It’s a Big Wide World out there, Bro!

It’s a Big Wide World out there, Bro!

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. And many thanks for your concern yesterday when I had a little blip. No idea what happened, but feeling fine now. Honestly.

Have decided to take a step back for a few days – it’s time. Much as I really ought to roll my sleeves up and help with the orders, I also know when I’ve hit my limit. And I have. There are enough super efficient staff at Clarity to plough through and clear the decks. Please be patient.

In other news, it was a BIG DAY for our two Vikings, Erik and Ragnar, today. It was such a lovely, mild morning, I thought it was time to open the back door into a whole new world for our brave orphans….

Boy oh boy, were they cautious! Would not step over the threshold. I had to step out into the garden before they dared venture out…

…and even then it was a quick turn around the wheelbarrow and back indoors quick!! That’ll change, but I’m glad actually that they’re are a little hesitant.

We decided to investigate the Dutch door, so they get used to the fresh air and the outdoor noises. Their world just got a whole hell of a lot bigger.

No sooner had I closed the door to keep the warm in, than they were up on their favourite window sill surveying their new kingdom .

Which they will conquer fearlessly. But just not today.

I also bought them little collars with bells on, which they are quite happy to wear. We really have to give the garden birds a fighting chance!

I love these little fellas so much! They are such beautiful animals. It is fascinating to watch them develop and grow into their lives.

They are also inseparable. Where you see one, the other is never far behind. Like two wonderful identical bookends.

Stay safe.

Love and hugs

Barb xxx

79 thoughts on “It’s a Big Wide World out there, Bro!

  1. So glad you’re feeling better!
    Enjoy your time off – you deserve’ve been cramming so much in, something had to give.
    The brothers are wonderful and growing so fast!
    Relax and enjoy the break xx

    1. Aw thank god your OK Barbara. Been thinkin about you all day. You take time to binge watch and chill. We see you 1st march or when your ready sending hugs and love

  2. So glad you’re feeling better!
    Enjoy your time off – you deserve it.
    The brothers are wonderful and growing so fast!
    Relax and enjoy the break xx

  3. Glad to read you’re feeling better. And that you’re taking some time off. It’s really what you need!
    Those kitties won’t be hesitant soon. In fact they’ll be leaping over the Dutch door before you know it.
    Enjoy a bit of me time Barbara.
    Love and hugs. Xxxx

  4. Hi Barbara, glad to hear you are feeling better. These things catch up with you so now it’s time to cat-ch up with your cats and spend a few days with them, you’ll be able to teach them the garden. Enjoy some you time and pottering – in more way than one. Have a good weekend xx

  5. So relieved you are feeling better Barbara. You have been constantly in my thoughts. Very wise to take a break, take some relaxation and rest. The kitties are so gorgeous, beautiful markings they have.
    Love and hugs

  6. Oh gosh they are beauties! Relieved you are well again, please just take it easy this week. We are going nowhere and have plenty to catch up with or to revisit. Stay safe xx

  7. I’m SO, SO pleased and grateful, Barbara, that you are ‘feeling fine now’ to use your words, and that you will take a proper rest from work. Yes, so many of us were very concerned and I trust that you will not push yourself this far again. I love what you do for us, am very thankful for it, but it should not be at the expense of your health. Your lovely cats are just delightful – you are very fortunate to have them, and I thank you for sharing such lovely photos with us.
    Take good care – heartfelt good wishes, Jutta 🤗

  8. So glad you are feeling much better, will do you good to have a break though. Make the most of it Barb and try to relax. Lovely seeing your puddy cats again. My they have grown. Would love to have a pet again, but a bit selfish as we are getting older, anyway Pete says we’ve had dogs most of our married lives time for a break now. Still would love one though. Enjoy your

  9. So glad your feeling better today. The cat are absolutely beautiful they have grown so much. Have a restful few days and we will see you in March. xxx

  10. You know, you might just have been doing too much without a proper break – the vikings will help, and you can help them by taking them for walks, they obviously feel safe around you. I take Bendy (cat) for a walk most nights – he loves it, we do live in a fairly quiet area though!
    If you had had the first vaccine dose, that might account for your ‘wobble’, you just take it easy gal, we’ll manage on our own for a bit.
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite0

  11. You know, you might just have been doing too much without a proper break – the vikings will help, and you can help them by taking them for walks, they obviously feel safe around you. I take Bendy (cat) for a walk most nights – he loves it, we do live in a fairly quiet area though!
    If you had had the first vaccine dose, that might account for your ‘wobble’, you just take it easy gal, we’ll manage on our own for a bit.
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)

  12. Pleased to see you are taking a break. You must need it. I’m sure true Claritystamp friends and customers will bear with you all if orders are delayed. They are delightful little cats and I’m sure they will keep you entertained.

