Offer of the Week

Offer of the Week

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. I had to do a second take this morning, when the orders for the Perga Colours starting pouring in! I thought there must be a glitch in the back of the website, so I called Paul to check, and he reassured me that the Perga Colours were the Offer of the Week, on at half price plus Clarity Club Discounts. “It was YOUR idea!” he told me!

Fair enough. A deal’s a deal. And we do have plenty in the cupboard.

Available HERE

They work so well on both card and parchment. As they’re water soluble, you can dilute them if you want a less vibrant tone. How? Just by scribbling a little colour onto the Mix Mat and then adding a little water. You can apply the diluted colour with a paintbrush or a blending nib.

Of course, that’s also how you can blend two colours to create a third colour too. So you’re not just buying 30 colours!

Here’s the Mix mat link

Here you can see how the yellow, for example, can change tones, from bright and vibrant to far more muted. Nice.

Check out this masterpiece by Dee, using one of Tina’s wonderful Mandala stamps! All coloured in with Perga Colours.

I just noticed that the mandala stamps are half price too! CLICK HERE

Here’s a little gallery of loveliness, showcasing Parchment art usng the Perga Colours too:

And finally, here is a YouTube tutorial I did a while ago, with Tina’s Parchlets together with the Perga Colours

Half Price until Next Monday. And don‘t forget: if you spend over £30 we will autimatically send you a free pack of Barb’s favourite Toscana papers – stock permitting.

Stay safe!

Love and Hugs,

Barb xx

5 thoughts on “Offer of the Week

  1. Worth getting a set as a spare, or one upstairs and one down, or Christmas present or the list is endless, they are beautiful pens and that is a bargain ! Just found my buff paper so I can get on with my Camelot. Got a busy head today….. I just listened and enjoyed this morning. Keep looking at the WIGIG sale too – worryingly I probably have more than half to it LOL !! X

  2. Hi Barbara you are so good at coming up with offers. I loved the session this morning. The art work is gorgeous. Have a good evening. Take care. Hugs xxx

  3. Pens ordered, too good a bargain to miss. Added some other bits although not too much. Mustn’t upset the bank manager.
    Fingers working better todayso managed to get some serious embossing and colouring done.
    Have a good evening.

  4. Hello Barb, wow the artwork shared is superb, love the vibrant colours, and so much variety. A great offer, thank you. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  5. What a fantastic deal! I ordered mine this morning with the Lino Cuts bundle. I’m busy storing the new stamps I’ve bought the past month onto my new Clarity binders.
    I feel many happy weeks ahead!😍😍😍

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