6 months old….

6 months old….

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. I just stepped out of the SHAC (AKA my artroom above the garage), and there, sitting outside the door on the little mat, were both Ragnar and Erik, waiting for me.

The neighbour (AKA IB or NB) has been drilling, chain sawing, hammering and making such a commotion all morning, that the cats are clearly frightened. As I mentioned in the SHAC this morning, I hadn’t realised how uptight the racket had made ME until I observed how freaked out the cats were.

Do you know, our little Vikings are 6 months old now. That’s still very young, isn’t it? Let me spend a happy half hour with you, looking at the album, and how they’ve grown…

This was our two little orphan Vikings when we picked them up in Middle England from their rescuers, Gina and Mark.

Even then the only way we could tell them apart was their tails. They are definitely identical twins. Inseparable identical twins.

Look how tiny they were

Ragnar, the very racoon tail, was instantly more trusting and affectionate. Erik was a little more aloof, a little more reserved. It was as if something had frightened him, and he was still very wary.

Over the months, they have grown into beautiful little warriors.

Started getting quite adventurous too! My mother would have a fit if she saw them climbing on all the counters! Try and stop them!!

But where there’s one, the other one’s never far behind.

They liked the ledge at the window, but they weren’t allowed out until about a month ago. I just worried for them, being quite close to a busy road. Just thought if they were a little older, a little less mental, it might help.

It was also very cold!

So they stayed indoors all through the winter, hiding in the most unlikely places!

It was definitely getting time to let them out into the big wide world…they were ready.

Oh boy! Have they been exploring!

But they stick quite close to base, and they certainly know where it’s warm and safe ! Still like two bookends though!

Thing is, Erik’s tail has developed stronger rings, so it’s become more difficult to tell them apart -especially if they’re not right next to each other. The only way I know is that Ragnar is the more affectionate one.

Well, here’s the thing. Yesterday evening, I was sitting watching the box, and Ragnar jumped up on my lap, as he does every evening, the little purr machine. So I did my duty and stroked him, and cuddled him. After about half an hour, Dave said,

“You do realise that’s Erik, don’t you?”

Ragnar was with Dave. So it seems that Erik has finally learnt to trust . Isn’t that something?

These little fellas are a joy, you know. They fill the house with wonderful innocent energy, they give out so much goodness.

In truth , they have been the highlight of the lockdown in this household. They are wonderful.

So glad we kept them together, as brothers too. They are like two of one. And where there’s Erik the Red, there’s bound to be Ragnar Lothbrok.

Time to check in on them, and then get ready for this evening’s Moment of Clarity with the Reflection masks.

Keep Safe.

Love always

Barb xx

45 thoughts on “6 months old….

  1. I do enjoy hearing how the boys are. We have a ginger too and like you they add a marvellous layer to our lives. Xx

  2. What a delightful romp with the kittens. In my head (because I grew up in Oz) I shorten their names to Ricci and Raggi -but I’d never address such noble creatures as such to their faces!! I hope the session goes well this evening. I can’t craft much in the evenings -eyes don’t like it, and I’m not so well just now. I’ll download it though, and Bea and I will have a go very soon. Do you do a list of the inks etc that you use, so we can be ready for the sessions? I tried joining one of the earlier ones, but ran about like a blue a***ed fly finding stuff and missed most of it!

  3. ohh what gorgeous photos love them
    wont be joining tonight ,have to go to sleep early as up at 2.45 am for work weds and thurs
    will def catch up tomorrow afternoon though
    wasnt sure about my mask at first but now that its inked liking it much better
    have fun tonight x

  4. What a delightful blog Barb….your little darlings look so happy. Thanks for sharing the fab photo album with us.

  5. Oh Barbara they are adorable. I love seeing pictures of them. Our daughter and son-in-law adopted a rescue dog and few months ago. He is nine months. We are always seeing pictures of him. Pets do bring a lot of joy. Constant noise is very draining. I hope all goes well this evening. Unfortunately I have a prior engagement. Take care. Hugs xxx