  13. So glad to hear you are feeling a bit better Barbara. Why not take a few weeks off???
    You know we forget that no one has actually had a proper holiday this past year and maybe it’s time we all think about a little down time and recharge the batteries. Too easy to just keep going regardless.
    Take care and lots of love to you Barbara.
    Julie xx

  14. I am so glad that you are feeling better, it was very worrying as it was for everyone watching and none of us could do anything to help you except to ring the alarm bell to your loving husband and the wonderful member of your team/support bubble Paul. Your kitten are so big now but the world outside of your door is still so big, when they get out there they will always return to your warm home. It just shows how caring you are by putting bells on them being a bird lover. Every day our local bird almost knock on our window waiting to be feed. Take time to enjoy your time off. We will all be waiting for you when you are ready to drive the bus again. Stay safe and well and give Paul a distant hug and Dave a big hug from all of us for being yours and our hero’s.

  15. They really are fascinating, aren’t they? I bet you could watch them for hours and actually, perhaps that is just what you should do. Enjoy a good, well earned rest and only come back when you are well and truly ready. Take care and sending hugs. Annette X

  16. Hi Barbara
    So so glad you are feeling better today and that you are taking a step back Relax and enjoy the kittens and the company of those that love ya. Hugs 🤗

  17. I’m so glad to hear that you’re going to take it easy for a week. Those kitties will certainly help. Nothing like cuddles to make you better.
    Take care and stay safe xx

  18. Pleased to hear that you are feeling better and that you are taking a few days to rest , the cats have grown so much and will eventually love being outdoors, thank you so much for all you and the team do for us xx

  19. So pleased to hear having few days of your body was warning you stop and if don’t could be worse so take as long as you need your health is lot more important than getting few orders out or doing shows we need you. Fit and well such shame cannot take of and spend time on holiday see Grace hopefully soon , love the kittens how cute they looked looking out shall we or not no let’s go home it’s safe sure won’t bed many days and be out sunbathing in garden and climbing tree’s etc love the Dutch door had one when are girls were crawling fresh armour but keeps little ones in and fresh air to enjoy the nice weather rest have fun with Dave love you lots Joy x

  20. So glad to hear that you are feeling better today, a week at home will be an ideal time to let the boys explore the garden with you to keep an eye on them. I kept refreshing the claritymatters page to see if Grace had any news as I knew she would know how you were.
    I don’t think many of us were crafting along with you yesterday just holding our breath waiting for Paul to get to you but I did have a play with the tulips afterwards.
    Take care & enjoy your break, we will be ready when ever you feel able to drive the bus again – its definitely time for its MOT.
    Look forward to more pictures of the boys on their adventure into the big wide world aka as your garden xx

  21. Hi Barbara, so pleased to hear you’re feeling better and even more pleased to hear you are taking time off. You have a fantastic team back at Clarity Towers who will make sure all is well with the orders. Enjoy some “Me time”, enjoy your pottery and have fun with the two “Vikings”
    Take care and stay safe.

  22. Clarity products always well worth waiting for ! Glad you are taking time to rest .In your own words travel gently x

  23. Happy to know your feeling better…take a well deserved rest…enjoy those adorable kitties…see when your ready…love from Canada.

  24. May I add my good wishes and so pleased to hear you are taking time to regroup, just like your little Vikings. They are beautiful – give them a few days and they’ll be climbing trees. Take care and come back rested 😘

  25. Hope you feel better soon! 😴
    Thanks for photos of kitties, always lovely to see…😺😸 That’s a real tonic!! They are so lovely.

  26. I’m so glad you are feeling better, enjoy your time at home . The cats are wonderful ready to explore their new kingdom. They are so adorable and put a smile on my face, thanks for the photos.
    Take care hugs julie xxx

  27. delighted you are feeling better. Enjoy your time off with your beautiful vikings – they’ll be off out and about before you know it!

  28. Hi Barb, so pleased you are ok what a trooper you are. Rest up we will look forward to seeing you refreshed and rested when you reappear in the Shac Shack. Listen to that body of yours….. keep well and safe. Xx

  29. Lovely pictures of the kittens, enjoy some chill out time and get back to full strength, I am sure we have all got stuff we could be catching up on. Perhaps it was too hot in Egypt !!

