We have a winner! Or five!

We have a winner! Or five!

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. I have been going through all your quiz answers, to find a winner for the £100 Gift Voucher. So many of you guessed almost all of them right, like 29 out of 30, it was ridiculous! And you didn’t all get the same one wrong either! Not at all! It was very random. And one could argue that many of the answers weren’t INcorrect – they just weren’t what I had written down … But one person did get the same 30 answers I was looking for, so many thanks to all those of you whol joined in, and let’s say WELL DONE INDEED to ….drumroll….


Yep. She got all the answers I had on my list too. Congratulations Lynn! A £100 Clarity Gift Voucher is all yours xx

Here are the answers I had. And Lynn had too!

  1. What day of the week was the first ever SHAC Shack? Monday
  2. What does Kaa Salama mean? Stay Safe
  3. How many episodes of the SHAC Shack have there been so far?191 at 26th March
  4. Which postcard was coloured in first from the Feathered Friends Collection? NUTHATCH
  5. Which Russian Artist illustrated the Poppets we colour in?  MARINA FEDOTOVA
  6. Which colour is Barb’s favourite Polychromo? Warm Grey no.2
  7. How many different places/countries have we visited in the SHAC ? 7
  8. What did we doodle on our trip to Japan? Geisha
  9. What did we doodle on our trip to New Mexico? Dreamcatcher
  10. What did we doodle in Holland that begins with B? BUTTONS
  11. How many cameras does Barb use in the SHAC SHAC? 3
  12. What gift was Barbara presented with in episode 100? CAKE: Dave brought in cake to Fanfare of the Common Man
  13. What time does the SHAC Shack generally start? 10:00 AM
  14. What are the names of the Christmas Gnomes? Do Gud, Be Gud, Feel Gud
  15. Where were we when we learned how to draw Carrot People? HOLLAND
  16. Who’s the friendly fella who always helps Barb in the SHAC nowadays? PAUL CHURCH
  17. Which two SHAC designs were the first to be launched as a Stamp & Groovi Plate? Bird Table & Hot Air Balloon
  18. Where does Barbara film the SHAC SHAC?  IN THE STUDIO ABOVE THE GARAGE
  20. What was the first EVER doodle on the SHAC SHAC? Birds on a Wire
  21. What is the pen that you cannot do without in the SHAC? Micron Pen
  22. Why was the SHAC SHAC started? (Various answers accepted) “To keep each other company”
  23. Where do MOST of Barbara’s lovely tops come from? (Hint: Brand starts with ‘D’) Desigual
  24. Fill in the gap: “If *BLANK* can, then you can!” Toucan
  25. What are there NONE of in the building? Experts
  26. What is Barbara’s favourite past time? POTTERY
  27. What’s the expression Barb uses? Travel _ _ _ _ _ _. GENTLY
  28. Remember the Dandarin Mucks? How many were there? 5
  29. What are the names of Barb & Dave’s newest room mates? Erik the Red & Ragnar Lothbrok
  30. What does it say on the Big White Mug that Barb often uses?  YOU ROCK

Next thing, the Limericks. Now they were so funy! We checked the hootometer, and we ended up with not one but 3 which cracked us up! So, let’s bend the rules and have not one but THREE winners! Here are the 3 limericks we picked…

Cherry Trapmore

There once was a hen called Dotty
Who thought she was going potty
When she looked at the sky
it looked too high to fly
So she said “can you beam me up Scotty”

Jackie Couling

There once was a hen called Dotty
Who thought she was going Potty,
She got off her nest
To go and take a test
And now she’s expecting a Lottie !

Pamela Pemberton

There once was a hen called Dotty
Who thought she was going potty!
That last egg was tough
It roughed up her chuff
And gave her a very sore botty!

a £20 Clarity Gift Voucher is winging its way to those three poets!

And finally, the Pottery giveaway. How nice that so many of you would actually like to own the little cookie jar I made, with the Shac Shac Bird for a handle!

Well, this was a random, close your eyes and scroll decision. This little pot – complete with biscuits – has found a new home with….

Beryl Sheppard.

Thank you to everybody who joined in the Birthday bash. Hope you enjoyed the weekend. Long may the SHAC SHAC continue…

And in case you missed it, I shall be hosting a little Craftalong on Facebook Live on Wednesday 14th April at 7pm. We will be using the new “The House the Barb Built” Stampset, and we will be learning How To Build a Scene. Best price is on the Groovi Plate and Stampset bundle, but you can buy them individually too xx

If you haven’t got yours yet, but you’d like to join in, there’s still plenty of time to order. I just looked at all the lovely little assets and stamping elements in the set, and thought we could maybe do with a few tricks and tips on how to create those little landscapes.

