Time to reflect…

Time to reflect…

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Have been keeping busy and staying with my hands this week. When the head starts to wander down paths it really ought not to, I find an arty crafty session always redirects my thinking. My stinking thinking!!

How about a simple step by step today, highlighting those excellent new Reflection Landscape masks which I talked about in the SHAC Shac yesterday. We have been working on these for a while now, and the result is brilliant! I have been testing them, making sure they do what we want them to – and now I am very proud to say – Well done clever Lisa! Hit the go button! We have lit-off!



They are ingenious – even if I say so myself! And so simple to use. Just follow the pictures.

Handle your masks carefully and gently, and they will last you for ages. When you have finished with a mask, replace it carefully on its carrier sheet.

Add the deer from the extras sheet by dabbing dark blue through the deer with a make up sponge.
Add the reflection in the water.

How easy is that?!

I am planning on demonstrating these in next Friday’s Moment of Clarity on Facebook LIVE. Not tomorrow – NEXT Friday, 19th March. at 3pm

We are in full production on them, to get them out to everybody who buys them in advance and wants to craft along with me that Friday afternoon. So if you like the look of them, and you want to craftalongabarbie, then get yours ordered today! We shall create some lovely landscape reflections together. Great introductory offer too.


Stay safe

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

18 thoughts on “Time to reflect…

  1. Masks ordered yesterday just need to locate my sponges. I know there are some in my craft room so will go & have a look. If I am not in the SHAC shack tomorrow send out a search party 😂😂

  2. These reflection masks are magic Barbara and well done Lisa on putting Barbara’s ideas into reality. (What an incredibly talented and inspirational group make up Team Clarity!) The masks are definitely the best idea Clarity has come up with, whether for the stamp sets or to be used on their own, like these ones. And they save trees – no more cutting up loads of Post-it notes! I remember using the brayer to try and create “reflection” images of stamps many moons ago – I wonder who taught me that one!
    Really looking forward to playing with these innovative Clarity essentials and watching another brilliant Moment of Clarity!

  3. Placed my order and also searched my craft room for previously purchased masks,now safely in a folder ready for next week

  4. Love the demo above. These masks are going to make a very useful addition to my stash. Really looking forward to the 19th.
    Stay safe.🍒

  5. What a great idea – I seem to ‘get’ using masks so I could see their potential immediately. Is there an ice skater in the add-ons? (too small to see) But I have bought them anyway! Love ’em. Thank you.
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)

  6. Once again you’ve hit the spot Barbara I’ve struggled with reflections for ages and ages. So gladly ordered the full collection.

  7. Hello Barb, what an absolutely brilliant idea, looking forward to seeing everything you can do with these masks, love what you have shown in the blog post so far. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  8. Wow. I so remember doing a workshop with you in a tiny village hall, trying to get a stamped image on a brayer to create a reflection. You were so patient with us, but it was such a difficult technique! These look like a piece of cake – well done Lisa x

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