  6. Two halves of the same coin! Gorgeous.
    Lovely to see how they are doing and I’m glad that noise is not comfy for them – the busy road will be noisy and this should put them off going too hear it.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)

    1. Hello Barbara
      The boys are beautiful. The last three cats I had were litter mates. Two brothers and a sister but I suspect they might have had different fathers, lol. One was all black, one was ginger and white and HUGE and one was a little, tortoiseshell, fluffy one.
      Enjoy your little Vikings.

  7. Thank you (and Dave) for sharing the Vikings with us, they really are a joy. Ragnar the Racoon, now I’ll remember! Just as Erik’s tail starts to become more racoon-like!

    You love them, and they clearly love you, and we get to enjoy them vicariously through your stories.

  8. So full of mischief but yet so affectionate, pets really are a godsend aren’t they! We have two retrievers who give love unconditionally no idea what I would do without them. Slightly heavier on my lap though than the kittens! They do give good cuddles though

  9. How delightful are those boys, thank you for sharing. I still think they are too pretty for your average ginger Tom. I’ve only ever had dogs (bitches) as pets but sadly no longer. There is definitely something missing in a house with no animals but I’ll have to share other peoples now . As for your neighbour, we too have one of those and he’s a pain in the proverbial. See you later at 7pm xx

  10. I love your little vikings, I have been tempted a few times over the last year to have either a cat or dog but know when we are let loose again getting an animal looked after would be difficult. Enjoy your beautiful little fellows. xx

  11. They are lucky to have found a good home and now trusting you, a kitty cuddle is so good. They just steal a bit of your heart eh

  12. Hi Barb,
    Thank you so much for sharing all of these beautiful photos of the two Vikings. They are absolutely adorable and obviously know where they are safe (& warm!). I’m so pleased that they came to you and Dave as you both clearly love them. Love and hugs, Alison xxx

  13. Thanks for a lovely blog….do love your two kitties
    I can see a beautiful calendar
    there, all your photos. I would love to buy one.
    Every year we buy a cat calendar.
    Their marking are
    different to regular
    ginger cats…they look special. thanks for sharing .

  14. What a wonderful blog today, really cheered me up.
    I am not an ‘in house’ animal person and seeing them on the table and kitchen surfaces gave me the horrors. Like your mum there is no way I would allow that.
    However I love the pictures of Eric and Ragnar, they are so cute and have such pretty faces. I showed them to hubby and it brought a grin to his face too. Mind you, I think all baby animals have that ‘aaahh’ factor, which brings out the maternal instinct in me.
    I can appreciate how much they mean to you and it is great that they both have such trust in you.
    Am saving the mixed media shows for the weekend when I can relax and appreciate them more.
    Stay safe. 🍒

  15. Thank you Barbara for sharing your kittens and your time with us.
    LOVED the Moment of Clarity class this evening, would love to see future evening shows BUT NOT at the expense of your health. Although, I must say you looked like you were thoroughly enjoying yourself, which was wonderful to see.
    See you in the SHAC on Friday.
    Take care, keep safe everyone

  16. Hi Barbara
    Aren’t they gorgeous, they’ve come a long way in 6 months haven’t they. What a lovely addition to the home.
    Love Diane xxx

  17. Such cute pink feet. Animals are a joy.
    Thank you for tonight’s lesson.
    I have a neighbour who loves his power tools. I honestly think he turns them on then goes out.

  18. They are gorgeous we have always had gingers and until now lived on busy main roads so they have always been house cats a lot better for my nerves and they are happy to be inside with us all, been terrible babies

  19. Thanks for sharing your little Vikings. They are just glorious. Love me a cat, we have 3 and they make me smile every day especially or 2 yr old still such a kitten but he keeps the 11yr olds on their toes. That last photo of Ragnar in the box and Erik coming off the box is a crack up. Our cats love bags and boxes too, oh and kitchen benches and tables 🤣. So glad they were able to brighten up your lives and the found such lovely owners.