  30. Hi Barbara so glad your ok and taking a bit of a rest…it about time……time out for Barbara…as for the beautiful ginger vikings
    .butter their paws next time before they venture out they will sit and wash paws and it leaves a smell of home.

  31. So, so glad you are feeling better and are finally listening to your body. Take all the time you need to recharge those totally flat batteries. Coming from a long line of undertakers I’ve always taken my grandfather’s and father’s advice……. Better to be two minutes late in this world than 20 years early in the next. Take care and stay safe xxx

  32. You have been driving the bus with a vengeance lately so it is no wonder you threw a wobbly. Maybe we will have to get a tacho for you to make sure you don’t overdo it again. All bus drivers need a break.
    Pleased to hear you are feeling better and having a rest. Was worried when you intimated you were going to start picking and packing, sorting and dispatching. You have a terrific team to handle that and the majority of us crafters do not mind waiting for our goods. We know they will be worth the wait.
    Put your feet up, cuddle the puddy tats, and reeelaaax.
    Stay safe.

  33. I’m so glad you are feeling better, enjoy your time off, relax with your lovely kittens and dont rush back too soon, listen to your body.

  34. So glad you are feeling better today and taking a break this week. Hope you mean the blog too, now you have let us know. Could Sam do your TV next week?

  35. So glad to hear your feeling better- not nice not seeing you your bubbly self – enjoy your much needed rest – you have to “purrfect” little furry Vikings to help you relax

  36. Hi Barbara
    I am still awaiting my orders but I will happily wait a few weeks more if it means you take a well earned break, nothing in it that can’t wait I’ve learnt a lot in lockdown and I’m not going anywhere so you take time out to enjoy your pottery and the cats as well as time with family❤️.
    We moved last year and our two boys will only go out if we are with them but I am happy with that as I know they are safe. They are 9 & 11 now and don’t have the energy or inclination to chase birds I think the mind is willing but the body isn’t a bit like most of us.
    Enjoy your break🏖
    Love Ruth & Jackie xx

  37. So pleased you are feeling better. Remember to give of your best you need to rest. Please take a proper break and look after yourself. Xx

  38. Pleased to hear that you are feeling better, and taking a break and having a rest. Lovely pics of your kittens, enjoy their antics and chill out. xxx

  39. Good to hear you’re feeling better, it was very distressing watching you soldiering on. And a huge relief when the troops arrived. Take care of yourself, you obviously need a rest

  40. Hi Barb,
    So glad that you are feeling better today, you certainly didn’t look well at all yesterday! Pleased to hear that you are taking some time off as well, you really need to get those batteries of yours recharged. I had a lovely surprise today – my Grid plate mate arrived! I was gobsmacked when the postman arrived with it! That is certainly first class service for all those doubters out there. It is stunning and the amount of detail on it is phenomenal. The two Vikings have certainly grown, I would be pleased if they didn’t go out ( both for their safety and the birds’ health) . Scamp our 18 year old cat, doesn’t go outside. She quite likes the idea, but when it comes to going out , she’s not happy about it at all. I do put a leader on her in summer and she will potter around on the lawn and in the rockery for about 10 mins maximum and then she jumps onto the patio wall and ‘ belly walks’ along it to let me know she wants to go in! Had my first vaccine jab this morning thankfully and so far no side effects. Hopefully it will stay like that. Sending love and hugs, Alison xx

  41. Glad you are feeling better, Take a week or 2 off, we will all be ok. We can catch up, and we still have Paul on Groovi tuesday. God bless.

  42. So happy you are taking a few days for your self. Those side kicks of yours are beautiful…their markings are gorgeous🐾🧡🐾.
    Take care and we will be on the bus when you are ready to drive us around💗

  43. Hi Barbara,
    Glad you are feeling better now. Enjoy your time off and relax with those beautiful kittens.
    Take care.
    Karen x

  44. So very pleased to read this Barb. Great that you are taking some time off. You really did have us all worried yesterday. Sending love and a very big special hug, Gilly xx

  45. So glad you are feeling better, please travei gently and enjoy your rest you deserve it. The viki gs are beautiful such lovely markings . You take care 😸😸

  46. Rest,relax and reflect Barbara you had us all worried yesterday I would be happy if you spoke to the doctor as well wishing you well.x

  47. Glad to hear you are listening to your body and taking time to rest – hope you do just that too! Find a big fat book and a cosy spot in the summerhouse to enjoy it, and don’t take your phone – bliss x

