A Pottery SPECIAL!!

A Pottery SPECIAL!!

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Friday’s blog a private peek, right? Well, then let’s venture into the wacky world of potty pottery again. That magic place, where I come alive.

You know I am happiest when I’m doing pottery, right? Anything. Coil work, slab work, wheel work. I love it, eat it, breath it. You know I do. It’s my passion. It makes my heart sing. I am no expert, in fact I am really at the start of my pottery journey – which is perhaps why it is so exciting. It’s that blank canvas, that vast expanse of things yet to be discovered. Those YETS that really turn me on.

It’s an addiction, and I can’t get enough of it.

Do you watch the throwdown? I Love the presenters this season. And I have a particular soft spot for Keith Brymer-Jones, the boss. He – like me – cries for good things, like when people come alive with creativity. I do the same thing. I cannot explain why it comes over me, but I see it in him too. I nearly caught myself this morning, when I was praising Lisa. She is so blimming clever, and so modest too. Suddenly I well up. You can’t pretend it, and you can’t control it. I guess it’s when your passion and your job are one and the same thing, and you see talent, raw talent. There is no separation between the two – work and art. So all your love and emotions are attached to your work.

I remember bumping into Keith Brymer-Jones once at Top Drawer, the Stationery and Gift exhibition in London. Of course, I knew him and he didn’t know me. But we smiled at each other, and there was a connection. I like to think so anyway!

Then today, I found this video. And now I understand why I love this bloke. Apart from being a super talented creative, he clearly doesn’t take himself too seriously. And I find that very refreshing. No ego.

My favourite song to sing too!!!

Check him out dressed up at Adele! Google Adele Brymer Jones…Funny man.

In fact, this afternoon, it being Friday and all, I think I may just call it a day and go wedge a little clay. (hey! That rhymes!!) Still trying to throw a tall vase. Not easy. But I’m getting loads of flowers pots!!

Perseverance, girl, perseverance.

What’s your passion? Tell us xx

Stay safe

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

24 thoughts on “A Pottery SPECIAL!!

  1. Hi Barbara it is lovely to do something that gives you so much joy. I love seeing your pots. I really liked the little film. Have a good weekend. Take care. Hugs xxx

  2. Lovely to see your pottery pieces and to know that you have your crafty escape too. I used to love going to pottery classes, coiling, slab, throwing and I know that after kneading clay I’m useless at making pastry!
    My passion is my sewing machine so must get quilting again as I have two quilts on the go for my two Granddaughters which are supposed to be ready for when if and when they go to Uni as suggested by our Son. The girls are 11 and 9 but time flashes by!!!! Have a lovely weekend and enjoy your trip on Monday xx

    1. Thelma, this made me laugh. Reminds me of when I started a quilt for my grandson. It was to commemorate him starting school and at the time my husband said ‘don’t worry, he’ll get this when he goes to University’ and guess what? He did!!!! I told him whenever he was homesick to wrap himself in his quilt as it was a hug from Nanna x

      1. Hahaha watched the Adele video, love the Lyrics 😂 lovey to see you went off and did some Pottery to finish off the week, ahead of a very special weekend for you. Hope you get lots of time doing what makes you happy this weekend! – My passion is anything creative, skilled at none though, except cooking which evolved through having to feed 6 very hungry mouths daily! – My crafting is where I go for ‘me’ just immersing myself in my space doing anything creative and making me sit down!

  3. My passion is sewing quilts to give to others as gifts. I love choosing fabrics that I think match the person the quilt is for, and take time to make it (sometimes too long) and then give it with love knowing it will be treasured for a long time.
    Don’t get me wrong, I love papercrafting, stamping, stencils, mixed media, and die cuts, and have lots of these along with inks, paints, brushes, geli plates, and I enjoy creating with them, but when you make a card for someone, they may display it for a while, store it in a drawer, or recycle it, but when I gift a quilt, I know it will hug that person for a long time to come, and make them feel warm and cosy.

  4. Loving all the pots!

    My passions are Alfie Boe and parchment craft – I am happiest parching whilst listening to Alfie sing to me!!!!!! Even better if I could be by the sea at the same time – now that would be the best!!! Haha, maybe one day……………………

  5. Ooooo…my dolls are my passion – I forget things like my stamping sentiments (so many now), but I know all the right shoes for the right dolls and their accessories , their stories, names. Oops, nearly ran on there. I collect Gene Dolls, which were devised and ceated by Mel Odom – what a lovely man he is.
    Hope you and the vikings are all well (and Dave)
    Maggie, Bendy Yorkite)

  6. Your pots look great, Barb, and I was thinking, all the bits you scape off when you are smoothing the sides would make a lovely decoration on something – no idea what! Just seems a shame to waste it. My passion is shopping all things Clarity!! Lol. Seriously, though, I love watching your demos, whatever you are demoing, and then having a go at developing whatever skill you have used. Don’t always do it at the time but have lots of recordings which is useful. I’d like to become passionate about watercolour painting but for me, it’s a slow learning process, and I need a lot more patience and practice! Signed up for Billy’s tutorials last year and have watched quite a few but have only painted duck eggs so far and they weren’t duck egg blue despite my best efforts. However, I am beginning to lose the dark edge where the water gathers so a little progress is being made! Have a lovely day, today, Barb and enjoy the day with Dee on Monday. Lots of love. Hxx

  7. I wish now that I had persevered for longer with my pottery as my fingers/hands are no longer strong enough and I would so love to make pots. I love throw down and agree that Keith Brymer-Jones is such a fab person, the video was lovely viewing. Your pots look pretty professional to me and I hope you allow us to see them when you have worked your magic with decoration/glaze. Love the SHAC SHACK thank you.

