Unwelcome guests…

Unwelcome guests…

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in! Saturday 16th January already! 2021 is on the wing, and Old Man Time is certainly moving fast again! The older I get, the faster he seems to move! Is it just me, or are we speeding again? Despite all my best intentions to calm it Kermit and travel gently through the new year, we’re already halfway through January and the pace of life is absurd, given I’m not even leaving the house!!

Which just goes to show. It’s me. Nobody else. I drive the bus and I decide the speed and the destination.

Been thinking a lot about it today, whilst trying to get a handle on the dirty laundry, which has been piling up in the spare bedroom for weeks. And the only reason I ventured in there today is because nothing left in the wardrobe fits me anymore!! Hahaha . Anyway, I digress. What was I thinking about, whilst making loads of piles of different coloured clothes all over the bedroom floor? Why Wurka and Hollick have moved in again! Since Covid they’ve been hanging around like a bad smell really. They lurk. I think a lot of it has to do with worrying about the business again. There’s nothing like a global pandemic and nationwide lockdown Numero tres to get those two pesky gits fired up again.

The only way to evict them is to ignore them and walk away from worrying work for a day. Washing machine is in full swing, sock drawers are perfectly rearranged, and bathrooms are sparkling. It’s the only way for me. I have to get some order in my life, and housework is it today.

I know, I know. What about pottery? I hear you say! Nope. It did cross my mind, but when I realised there were NO old clean jeans and jumpers (which still fit me) to get dirty, I knew it was time to be a domestic goddess for a day!! Doesn’t happen often! I’ve used it as a total mindful fix today.

If you’re looking for a mindful fix, but ironing doesn’t rock your boat, then why not head on over to our Claritymatters blog today? Our dear friend Hazel Edwards has done a smashing step by step tutorial for Beginners using the Groovi Starter Kit. This may just be the point you have been waiting for to dive in and have a go at parchment art. Click here to investigate….


In the meantime, I’m off to carry on listening to my latest audio book, Daphne Du Maurier, Frenchman’s Creek. It’s a real cliff hanger!!

That’s it, isn’t it. Distraction. Escape. And if I ignore them completely, Wurka and Hollick just wither and fade away. For a day at least.

Stay safe.

Love and hugs

Barb xxx

PS the pic here was made using a cloud mask. We’ve been looking at mask this week, so I thought I’d dig this example out….

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23 thoughts on “Unwelcome guests…

  1. Sorry to hear W & H are around, however positive is now a clean house and washing done. I’ve got some ironing, not a lot so waiting for more washing which there now is and then I’ll wrestle with the ironing board. Found it quite good to do some shredding today that’s been hanging around for I don’t know how long. Finished off my PTC too, that’s two (ATC as well) in a week plus two cards to go with them. I’ve been on the Wii Fit today and for the past couple of weeks, nothing’s budged though LOL !! Got to give up the eating. Hope you have a better day tomorrow, well more peaceful at least. X

  2. Great minds think aloud. I stamped this one earlier today. Try to get some rest, Don’t do to much. Looking for my next book, will look up this one. Thanks.

  3. fab card. I know exactly what you mean about needing to get the house straight. I stepped off the treadmill to spend a couple of hours crafting this afternoon, but I really need to get to grips with the house again, as I’m sitting here feeling hemmed in by the chaos! I know what I’m doing tomorrow morning…

  4. Great book Freanchman’s Creek, I do like Daphne du Maurier.
    Great beginners project from Hazel.
    Love your step-by-step above, the clouds are gorgeous.
    We don’t get much snow around here usually but we woke up to about 3 inches this morning and it carried on snowing until after 10am. Doing the washing tomorrow (after shopping if the snow clears) then ironing Monday. In between the chores a special birthday card needs to be made so I must buckle down.
    Yes the days seem to be passing like greased lightening and as I get older it seems to get worse. Still at least the days will start to get lighter now – hooray!!!😊🤩👍
    Stay safe everyone. Hugs 🍒

  5. Gremlins in my head too and proper full on nightmares. Keeping my husband awake too. Waiting for my daughter to give birth and worrying about forming a bubble with her. Time to do some groovi perforations. That will make me concentrate on something positive xx

