Today we hit START.

Today we hit START.

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Hope you are safe and well. All good here.

It has been a very long day indeed. Today, at the crack of sparrows, and for the second day in a row, I went to Clarity Towers. It’s time.

Time to pick up where we left off a year ago. Time to fire up the engines and buckle up. This is going to be a busy bustle!

You may recall a year ago, just before we went into LOCKDOWN, we were moving business premises. We had moved half of the business that is, but then we had to stop, abandon ship. And for a year we‘ve been caught between two locations. Neither have been properly organised – we just haven’t been able to. Social distancing and not enough staff.

We also have never had any proper time to go back to location one, the original buildings, and mop up the mess that is always left when you move. You know what I mean. You pack the crockery and dismantle the bed, you move it to the new home, unpack the crockery and make the new bed with nice fresh linen. But then you are supposed to go back, wipe down the empty cupboards and hoover where the bed was stood for years. That bit never happened. We literally all ran for the hills when COVID hit. It’s as though we hit the pause button, and never restarted the film.

So today, almost a year later, was the day we pressed resume, and ventured back to finish the job.

We have been in a day to day survival loop for over a year, doing what we needed to do to keep the business going during this pandemic. But there hasn‘t been the time or the inclination or the man power to spring clean the old place, renovate the new place and do some serious warehouse sorting. It needed one person to start the ball rolling, to fling open the curtains and just get going. JFDI as Dave says. And that person was me. It had to be. Somebody had to make a move, take the initiative, set a plan in motion. Once I started, then others rolled their sleeves up and got involved.

My brother, Dave and I work so well together. We have for years. We know how it goes, we think alike and we are all of us old school grafters. We got a lot done, cleared a lot of stuff, filled a skip, ordered a replacement skip, and things already feel better.

Good to be back indeed. But now it’s 8pm and I’m feeling my age. Ache like I’ve been hit by a train. Haven’t been doing much physical work for the last year in the SHAC. It was certainly time, for body and business.

Onwards and upwards with vigour.

One day at a time, eh.

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

15 thoughts on “Today we hit START.

  1. Definitely onwards and upwards! I often thought you must be in a bit of limbo with the two buildings …. Well done, hope you don’t ache too much, I was fence painting today and awake until 4 a.m. so am ready for bed already ! New shed coming tomorrow – such fun! X

  2. Ah, well done Barbara. I’m sure we will all understand if you have to take a rain cheque on the Shac, or reduce the days while you get sorted. After all, you have devoted so much of your time to us all, it’s time to look after number one and get yourself sorted.
    Can’t convey enough how much we all appreciate everything you have done. Look after yourself first and foremost. Loads of love x x

  3. Once again, teamwork (i.e. you, Dave and Steve, this time) has made things work. It does sound like a massive task, but it will make such a difference, and the Company will be able to function more efficiently again. I hope that you will have a good long soak in the bath, to ease your aches and pains. Take care, love and hugs, Gilly x

  4. Bless you. That sounds like hard work but it will feel good when it is all done. Onwards and upwards. Hxx

  5. Like the Phoenix from the flames!
    Sounds like you’ve hatched your plan Barbara and I bet you feel tired but also happy to have got started on finishing the grand move.
    Maybe now is the time to park the bus for a while at least so you can get things sorted without over stretching yourself.
    Rest and relax this evening. You’ll need it.
    Love and hugs. Xxx

  6. You have just described my life at the moment! We’ve cleared out the storage unit into our garage, and are gradually decanting our rental flat into the new house, cleaning as we go. I’m covered in bruises and even my finger muscles ache. But we’re on the home stretch now, and you will be there soon too x

  7. A couple of weeks ago we were like that, ordered a skip and blitzed the loft and shed. Also moved lots of furniture around ready for when we can have people indoors, making social distancing easier. I was covered in scratches and bruises. Good that you have started, sounds like you are doing well. xx

  8. Hi Barb,
    I bet you, Dave and Steve are shattered tonight, but I also bet that you are all so pleased to have made the decision to get things sorted. It must have been difficult working between two buildings and especially during the last crazy year. Hope you sleep well tonight and aren’t too stiff tomorrow! Sending love to you, Dave and Steve(& anyone else who has been helping) , Alison xxx

  9. Sounds like you have a good plan, you Dave and Steve make a great team. You will all feel good once you have finished clearing and cleaning up. Hope you don’t overdo things, pace it out. Hope you get a good nights rest and feel less achy tomorrow. xxx

  10. Excellent news. Great exercise for mind and body. Like others have said, park the bus, so you and the trippers can get on with other things while the going is good – and take all the weekends off the blog at least until you are done. It does you good.

  11. Well, you have certainly cracked the hard part – gettiing started. I have found that once started I don’t want to stop until all is finished, despite being tired and achy. It is so satisfying to see everything clean and tidy.
    Don’t overdo it though, you need to take a bit of time to relax too. Have a good evening, sleep well.

  12. Well done team! Bet it feels good to be moving forward with that original plan. Please take care and leave the bus at the depot for a while if needs be. A good soak is tonight’s treat and some rest Sleep easy xx

  13. Hello Barb, I bet you all feel a sense of having achieved a great deal. However you must take care of yourselves too. Hope you manage to rest up a bit. Please look after yourself, the bus cannot drive itself. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  14. Well done Barbara getting started is always the hardest part. No wonder you ache. As someone else has said if you need extra time we will all understand. Take care. Hugs xxx

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