Tulips of Amsterdam…

Tulips of Amsterdam…

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. The snow is falling here in our garden. Big, soft, gentle flakes. Frau Holle, God’s housekeeper, is making the beds in heaven, and shaking the eiderdowns out at the window….Call me soft, but that’s the story my Mutti told me, and I’m sticking with it.

I mentioned the next Facebook Live Moment of Clarity, which is on Friday, 19th February at 3pm (that]s next friday). This is where we bring the exhibition to you, and I pretend we’re at the NEC !! Much better! Free entry, free parking, great seating – ringside seat, any refreshments you choose – and safe, warm and dry.

Last month was very well received, and many of you wanted to craft along at home. So here’s what I shall be showcasing and using, so you can buy ahead, and we have enough time to send the things you need in readiness for the Friday afternoon craftalong!

Remember when we went to Holland on the SHAC SHAC bus? I think that this was one of my favourite outings last year. We’ve taken the doodle art from our trip, and turned it into a beautiful double set of stamps and of course, Groovi plates. Windmill, tulips, bridge, rope frame, houses – AND AN EXTRA SET OF SUPERB BUTTONS.

Stamp duo available HERE at an excellent introductory price.

Groovi duo available HERE at an excellent introductory price.

Complete collection available HERE at an excellent introductory price.

The prices will revert to normal one week after the show, so you can buy now and stampalongabarbie, or you can watch what I’m going to do first, then decide whether you like them or not. Choices choices choices….

To see all things “A Moment of Clarity” click HERE

Time to go wedge some clay and have a little throw down.

Stay safe

Love always

Barb xxx

10 thoughts on “Tulips of Amsterdam…

  1. What do the vikings reckon to the snow?
    Had a lovely e-mail from Jeannine – looking forward to getting my stamps!! Saving up for Linda’s children now. I had a thought about your virtual open day; if I was there in person, if I have bought something (perhaps a particular stamp or stencil), I might get to ask you if you could include that item in your demonstration. Can we do that on Friday? please?

  2. I always say Mother Goose is plucking her feathers when it snows. Not sure where I got that from, probably my nan. Enjoy your pottery time. X

  3. Sunshine & blue sky here with just a sprinkling of snow on the ground. Hope you had fun with your clay this afternoon – is it more pots for the family raku party ?

  4. Another couple of inches of snow today. Like your take on snowflakes.
    Have ordered the single Dutch stamp and Groovi plate, no buttons though. Lovely to have the items in advance to craftalongaBarb.
    Happy pottering, look forward to seeing the results.
    Stay safe and warm.

  5. Loved our Holland trip, looking forward to my parcel arriving.
    Great morning do our hieroglyphics thank you Barbara. Xxx

  6. Hi Barbara the snow has all gone here. The sun was shining today which was nice. Those stamps and Groovi plates are gorgeous. I love them all. There are so many exciting things coming up. Lots of our older friends are getting the jab. So not long till our turn. Have a good evening. Take care. Hugs xxx

  7. Got mine ordered ready xx snow here on and off in Yorkshire xx loved today doing hieroglyphics Egypt coming together nicely lol xx

  8. Hello Barb, well yesterday we had some snow flurries, but not much, although the flakes were really big. This morning is just freezing cold. Looking forward to the Moment of Clarity session to see what you do with these stamps. Hope you enjoyed your pottery session. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  9. Morning Barb – hope you and fun with the clay yesterday. Really looking forward to next week’s Moment of Clarity – the first one was great! No sign of my Clarity sale order yet but I know that good things come to those who wait…!

  10. Enjoying an extended stay with mum and dad, after her spell in hospital, as I don’t fancy being stuck on a train in minus 20 getting back to Scotland! Funny enough my dad was stuck in Holland during the blizzards in Jan 1963 when I was born x

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