS tapes!) Very funny blooper reels on those!
    But back to modern technology – the most viewed on YouTube is – “Gelli Plate How To – It’s All Vine Now” with 120k views so far!
    Well done and thank you so much Team Clarity for providing such brilliant and inspirational resources!

  5. Hi, can’t believe it’s Gelli Plate How To – it’s all Vine Now. Not one I’ve watched as not a big Gelli plate fan.

  6. Wow! So very many to choose from! Actually I can see why it is a Gelli Plate video, as I for one, keep on looking at this and saying that one day I will try using a Gelli Plate, So, it’s Gelli Plate How to – It’s all Vine now.
    Thanks for stepping in again Paul, hugs Gilly x

  7. Concensus seems to be Geli Plate – it’s all vine now.
    As I always seem to get interruptions when I watch It is so useful to have these videos to refer back to.
    Thank you so much for standing in for Barbara, hope things are OK with her.
    Stay safe.

  8. Geli Plate How to – Its All Vine Now. 120k views. That is just amazing. Have a good evening. Hugs xxx

  9. Evening Paul
    Thank you for the competition, my answer is the Gelli Plate How To – It’s All Vine Now”
    Yes technology has been a God send during these surreal times and I have learnt a few things via You Tube, I will follow Grace’s instructions and subscribe!
    I hope Barbara is ok?
    Take care, keep safe everyone.

  10. Gelli plate …all vine now! 120K viewers…you guys must be so proud…it just goes to show what we Shackers are aware of….Clarity rocks our world!!!😄

  11. Gelli Plate How To – It’s All Vine Now – 120K views – that is amazing. I love that one too.

  12. Evening Paul, the You Tube videos are a great way of getting some inspiration & reminders of how to do things. The one with most views is Gelli Plate How to – Its all vine now 120K over 6 years. Wow that’s a lot of views.

  13. The most viewed was the gelli plate How to video, ” It’s All Vine Now”, with 120K views, absolutely amazing.

  14. Yes, the gelli plate, It’s All Vine Now, I’ve viewed it a few times myself ! Don’t know what we did without you tubes ! X

  15. Gelli Plate How To – It’s All Vine Now has the most views at over 120k. Amazing!

    Thanks for another fun competition!

  16. Hi Paul, a great blog post, I often go back to look at the older demos on Youtube, especially the stamping and Gelli plate ones. Thanks for the fun competition and yes it is the “It’s all Vine Now”, one of my favourites, I actually got my gelli plate out yesterday to try something with the backdrop stamps, was great fun. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  17. I think it’s unanimous- Gelli Plate – It’s all Vine Now. It’s a great video if you’re ‘frightened’ of the Gelli plate. Thanks for all you do

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