Spot On!

Spot On!

Hi there

Thanks for popping in! Good news! Our Spot – On Sponges were delivered at Clarity today! I never thought I’d jump for joy when a consignment of glorified make-up sponges landed – but WOOHOO!!! I can finally stop washing the tired old ones I’ve got left. I actually found half a pack buried in a box at the back of a drawer in the SHAC at the weekend when I was cleaning – you’d have thought I’d found gold!

We had a portion of the large order flown over, because shipping – the slow boat from China – has become almost impossible. We do what we can, but it really is hard to import anything at the moment. The inward bound ports are so heavily congested, that stock can sit for weeks and months in the harbour, without being able to unload. Right shambles. Hence the excitement when the blending sponges were delivered today !

Each pack is £3.50 HERE

or: 3 packs for a special price £9.99 HERE

What’s so special about these sponges? Well, they’re robust and they don’t crumble when you use them. They hold the ink very well. And the price is great too. Oh. And you can clean/wash them too. Result.

The only question now is how long will the flown in consignment last? All things being well, the larger shipment is due in July. So at the risk of causing a run on them, I have grabbed a couple of packs for myself…need them for work, you understand…

Be safe.

Love always,

Barb xx

13 thoughts on “Spot On!

  1. Hi Barbara that is good news. I know lots of businesses are affected by the change in imports. Keep up the good work and enjoy those sponges. Have a great evening. Take care. Hugs xxx

  2. We ordered some new dining chairs last October and were told they wouldn’t come until June (actually arrived in April). I said to the guy in the shop that you could have a baby in that time!!! Count all the little wins Barbara x

  3. These import problems were inevitable when Brexit kicked in but you’d think they would have been sorted by now. Should have put a woman in charge !!!!!!!
    I do not envy you having to cope with it but we know you always come through in the end. It is worth the wait.
    I am lucky, I still have an unopened pack from when I last stocked up. They do last quite a while if looked after, more robust than other similar sponges.
    Have a good evening.

  4. Good on ya Honey, and stop hiding that gorgeous face from the camera, Barb you are solely responsible for my present financial situation, I saw you on C&C and I was hooked, I bought the first night of Christmas and after that I was gone, my house is packed with stamps dies inks embossing powder and an A3 laser printer that was so big that it had to be delivered on a pallet and my friend and I had to humph it up 5 flights of stairs, Yes You Ms Gray (cos I have no idea what your married name is, y’know when I met you in Glasgow which is admittedly a while back and I’ve been banned from attending any more (family intervention) bu I’d spent the whole night before making shortbread but all I wanted to do was sit and chat with you but you were busy, anyhoo I will now make it my covert mission to buy your sponges, and you’re right all shipping has ground to a halt for now, I import a lot of goods from Whandong I think it is but Sshhh don’t tell anyone, lots of love to to you my lovely lady, you’re doing great, take care and the next time we meet it will be chocolate mint brownies or a whole devil’s food cake 🎂, you take it easy gsdding about all over the place. 😁Lots of love love to you and yours. Paul 🌈 take care of you and yours.

  5. Hi Barbara
    I know how you feel our new flooring was supposed to be done this week but is stuck at the docks. New date beginning of June but not holding our breath. Still every cloud as they say the cats 🙀🙀can continue to destroy the current carpet until the wooden floor is put down.
    Ruth & Jackie xx

  6. Hi Barb, love these sponges, they really are the bees knees, don’t blame you for grabbing a couple of packs. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  7. Blummin heck I’ve just placed an order.
    I know the feeling waiting for consignments and it’s not just chine the EU is just as bad. Hopefully it will sort itself out before too long xx

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