  6. W&H certainly know when to creep in they wiggle there way past the slowly does it and push in best way is to ignore them don’t let them take over squeeze them out fill their space xx glad you were able to distract them and push them back xx waiting for Monday to come round as weekends are the worst nothing else to distract the mind and it goes on a wander xx doing some colouring to fill time xx
    Time definitely goes quicker as you get older I am sure lol

  7. I had a morning cooking and emptying the wash basket. Hoping for some time in my craft room tomorrow. A video call from our son and grandson this evening. this time last year Taylor was just a baby still. Now he is sitting chatting to us, told us all about the trains he had seen. so sad to have missed a year of his young life. Roll on the vaccine and get a bit of normality back. Hope W and H have left the building again. xx

  8. I know you don’t like to let folk down ,but sometimes you just have to care for yourself ,ive been arranging my younger sisters funeral ! Not been nice .my daughter rang an said mum we need a walk ,intending it to be short we got carried away and walked to newstead abbey 3hrs .30 mins walking as i have osteoporosis i was so proud of myself ,heating broke down 2021 please give me a break ( oh and i can’t find my brayer ) since i tidied up 😜 things can only get better .be kind to yourself and take care 😘

  9. Hi
    Spent the day putting up 2 Billy bookcases for a friend who is in our bubble. I know I’m getting old because my back and knees are creaking. I love ironing it it is one of those monotonous tasks that helps me to refocus.
    A tidy house helps create a tidy mind that’s what my mum always says. Barbara change Wurka and Hollick names to Ragnar and Eric then when they appear they will calm you and makes you smile 😊

  10. I had a day of catching up on recorded programmes while playing with my new watercolour set.
    We are now watching Bridgerton, which it’s absolutely brilliant. I have downloaded the books to read.

  11. Frenchman’s Creek. I love that book! I’ve read quite a few of Daphne Du Maurier books. The King’s General is another good one of hers.

  12. Thanks for another interesting read Barb – I had to smile imagining you sorting out all that laundry😂😂😂. I would love to know how to get audio books on my IPad – if I read a book in the normal way, I fall asleep!!!! I could listen to an audio book while doing the dreaded ironing!!!!! I had a “domestic goddess” afternoon. Y cleaning out the fridge (found all sorts of out of date stuff too!). Now looking forward to Mondays ShacShac.

  13. Hi Barbara
    I had a cleaning day on Thursday or was it Wednesday all the days run into one.
    I wish I knew where the time goes
    I hope you can give those pesky W &H the old H and H
    aka Heave and Ho lol
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend with your lovely Dave 🤗

  14. Hi Barbara
    I had a cleaning day on Thursday or was it Wednesday all the days run into one.
    I wish I knew where the time goes
    I hope you can give those pesky W &H the old H and H
    aka Heave and Ho lol
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend with your lovely Dave 🤗

  15. Sorry Wurka & Hollick came to visit today. Like you I think this year is flying by but on the other hand does this mean the end of the pandemic is getting nearer to ?
    Hope tomorrow is better for you – its meant to be sunny with us tomorrow so I think a nice walk is on the cards before the rain comes back on Monday. Yeah – Monday means it is SHAC shack time again – wonder which of the birds we will be doing ?

  16. Hello Barb, what you say is so true, find something to get them out of your mind, whether it be cleaning, crafting, reading. The year is really flying by. I have a lot of sorting and shredding to do, one of the downfalls of working from home, is no secure shredding bins to dump confidential stuff in. Take care and stay safe everyone, have a happy Sunday, I can actually see sunshine outside the window. Bx

  17. Sorry to hear about the visit of these two. Hope your Sunday is much better and relaxing. Perhaps a great walk in the woods will do you good.
    Couldn’t be in the Shac on Friday unfortunaly-had a visit to the hospital and have to stay the whole afternoon to calm down my heart ritme. But now I feel much better but very tired so a very slowly Sunday for me.
    Take care and stay save and healthy.
    See you on Monday in the Shac again!
    Lots of love, Trijntje Huppel

  18. Hi Barbara I wasn’t around yesterday. I had a very bad headache that is my stress point. I love the artwork that has been created. I do like clouds. I hope you manage to switch off a bit. Take care. Hugs xxx

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