The Pergamano Summer School

The Pergamano Summer School

Hi everyone, Paul here.

Standing in for Barb whilst she is off seeing a man about a dog!

I hope you are all well and staying safe.

I thought this would be a perfect opportunity for me to shout about an amazing idea that Barb & Linda Williams came up with at the weekend! If you tuned into this weeks Groovi Tuesday on Facebook earlier today, you will have heard the news, but if you didn’t………. let me tell you all about it!

For those of you who are into your parchment craft whether it be traditionally or using the Groovi system, you will probably be familiar with the name Linda Williams, the world’s foremost Pergamano expert and Master Tutor (only 2 in the world!). Linda has been working her magic with parchment craft for many years – designing, teaching, demonstrating and writing lots of books!

I remember having a conversation with Barbara after we purchased Pergamano and we took delivery of our first batch of Pergamano tools. I was familiar with the embossing tools, but the perforating tools? No idea whatsoever! We both started stabbing away (known as perforating!) at the parchment to see what they looked like – still no idea apart from the fact that they made pretty patterns with holes! “Don’t worry” says Barb, “I know just the person!” The rest they say is history. When Linda came aboard the good ship Clarity/Pergamano, she brought with her many years of knowledge and experience, especially when it came to the Pergamano range of tools and her love of the Multi-Needle Tools.

Since joining the Clarity/Pergamano family, Linda has written 2 books on how to use the various Multi-Needle Tools:

followed up with

Each of these books contain a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

An excerpt from the back of Volume One ” Follow along with parchment craft expert Linda Williams, who will guide you through the versatile and wonderful possibilities of the Pergamano Multi-Needle Tools. With tips, tricks, patterns, techniques and much more, you’ll learn the intricate art of perforation, from picot cutting to lacework.”

“This book is fantastic for beginners and experienced parchment crafters alike. With twelve projects, step-by-step instructions, photographs, as well as detailed pattern maps for ideas and inspiration, everyone can explore the many designs made possible by Pergamano Multi-Needle Tools.”

So, what has this got to do with the big announcement? Well Linda has kindly offered to take us all by the hand and guide us gently through the beautiful and intricate art of parchment lace work, using her Multi-Needle Handbook Volume One and the relevant Pergamano tools.

When? Where? What will I need? How much? So many questions and more!

So in answer to your questions:
When? – Pergamano Summer School starts at 10am on Tuesday 20th July
Where? – Live on Facebook and YouTube
What if I can’t watch live? – Don’t worry, all sessions will be recorded so you can catch up later and refer back to as often as you like
What will I need? – Linda’s Multi-Needle Tool Handbook Volume 1 and the necessary tools
How much? Free!, No charge!
How do I get started? – we have created a special section over on the Clarity website giving you details of everything required for class! We have even created a downloadable “Tick List” so that you can get organised ahead of the start of the school term! – Click HERE to investigate!

How exciting is that! Front row comfy seats, superb tuition from the best in the business! I can’t wait! I love working with Linda and I will be in the room asking questions on your behalf! Don’t worry if you are just starting out on the Parchment journey, with Linda’s gentle guidance and tuition, she has it covered!

Over the coming weeks we will continue to work with Linda’s 123 Butterflies and explore some other techniques to improve our skills

Here are a couple of pieces of artwork created by Linda herself from Volume One which she asked me to show during this mornings episode.

If you want to see what it’s all about – check out todays Groovi Tuesday episode below, where I am joined by the lovely Linda as she shows us how to stitch our parchment to our cards and how to create beautiful shading

The stitching guide will be available over on the Clarity website on Wednesday.

Enjoy the rest of the evening whatever you are doing and I will see you all soon!.

Take care and stay safe.

Paul xx

18 thoughts on “The Pergamano Summer School

  1. Hi Paul, wow this is amazing! So generous of Linda and Clarity to give your time and inspiration to those of us eager to learn and improve our skills. I’m really looking forward to taking part in the Pergamano Summer School. Thank you all so much.

  2. Although I have been parching for over 20 years I have never been comfortable with the multi needle tools so this “school” is very welcome. I have both Linda’s books and have dabbled with her patterns but whether it is my eyesight or my patience which is lacking I can never get the tools to align properly.
    I am really looking forward to the 12 days of Christmas on Sunday (already started my Christmas cards!!!) the stamps and plates look terrific.
    Thank you to all involved at Clarity Towers for all you do for us. It is much appreciated.
    Stay safe.

  3. Like Linda said many of us have the books & some or all of the tools but haven’t taken the plunge. I am looking forward to watching Linda work her magic as she explains how get the most out of them. I have used a couple of them but it will be good to see what else they do.
    Thanks Clarity & Linda for organising it – dates in my diary although I may have to watch on catch up as Tuesday is the day I go to my Mom’s.

  4. This sounds great. I’ve got the book and did start to work through no 1 but got distracted as you do ! Look forward to it!

    P.s. I’m wondering if this man and his dog is a real dog to keep those cats under control ! X

  5. Wow looking forward to this
    Didn’t get to see shows today as travelling home from Scotland , very long 13 hour journey , great holiday though , will catch up tomorrow X

  6. I bought these books just last week. I’m so looking forward to the summer school. Thank you all xx

  7. I have done some of the exercises from her books but not as many as I intended. It will be wonderful to have such expert coaching and having a ‘fixed’ dates will make me do them.

  8. One of the many reasons I love Clarity ! Even though I don’t think pergamano is for me to be able to watch talent in action is amazing and have it there and recorded as well is a bonus .Like watching the pottery throwdown or bakeing by professionals ,one can appreciate all the more someone else’s art .
    Thank you

  9. Fantastic show this morning. Loved it. Watched it at work when the football was on .lol (not busy work in a corner shop lol)
    Just a couple of questions.
    Paul will you still be joining in with us all when Linda starts.
    And I have a few australian parchment tools . Will these tools affect any of the groovi plates, if I use them.
    Looking forward to your reply.

    1. Cherry here, you can use all the embossing tools eston the Groovi plates, no problem but the needle tools may be a different size. You would have try them out first. The 1 needle fine and bold will work OK too.
      Happy crafting.

  10. It was so lovely to listen to Linda’s beautiful voice again with the added bonus of seeing her fab designs in the making. I have to admit that I also enjoyed reading the subtitles. Not sure they quite got the welsh accent at times! I’m sorry I’m so shallow but it was a hoot reading the translation.
    Keep up the good work guys, it’s great to know that we can catch Linda on YouTube now. Thank you & muchly appreciated.
    Love & hugs, Sue. xx

  11. How fantastic is that, learning parchment craft in our own craft room. I have both books and all the tools for both books and apart from looking through the books and starting the first sample and not doing too well I haven’t had another go. I am so excited now at the prospect of having another go. Thank you so very much Clarity, Linda is such a brilliant teacher I can hardly wait for it all to

  12. Beautiful artwork from Linda, I also have both books, and look forward to the summer school, though will have to watch on catch up, apart from the first show, as I work on a Tuesday. Thank you. xx

  13. What a fantastic, generous gift for us all. Thank you so much Linda for giving so freely of your time. I have all the tools and both books so I will certainly be joining you. Thank you Barbara and Paul for making this all possible. Raise the Clarity flag xxx

  14. Hello Paul, well there are just so many happy people right now. What a great and very lovely idea to have the summer school, and to have Linda heading it up with you as her very able assistant. Love the artwork from Linda, although parching and Groovi is not really my thing, I still enjoy the beauty and delicate work. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

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