Till tomorrow.

Love always,

Barb xxx

44 thoughts on “We have a winner! Or five!

  1. Congratulations to all the winners. That was a fun weekend. Thank you Barbara for all the fun. I am looking forward to my order arriving. I love getting new things. Enjoy the rest of the day. Take care. Hugs xxxx

  2. Well done everyone. I won’t be able to join you live much after today as I have to go back to work tomorrow 😪. Wish I’d won the lottery so as I didn’t have to. I’m quite anxious about mixing with people again and, working in a supermarket, I feel like I’m jumping in the deep end.
    Wish me luck and keep crafting, I’ll be playing catch up for each show. xx

  3. Congratulations everyone who won, I loved joining in, love a little quiz.
    I just love the Shac and all the lovely people, sometimes I think we’ll be in trouble for chatting while the wonderful teacher is working so hard to educate us and make us wonderful artists.
    Long may it continue x

  4. Congratulations everyone. Hadn’t realised how much I knew until I did the quiz. Have a lovely weekend away from the Shac Shac everyone x

  5. Congratulations to all the winners, very well deserved…loved the limericks!
    Best wishes xoxo 💕

  6. Congrats to all the winners (including me! Useless at limericks but came up with a few this time for one reason or another).

    This has cheered me up today. I’ve been a bit down this week, I’ve been making Easter cards and then wondering why! I get bouts of why do I bother. I enjoy it really but then doubt whether anyone wants one !

    Well done Beryl for winning the biscuit barrel ! What a superb momento of the ShacShac !

    Thanks Barbara for the opportunity of entering and giving us a bit of fun too. I’ve ordered the stamps and groovi plate of the Shac Shac house and look forward to having a go with you. X

  7. Congratulations to all winners I’m sure it’s keeped you very busy reading through all the answers Barbara and lots laughter what a great weekend from an evening wonderful shac shac which means so much to many of us thanks again Barbara and well done you blessed winner’s enjoy your goodies love Joy

  8. Congratulations and well done to all the winners (I am ashamed to say I got 4 wrong!!!!) I can’t tell you how excited I am to be the lucky winner of Barbs piece of pottery!!🤗 woopdeedoo!!!!!! which will have pride of place in my little home. What a fabulous memento of the SHACSHAC ……. Thankyou for everything you do for us Barb.xx.

  9. Thank you Barbara for picking my limerick from so many good ones. I am chuffed. Congrats to the other winners too. Well done.
    I wrote a reply earlier, selected go, and this darned iPad chucked me out -grrrrowl!!!
    Have a good evening everyone. Stay safe.

  10. Congratulations to all the winners!!!
    Stay save and enjoy the Easter days!
    See you next Wednesday Wednesday.
    Lots of love, Trijntje Huppel

  11. Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to Barbara for making this week such fun for us all.
    I hope that you all have a lovely Easter weekend and look forward to another project in the SHAC nest week. Take care and stay safe everyone. Hugs. Annette X

  12. Toucan – not Barbara – of course! 🤦‍♀️
    Well done everyone and wishing you all Happy Easter! Xx

  13. Well done everyone. The limericks were fab! Gave us all a chuckle. Very jealous of Beryl, winning the lovely Barb original, definitely something to treasure and with the bird on top it will always be a reminder of our time in the Shac. Happy Easter everyone x

  14. Brilliant! well done everyone. Excited already for the next Facebook live, but first the delight of Sunday’s Hochanda shows xx

  15. Congratulations to all the winners, what a great Birthday celebration. A year in the SHAC Shack – I for one have enjoyed every minute of it – with 3 folders of artwork plus pictures on the wall from that & the Groovi projects plus online/email workshops that I wouldn’t necessarily have done because of being to far to travel to the classes. A real crafty lockdown – Thank you x

  16. Congratulations to all the lucky winners. Enjoy your new crafty stash.
    Happy Easter Barbara, Paul and all the lovely Shac family xxx

  17. Hi Barb,
    Congratulations to the very lucky winners, all well deserved. Loved the limericks – very envious because my brain doesn’t work!!! Spent the last two days attempting to sort out my craft stuff and I reckon that in another couple, I might actually be able to do some crafting as might be able to get to my gear! Have ordered the stamp and Groovi set and am looking forward to the craft along. Have a lovely Easter. Love and hugs,Alison xxx

  18. Hello Barb, congratulations to all the winners, well deserved. And wishing all the Clarity family and followers a blessed and peaceful Easter. Such a pity the weather is changing. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  19. Good grief! I can’t believe it. Felt sure I’d got a couple wrong. I need to lie down!
    Thank you.
    Congratulations to the other winners – the limericks are hilarious and lucky Beryl for winning that gorgeous piece of pottery.

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