It works – it so does!

It works – it so does!

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Just came off air after the second TV show on the Craft Store. Thank you so much for watching and supporting if you did. If you couldn’t make it, the has a great Catch-Up section!

I am on a high. Not a care in the world. And I know why. It’s the focus on the art, and the kind of art.

It’s the laying up of words in a random (not so random) fashion..

It’s the planting of Panel Stencils on the Gel Press in a random (not so random) fashion…

It’s working out how to use the stamps in a Guess-How-I-did-this kind of way…

It’s the total immersion into art and craft, the 100% focus on working with my hands and THINKING about what I am doing.

Do you know, I feel refreshed and relaxed. Now isn’t that something, after 2 full on LIVE hours of TV?!

Yep. It works. Getting with your hands, concentrating on what you’re doing, and being creative is like medicine for the mind.

It works – It really does.

Happy it’s the weekend too! Sunshine, Dave, cats, pottery and kaffee und Kuchen with Mum and Dad on Monday! Sounds pretty good to me. What about you? Have you got plans for this Whitsun Bank Holiday?

Whatever it is you have planned, make the most of it. Enjoy each day as it comes. And MAKE SOMETHING! (even if it’s a mess!!!)

Stay safe.

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

18 thoughts on “It works – it so does!

  1. Loved the shows and the demonstration as always were fabulous xx of course had to get the words and stencils already had the Lino cuts xx will so look forward to using these xx amazed how you all keep coming up with so many fabulous ideas for us all and long may it continue thank you for all of it xx have a great weekend xx

  2. Enjoyed the shows. Those word stamps are a game changer ! Have a lovely weekend, Ive just been inking Camelot – why do I always think my traced one looks better! Sometimes I think I should miss out the middle man LOL !! X

  3. Have a well earned relaxing weekend. Will watch the shows as recorded both. Yes getting into creativity certainly cures the mind, the best distraction. X

  4. Great shows today, inspiring.
    I will certainly be making a mess this weekend !!!
    I rarely use acrylics to paint with, prefer watercolour, pastels or oils. However I have quite a few left over from disastrous art classes so l thought I would get them all together and have a go with some of Barb’s demos and the gel presses. It will make a change from parching (which I am addicted to ) and definitely take me out of my comfort zone. I have also put the pencils and pens away so I don’t succumb to temptation and get sidetracked.
    My craft club envelope arrived today, very pleased with it.
    My order for Groovi folders arrived at lunchtime, so I can now put away all the loose plates. Do like to get organised.
    Glad you are feeling refreshed, good start to what looks like being a sunny weekend.
    Stay safe.

  5. Fantastic shows Barbara, love the lino art stamps. The word stamps are magic, shame I visited the WIGIG sale so many times, they’ll have to go on my wish list.

  6. Fantastic shows Barb.. yes I did support just like you support us xx I’m continuing to sort my late sister-in-law’s craft stash over the Bank Holiday. I don’t know which way to turn at the moment but rest assured I’m sure I will be making a mess 😝😝 enjoy the weekend xx

  7. Loved the shows and just had to support you with a purchase – just fell in love with the word stamps as I can see me using them for many years to come. I may even get my geli plate out and hope that my paints haven’t all dried up (probably not seen the light of day for a year or more). So glad you enjoyed yourself to. Take care and have a fabulous weekend.

  8. Hopefully we will be getting a lot tidier this weekend after having the rest of our front garden block paved in the last two days. The chaps are just finishing off now. Think I have made enough coffee to swim in but they have done a good job.
    I have to get most of the programmes on catch up but that is easily done. Will settle down to watch later. Enjoy the long weekend. X

  9. Loved the show at 1 , missed first one as had 2nd covid jab
    No bank holiday weekend for me 😔 working as normal that’s the trouble with retail .
    Enjoy your weekend everyone x

      1. Thanks Barb Ill try to find it on the craft store rewind . Have already got the link stamps x

  10. I recorded the shows, but got my order in for the words I wanted and also the stencils. I’m looking forward to seeing how you used them on the 1 pm show. I already got the linocut stamps and love them. We had a play last week and look forward to the next lesson on 2nd June. Enjoy your weekend everyone! I want to play with craft club goodies. I especially like the die!

  11. Hi Barbara have a great weekend. You deserve it. We are seeing our daughter it is a special birthday and it is so lovely that we will be able to spend the day with her. We had our second jab and had no side effects we were very grateful. Take care. Hugs xxx

  12. I’ve been making up more flat pack furniture today – not my favourite job, but now have two more boxes unpacked and put away!! Tomorrow we are “walking a mile in my shoes” as part of the Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival in Inverness, and maybe I’ll do a bit of mindful crafting on Sunday with watercolour and pencils. Enjoyed the shows, brilliant ideas and stamps today x

  13. Hi Barb,
    Loved the shows today and good to see you on with Leonid, you bounce off each other! I finally gave in and got the Lino cuts and the word stamps were a no brainier – all just fell into my Clarity basket! The prices were fabulous especially with my club discount – thank you. My club goodies arrived as well this morning and loved them all. I am hopefully going to get some crafting in this weekend as I have a few cards to make. We had our first full day without rain today so that was a bonus. It was lovely when the sun was out but still chilly in the shade. Still, it can only get better ( just wish it would hurry up!) Love and hugs Alison xxx

  14. Top tv shows yesterday you make it look effortless
    i.e . so professional ! I was making a mess while watching, I had the Gel press out as my stash of backgrounds was low. Treated myself to a larger one and a Mega mount to help the process. I plan to be outside with the little ones today. Maybe take some clay ,gather some twigs and pebbles etc. then make some ”green man” faces on tree trunks. That’s my idea of fun! Have a good weekend Barbara.xx

  15. Great shows, thank you Barbara. Having all the different ways to use the Lino cut stamps is marvellous. Looking forward to the next Moment of Clarity with these stamps. Enjoy the weekend. A Bank holiday with sunshine, wow!

  16. Hello Barb, the shows were great, so much inspiration, beautiful samples. I succumbed and ordered the lino cut stamps and the word/phrase stamps. Hopefully Hubby is at work when they get delivered! Have a great Bank Holiday weekend everyone. I have have my 2nd jab on Monday. Lets see how that goes. Bx

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