  20. Hi Barbara
    Ragnar and Erik are gorgeous but look very mischievous. Our cats also love the work surfaces no matter how many times I try and stop them I know I have friends who are horrified by this but as a cat lovers they will always do as is their will. Our neighbour is having her garden done at the moment she comes on the retreats with me so we have a shared interest but the cats do not like the noise of the digger and look out in the garden then run indoors.
    I’m sure you will have hours of fun with the boys 🐈🐈 enjoy.
    Ruth & Jackie xx

  21. They are both so beautiful Barbara with really wonderful markings and are so full of life. Looking at the penultimate photo I think whichever is the one behind has a slightly thinner longer nose and the markings are stronger in that area, but they are so alike I can understand that you find it difficult to tell them apart. x

  22. Lovely pictures of the boys, the patterns on their coats are fantastic & I think there is a difference but almost impossible to tell when they are moving about.
    Enjoyed the Moment of Clarity session tonight, love the fact that you can mix & match the masks to make different scenes – hours of fun.

  23. They are two of the luckiest little fellas that they have got to live with you and Dave. Spoilt rotten and quite right too. They are gorgeous lovely photos, lovely stories look forward to the next instalments.

  24. They are so cute and very hansom, I love that you take the time in your busy life to show their antics to us folks during lock down. It certainly makes my day. Keep the pictures coming.

  25. Hello Barb, it brings so much joy to my heart and a smile to me face to read about your two little Vikings, they really are beautiful. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  26. Such beautiful boys! So lovely to watch them growing. Thank you for the ‘Moment of Clarity’ last night – I’d had a very long and busy day, so it was just perfect to sit and watch you craft for an hour and a half – just what I needed. Would love an evening session once a month – I’m not able to join the morning SHAC Shack due to work commitments .

  27. AH, so lovely to see them. The 24th March is our lockdown fur babies “Gotcha” day – our Toby and Willow, beautiful black panthers, have been with us for a year now!!

  28. Just lovely to see the progress of Erik and Ragnor. Such good companions especially when you need that ‘chill out’ time. My son has a kitten much the same age as your two and like them he is so adventurous and loves the worktops. All plants have had to be moved off the windowsill.
    Keep enjoying.
    See you on Hochanda on Friday. I wonder why the name change.
    Keep safe xx

  29. The cats are just beautiful 😍
    Thank you for sharing, the pictures made me smile. Enjoyed the moment of clarity last night well I’m writing this a day late 🙃 hugs xxx

  30. Thank you for sharing the photos of your beautiful fur babies. I know what you mean about the kitchen worktops. I regularly find muddy paw prints around the sink and across the hob. We also have 2 brothers but ours could not be more different. One is black and white and the other is a dead ringer for a siamese. They know they are not allowed on the worktops and try not to get caught up there but haven’t figured out that muddy paws leave a trail! They certainly keep us amused with their antics although I’m not so keen on the early morning requests for breakfast ( 5.10 am this morning!) x

  31. I don’t read many blogs but I really look forward to yours. Really cheers me up. Love your cats. Stay safe, happy and well. X

  32. Lovely photos and good to feel the pleasure and fun they have brought to you both.
    Thank you for sharing Barbara.xx

  33. Dear Barbara. So enjoyed your lovely photos of the gorgeous kittens, they have really great markings. I am very envious of you as I love cats and always had one when I was young, but eventually found out that all my years of really bad asthma was caused by an allergy to cats and dogs. So have to avoid them,
    Found out when my brother brought home a gorgeous Siamese kitten. Enjoy the cuddles. Xx

  34. This really made my day. The most precious cats. Their names are so fitting! I love how you have all the pictures from when they were so tiny! Precious kitties🐾💙🐾

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