  48. So glad you are feeling better, take note of what your huge family say and take a rest. I would suggest and I think everyone would agree that maybe the shak shac bus 🚌 makes a pit stop at the garage for a couple of days while it has a full service, so leader can have a rest. The kitties are really growing they are really gorgeous. So please listen to what the crafters are saying and take care.🐾🐾🚌🚌😽😽🌹🌹💕💕

  49. They have such beautiful markings. Lots of discovering for them to do and spring is fast approaching, so it is perfect timing. Enjoy a well earned rest watching them. Thank you for all you do for others, now take some time for you x

  50. So pleased to hear that you are feeling better and taking a break too. Best news for a while. Love your inquisitive vikings, such a joy xx

  51. Hi Barbara it is good to hear that you are feeling better. A week off sounds like a good plan. If you need longer we will understand. I love hearing about your kitties. They are going to love being outside their adventure has just begun. Take care. Hugs xxx

    1. So glad your feeling better, time off to recharge is a fabulous idea. Those little guys will look after you.
      We are all sending you careing vibes. See you soon love and hugs to a lovely inspirational Lady xx

  52. So glad to hear you are feeling better, Barbara. We all need a good wallow now and then to recharge our batteries. Tea, books, a warm blanket, kitties, Netflix and maybe some chocolates! LOL Your staff will keep the business flourishing and you will best serve them by taking care of yourself too. Enjoy your down time!

  53. Those cats are so long! There must be something of a breed in there, don’t know which one but definitely not Rag Doll. Take it easy, enjoy the warmer weather and we’ll be here when you are ready, not before. Much love, xx

  54. Hello Barb, so glad you are feeling better, please take care of yourself, and spend time with those gorgeous furry vikings. Take care all. Bx

  55. Morning Barbara, so.glad you’re feeling better and good you’re having some time off! Enjoy and relax!
    Your gorgeous little Vikings are growing up fast. Thanks for sharing their little adventures. Hugs xxx

  56. Hi Barbara,

    Glad you are feeling better. Hope you are having a good rest and enjoying those beautiful kittens.
    Take care
    Karen x

  57. I’m so pleased your feeling better now, like everyone else I was very worried about you! I kept checking yesterday to see if you had written your blog, I obviously missed it in the end, we watched “Summertime” at your recommendations, also watched the other 2 films you mentioned in Shac shac and enjoyed them all! Rest up now take your foot off that pedal!love, hugs and thank you for all you do!

  58. Good to hear you’re feeling better. Loving the Vikings, they’ve grown so much. Have a good rest and travel gently🙂

  59. Hope you are resting Barbara. You quite often mention headaches, now a strange turn. Get your blood pressure checked perhaps? Take care of yourself. X

  60. So glad you are feeling better Barbara. Please take as long as you need from the shac. We will all survive. Thank you for sharing your beautiful cats on their journey into the big wide world. They are stunning cats. Take care and God bless xx

  61. Pleased yo hear your feeling better, it really wouldn’t do any harm to have a check up. The cats are gorgeous it must be such fun watching them explore new surroundings. I hope you have a good rest, you certainly deserve one. Take care,

  62. Happy to hear you are doing well!
    Funny to read that you named that door a Dutch door! I thought it is named a stable door, so I learned something new.
    Enjoy the beautiful weather and te sun.
    Lots of love, Trijntje Huppel

  63. Relived to hear you are feeling better. Enjoy your time off.
    A suggestion for you to think about – maybe the Fridays you do tv or moment of clarity you could have time off from the shac shack so giving time to prepare and unwind. Take care. Thanks for all you do.

  64. Hi Barbara, so glad you’re feeling a little better…you still need to rest though…& enjoy some time with Dave and your beautiful little kittens..!! Thanks for everything you do…Love & Hugs Anne xx

  65. So glad you are feeling better but more so that you are taking a well deserved break.

    If it’s warm, I can see you walking round the Garden followed by 2 vikings – now that’s an image. Hope Ragnar and Erik enjoy their adventures in your lovely garden and that they don’t go too far too soon.

    Take care Barbara, rest up before our next trip- forever grateful to you and Clarity!

  66. What they need is a cat flap then they will grow in confidence . Glad you are feeling better make the most of your week off.

  67. Hi Barbara
    Rest, pot, cat love and recover from what must be overwork – how you have done what you have for the past year+ I don’t know.
    Let your family and team help you, as they always do, but we can wait longer for our orders if it means you are fully recovered come back to us fully recovered. You have such a lovely sense of humour and are beautiful from the inside out. Enjoy some peace and quiet. x

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