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Thanks for popping in. Been a good day today. Set off to Venice in the SHAC Shack Bus, and started drawing a very cool Venetian Mask. We’ve made a digi download of the mask shape, just in case you’re struggling with it. I shall make sure it’s easy for you to find on the front of the Clarity Website tomorrow morning xx in plenty of time for Wednesday 10am, when we mask up again and carry on in the SHAC Shack!

It’s also always a good day when something you’ve been waiting for for ages finally gets delivered, isn’t it?! And we’ve been waiting for these Clarity super-duper Glue runners for MONTHS!!!

They are worth waiting for though. Why? What makes them special? Let me explain…

  • They’re super long. 30 metres. We went for super long so you don’t run out so fast, so you don’t have to buy so many, so we don’t use so much plastic.
  • Nearly 100 feet of super strong double-sided adhesive, housed in a really nice to hold dispenser.
  • Works beautifully on card and stampboard – and ALSO on parchment. It’s fine enough and transparent enough that it doesn’t even show through coloured parchment.
  • This was the clincher for me: the flip-cap tape cover. A protective lid which is attached to the dispenser. Bingo. No more losing the lid.

I thought I’d tell you about them first. They’re on the website, and for sale from now!

Available individually HERE , or

As a super special offer – 4 for 3 HERE

There is currently such a global shortage of raw materials and ingredients, that many products are becoming difficult to make and/or source. So it’s particularly comforting when you take delivery of a huge consignment of an essential product like glue runners!

The thing is, any product usually comprises multiple components, multiple ingredients, so to speak. You only need one of those ingredients to be missing, and you cannot bake the cake. So every product coming in right now is very welcome. TICK THAT Glue Runner BOX!!!

Stay safe,

Love and Hugs,

Barb xx

22 thoughts on “STICK TO THE PLAN!!

  1. That looks a must have ! Especially being so long and ok with parchment. My usual ones seems to run out every time I go to use it. I caught the next bus to Venice this afternoon and have just about cracked it I think but a digi download is most welcome in case I haven’t ! Have a good evening xx. P.s. still laughing at the sun beds !

  2. These new glues runners look good. I must admit I’ve always struggled with them. They start off fine then seem to stop rolling or the glue reside gets all gunged up on the insides and you can’t dismantle the case to clean things up. I gave up on them a long time ago so maybe it is time to try again. Lovely Shac Shac session today but I’m glad you have done the template for the basic shape. Wednesday here I

  3. Oh wow those glue runners look amazing. I enjoyed the Shac Shack this morning. I just love Venice. In fact I love Italy full stop. We have been to Bardolino and enjoyed the wine. I would go back there in a heart beat. Thank you for helping me to relive the memories. Have a good evening. Take care. Hugs xxx

  4. I’ve just ordered a pack. I’ve always preferred glue runners but those in the pink pack I’ve used in the past, have been great at sticking but not great at staying in the roller. 2 out of 3 seemed to glue up and tape escaped and they became a mess very quickly. Breaking them open and using that way was tedious, so I went back to wet glue or DS tape. I was SO thrilled to see my favourite company is now selling them and I look forward to trying them -might even leave a review!!

  5. That looks really good – have always struggled with glue runners in the past, but might have to revisit them now…

  6. Stick to the plan! Oh Barbara I did try!!

    Sorry, Im not very techie but if anyone has any suggestions I would love to hear from you. This morning I tried to join in with the SHAC but Facebook wouldn’t let me! It kept telling me to sign in, I don’t have a FB account and have not had this problem before. I was so disappointed as this was the first SHAC live I have missed. Felt quite sad, missed you all and the lovely virtual feeling of community that the SHAC has given us all during these surreal times.
    I shall catch up this evening via You Tube, but it won’t be the same as you lovely lot will not be there with me.
    Take care, keep safe

    PS The tape runners look interesting, pleased they have arrived, just need the 6000 packs of sponges to turn up now!

