A Happy Butt-Dial!

A Happy Butt-Dial!

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. How often do we inadvertently butt-dial somebody? Or is it just me?! I’ll be driving along, minding my own business, when out of nowhere somebody calls me and says, “Hiya! Missed a call. You ok?”

Well, today it was a most pleasant butt-dial! Alex, the beautiful presenter from The Craft Store (aka Hochanda) called me. “Hiya Barb! Missed a call. You ok?”

So once we had established that my phone just randomly calls people that I need to speak to (haha), we had such a good catch up conversation. We haven’t talked properly for ages. I love that woman; she is a breath of fresh air.

I told her that Paul and I are planning on coming back to the TV studios soon, and that my first show back in the studio instead of Skyping will be Sunday 6th June, 2-4pm. “Hang on, ” says Alex, “Let me check my schedule…” YEP!!! We’re doing the 2-4 together. Brilliant news.

If I was even a little apprehensive about going back in the building, I am certainly grinning like a Cheshire cat now. Don’t get me wrong – I love all the presenters at the Craft Store. I really really do. They are top of the league, a class A team. And they are ALL lovely people. Alex and I are from the core who have been there at Hochanda / The Craft Store since Day one together. So going back in after almost one and a half years, to the very same person you did your first shows with, is pretty cool.

This Friday, I shall be skyping in the Craft Store at 9am and 1pm. Lovely Leonie at 9am! It’s Mixed Media Stamps and Stencils, which will be right up her street! And dear Fiona is keeping us company at 1pm. Cool. I can’t imagine it’s easy trying to present a show with the guest in another town on a screen, with intermittent Skype reception. So yeah. From June, we will try to join the presenters in the studio again. Not always, but mostly.

What have we got in store for you on Friday? We shall be giving those lino cut stamps of mine an airing on TV, plus some superb new word stamps which look like the stickers – except they’re stamps! Oh, and a delightful collection of new panel stencils, designed by our Lucy.

Stay safe,

Love and Hugs

Barb xx

17 thoughts on “A Happy Butt-Dial!

  1. I shall definitely be there Friday, the stencils look fab and I have a Birthday voucher 😁😁

  2. I love Alex as a presenter, she radiates happiness. So pleased you will be able to get together again.
    Those stencils look fab, clever Lucy, these are bound to jump into my basket.
    Have a good evening.

  3. Glad you managed to have a good catch up with Alex.
    Great news that yourself and Paul will be “live” in the studio soon BUT please remember shows have worked well from your little studio above the garage and if you start to feel frazzled and overwhelmed especially in the winter months PLEASE take care of YOURSELF and make the decision to work from home! Looking forward to the shows on Friday.
    Take care, keep safe everyone

  4. I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Alex at a Clarity Open Day a couple of years ago, and she is even more happier and jollier in person than on screen! Eager to see what you have in store (the Craft Store!) for us on Friday’s shows Barbara, I really like the lino cut stamps! And I fell for your latest sale and special offers again! My wife thinks we’re eating lots of salads these days because it’s healthy, not because the bank balance has gone so far south the statements come in an Aussie accent!

    1. I love this KenK. It certainly made me smile! My husband just rolls his eyes when yet another Clarity parcel is handed to him by our postman! #nohopeforme!

  5. Hi Barbara how lovely to have a catch up with Alex. She does seem to be a lovely person. I love the stamps and stencils. I will be watching. Have a good evening. Take care. Hugs xxx

  6. Your timings are perfect on Friday for me. I have to be somewhere for work at 11.30 – a 20 minute drive away – but I will be back home before 1 p.m. unless I visit the Tree Shop for lunch but that is 30 mins further on. I’ll see. Either way, I’ll see the second show because it will be recorded. Hxx

  7. That’s brilliant news, if you don’t feel safe though you can always go back to Skyping. Look forward to seeing the shows, Alex is such a lovely person, and you work great together xx

  8. Looking forward to Friday’s shows. Wasn’t going to spend any more money this month, but those new sticker stamps are sooo tempting (and it is nearly June, after all – what’s a few days between friends??!)

  9. What a wonderful surprise for you – yes, Alex is a totally beautiful person, inside and out! What an amazing array of products! Those stencils look gorgeous and very different. Looking forward to seeing the shows. Take care, love and hugs, Gilly xx

  10. How exciting that the live shows are coming back! Will have to record and watch back on Friday but I love your mixed media shows x

  11. Hello Barb, Oh I am very pleased to hear that the live shows will be coming back. I love Alex, she is so enthusiastic. Looking forward to Fridays shows too, hopefully can pick up at least one real-time. My wish list is just growing at an alarming pace. Butt-dialling, or sometimes called pocket dialling, happens all the time !! 🙂 Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  12. Fabulous can’t wait, looking forward to the word stamps, love the peeps on TCS, they keep me company and inspire me.
    Love love love the WIGIG sale, oops had 3 visits, sshhhhh don’t tell anyone……

  13. I love this post & the comments below it. I am so glad that it’s not just me with no will power concerning Clarity! As my Nana used to say “there are no pockets in a shroud (referring to spending money)!🤣🤣🤣

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