A Gelpress Step by Step

A Gelpress Step by Step

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Been a while since I got my Gelpress out and had a play. Tomorrow on the TV Show we are launching a rather superb set of A5 stencils which work beautifully layered up. So, what better opportunity than the Gelpress Plate and a little paint?!

If you‘re new to the world of Mixed Media, you may not be familiar with the Gelpress. It’s one of my favourite pieces of kit. That’s why we stock them ! They come in various sizes. In the following project I have gone with the 8×10 incher, because it’s a great size for full size prints and for chopping art up into smaller pieces. We also provide you with the Mega Mount, so that you can use the Gel press Plate as a stamp too. CliCK HERE

I’m not sure whether I will get to the Gel Press Project tomorrow. I have planned it for the last project in the 1pm show, and I really would like to do it live, because that’s when you really see how much paint is needed, and the drying times are in real time. Just in case it slips past, here’s a step by step, outlining the basic technique. As you can see, it really is a case of PLAYTIME!

Spread some paint over the Gel Press with a Speedball brayer. Acrylic or other. I used the Viva Decor Multi Color. Works great. CLICK HERE)

  • While the paint is still wet, lay a stencil down in the paint, blot with a sheet of copy paper, and lift the stencil off. You can do this in various ways and directions, the whole stencil or just a panel.
  • No rush. If the paint dries on the plate that’s fine.
  • Blot it and see what you get.
  • Some paint will transfer onto the card, some will stay on the plate.
  • Most of mine stayed on the plate, because I was taking my time and the paint dried.

Now just keep repeating the same process, but with different coloured paint.

  • In other words, brayer another thinnish layer of paint – a different colour – over the plate,
  • Make patterns in the paint with the stencils, either blotting or brayering as you go…
  • Lay down the card, rub the back and pull the next layer or print.
  • Keep pulling prints.
  • Add layers to the first print until you like it – THEN STOP,
  • and start on a new piece of card and a fresh print. Just keep layering, layering, layering.

Paint, stencil, print. Paint, stencil, print. And so on.

  • When you have lots of layered stencil patterns on your Gel Press , the way to lift the whole print is to
  • let the layers dry completely,
  • then spread a thinnish layer of white or buff tit paint over the whole plate,
  • while the final layer is still wet, plant the wet paint on a sheet of the Stencil card by flipping the plate over, (this is where the megamount works well)
  • flip back, rub the back of the card – and gently pull your print.

Just keep going. I got completely absorbed in this playtime for hours, and ended up with a load of lovely prints. Some dark, some light, some randon, some more controlled.

At first glance you may think the prints look really messy. Wait till you chop them up or stamp over them. Fabulous.

And then? And then? What do you do with them?

Well, every so often you will pull a print which is spectacular, and you will want to leave it just as it is, frame it and hang it on your wall. I have a few specials .

I really like chopping the larger pieces up for backgrounds too, like this:

And I also actually pull little prints, like this:

Plate’s got loads of layers on it and is dry.

I cover the whole lot with a thinnish layer of the white paint.

  • Instead of a large piece of the card, I place small 3.5 inch squares of the card on the wet white painty plate. Got to be fast though, or the card will stick.
  • Put a sheet of copy paper over the lot and rub lightly.
  • Pull the little pieces off the plate.

Lovely arty little background prints, all ready to be made into arty cards.

Black Archival ink works best. And the Sticker Word Stamps work like a charm on the paint too.

Here‘s the larger piece I want to cut back and frame. You can find the background where the stamp will sit best, you see?

Very arty, very grungy. One of my favourite things to do.

Hope you can join me on The Craft Store aka Hochanda tomorrow at 9am & 1pm.

Stay safe.

Love and hugs

Barb xxx

11 thoughts on “A Gelpress Step by Step

  1. Love the gel plate step by step just brilliant. Have finally managed to do the scrolls from yesterday’s Shac Shac – what a lovely session that was, just so relaxing. Really looking forward to tomorrows shows – the word stamps look amazing I bet they fly out the doors. Have a lovely evening xxx

  2. Looking forward to tomorrow’s demos. You seem to have had fun prepping. Hope you get to do this one, you may even tempt me to use paint.
    Love & hugs. Xx

  3. Great this step by step demo of the gelliplate–thank you Barbara.
    Cann’t see your demo at 1 o’clock unfortunly–have a appointment in the hospital.
    Take care and stay save.
    Lots of love,Trijntje Huppel

  4. Fabulous prints. I think I will be getting my gel plate out for play tomorrow as I will be having a quiet day again because I have been feeling horrid after my 2nd Covid jab. Love the word stamps too! – Will be watching the shows tomorrow! Xx

  5. Must get my gel press out , haven’t used it for a while.
    Will record the first show tomorrow going to have my second jab
    Received my sale items from the 2nd wigig today plus the perga pens and link stamps thank you all at clarity towers amazing speed getting these out

  6. Gorgeous prints, I was playing with the gelli plate yesterday with the lino stamps 😊
    Will have to record show I’m babysitting xxx
    The stencils are awesome, feel another purchase coming on 😂 hugs xxx

  7. Lovely! Need to play! Great step by step guide. Thanks! Looking forward to tomorrow’s shows for more inspiration. Xx

  8. I’m going to get my gel press out and get playing, thanks Barb for this step by step and will be recording today’s shows x

  9. Hi Barb, what superb prints, have not played with my gel press for a while, must make time on the weekend. Set the recorder. Love the new word stamps, they are a must have. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

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