  7. I gave up on glue runners, as they always stopped working, but these look good, so have ordered a pack. They will be especially useful on parchment, as I don’t always want to use brads.
    I missed the SHAC live this morning, as I had a horrible appointment at the dentist, so watched it when I got home and it calmed me down. I am loving doing the mask and visiting Italy. I stayed in Limone on Lake Garda and love all the places in Italy I have been to over the years, so thanks for taking us there. Hugs. Annette X

  8. Glue runners have been a bone of contention in this house. Some clog up, some do not stay stuck as the glue dries out on the card and layers fall apart. Even ones meant for commercial use are not always up to scratch, but we have done better with the Crafters Companion rollers you recommended in the past although double sided tape has been my ‘go to’ lately. I am going to order some of these new ones. You always seem to find the best quality items, we are lucky to have you.
    Hope you are feeling rested now and have had no side effects from your jab.
    Now that all our ‘technology’ is working as it should I will be able to catch up on all that has been missed.
    Stay safe. Hugs.

  9. Been looking forward to these as you’re so good at quality. I shall know if I can’t get on with these the problem is the operator (me).

  10. Been looking forward to these as you’re so good at quality. I shall know if I can’t get on with these the problem is the operator (me).

  11. I love Venice too. My sister and I went on our first package holiday in 1969! We went to Austria for a week and then on to Italy. We saw Lake Garda, stunning! Whilst in Italy we went to Venice on a day trip and some Italian sailors were there, they seemed to keep chasing us around, such fun – good job Mother wasn’t there 😀
    Your new product sounds great Barbara, I will go and have a look now. Hugs, Gilly xx

  12. Blue is my favorite color and these are looking great. Only they do look alike my inhaler !😄 So I have to take care not to use the wrong one.
    Oh Barbara you have got early in the morning out of bed on Wednesday! Hope you will have have for your pottery in the afternoon.
    Lots of love, Trijntje Huppel

  13. Dear Barbara. Sorry only managed part of this morning. Not very successful with drawing but still enjoy listening and trying. I had a lovely holiday years ago at Lake Garda. Would love to have visited other places. Enjoyed your show with the masks etc. will try that tape runner, I have had no luck with the crafters companion one, have three that gave up very quickly. Became a sticky mess. They always seem to work for Paul. Xxx

  14. I too have had not been able to use the tape runners very well – so might try the new blue ones. I prefer double sided tape on the whole, but will have another go with the tape runner. I watch you and you always get it right, so maybe I just don’t use it correctly! Loved Venice – your mask looked great!! Perhaps we should decorate the nose/mouth masks we are using – little bit of lace and feathers would look good!! (if the feathers don’t tickle the nose!)

  15. I will definitely try your tape runners, I have 5 CC ones on the shelf that gave up after a short time, one that just snapped on first few uses but bought direct from CC . Must admit I use the rolls of double sided tape and only use the runners in the centres.

  16. Hello Barb, wow need to go have a look at these. Like others have had tape runners in the past and they just stop working, and not being the cheapest item in the crafting stash does make you think of different ways to do things. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  17. I’m sure that waiting for supplies is really frustrating for you. We ordered some dining chairs for our new house in October 2020, and recently got told they were delayed until July 2021. Seriously, you could have a baby quicker than that!

  18. Hi Barb,
    Sorry I’m late. These tape runners look great- I especially like that the cap stays fixed. I don’t know how many caps I’ve lost in the past. I usually use Crafters Companion ones which I find good but I did have a huge disappointment at Christmas when the gorgeous card( even if I say so myself lol!) I made for my sister came apart. Fortunately it was before I’d given it to her! I had to put brads in which I hadn’t wanted to do. I’ve put my order in for yours as I’m sure they’ll be good quality. Have you got any spot on sponges coming? Love and hugs Alison xx

  19. Thanks so much for the digi download Barbara. Really struggling to do anything at the mo! Stay safe and God bless xx

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