  8. I am really enjoying watch the pottery on sundays sad it’s coming to an. End did do a few pottery classes and loved it but the then I just love making things any sort craft struggle a lot with pain at moment with shoulders fingers and cause Mobililty is very limited love styles craft stamps painting crochet cake making and decorating creating things from nothing and pleasure of. Seeing others enjoy what made but struggling a lot those days as pain levels have done much over last few months with lossing my brother then moving home but haven’t stopped watching the shak shac and have finally nearly unpacked my craft bits pencils pens so hope to do more drawing loving and excited about what your doing hope to catch up on some in next few weeks get myself out this low spell I’ve been in love Joy x

  9. Love your pots. My passion is craft. Anything. I’ll have a go. I never throw anything away, you never know when you might need it. Carry on with the pots, getting better all the time.

    1. My passion has always been traveling. Brought up as a forces child I started young! Been difficult over the last year to indulge it at all. Hoping for better things later in the year.
      In the meantime I have had time to practice my second passion of crafting and thank you every day for your guidance and inspiration.
      Wishing you a relaxed and happy birthday . You deserve it and more. Will be practicing my butterflies over the weekend if I manage to get my internet connection to run the video for more than five minutes at a time. All best wishes.x

  10. 🤣🤣🤣so happy for the weekend now🤣🤣🤣
    Thank you ❤
    My passion is colour and drawing and you’ve given me the keys to the treasure trove. Thank you so much Barbara, Paul, Clarity Team and fellow Shackers ❤❤❤

  11. My passion is most things arty or paper crafty. I love colouring and colour coordinating be it with papers or fabrics and decor.
    Can’t wait to be able to get out and about with the paints and an easel or watercolour pad.
    Your pots look great, you are very talented.
    Have a good weekend.
    Stay safe

  12. Hi Barbara
    I have seen the Adele video it’s great fun. I too cry when I seen great art in any form. I was on holiday once and went to an art exhibition in a local hall I saw a picture of a 🐈‍⬛ it was great didn’t wait to see if Jackie liked it I just brought it. It was the first picture that went up in the new house and still creates emotion when I look at it. My passion it wood having done an apprenticeship as an action finishers ( workings in a piano ) when I left school I still enjoy carpentry. Jackie’s would definitely be pottery and the MG car.
    Your pots are looking great good to see you relaxed.
    Love Ruth & Jackie xx

  13. Its good that you have found something that you love to do that is not work related. I love watching what you & Paul demonstrate on the TV & Facebook. Along with the samples that the design team do to give us inspiration. Then I like having a go myself to replicate some of the artwork. I probably have enough stash to open a shop but there is always something new coming out that is a must have item. I have always crafted in someway or another from sewing & knitting to papercraft & mdf projects. I am looking forward to crafting with my granddaughters when we are able to get together again.
    I have enjoyed joining in with the SHAC shack – learning hints & tips to drawing & colouring that I would never have attempted before. I now create my own toppers for cards rather than pre printed pieces.

  14. Your pots are beautiful Barbara!The beautiful spiral pattern on the underside makes me feel emotional . My passion is crafting which has taken many forms over the years .I remember making my own stencils and stencilling the childrens bedroom walls and sponge painting for effect ! I painted a mural on the wall in my daughter and son in laws house while they were expecting twins.Nowadays sitting at the table I can craft for hours and I don’t need a stepladder .My stencils now come from clarity and stamping is one of my favourites.Having a quilt made by someone who loves you would be very special indeed .

  15. My passion is baking, but have to limit myself or we would be the size of a house! Hope you get to indulge your passion some more tomorrow on your birthday! Enjoy your special day x

  16. You keep potting Barbara! Have a lovely birthday xx My passions are my grandchildren….oh and crochet and parchment lol.

  17. Your pots are fantastic
    It took me a couple of years before I could throw anything like that. I loved sculpting gargoyles and plates that I made. Unfortunately, all my plates were broken when we moved.
    Enjoy, I know I did xx

  18. Happy Birthday Barbara. Have a good one and thanks for everything you do and share.
    My father-in-laws 95th also. Unfortunately as he is in hospital so we can’t share it with him in person but going to try a Zoom.

  19. I love seeing the pieces you’ve created!
    My passions: music, paper crafting and Jesus not necessarily in that order!!
    Hope you’re having a terrifically potty birthday Barb! Xx

  20. Hello Barb, having passion for something makes it a joy. I love seeing your passion coming through in your words. Take care all. Bx

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