Hello Mudder, Hello Fudder..

Hello Mudder, Hello Fudder..

Hi there

Thanks for popping in! Hope you’re safe and well, and let’s say content with your lot today? Happy even? I could get used to having the weekend off, you know! That is one of the benefits of being locked down – not being able to go out to work! I mean, don’t get me wrong! I still blog and prep and think think think. But it’s not the same as trundling around the the UK in a van from show to show! Or bombing up and down the M11 to Peterborough, to the TV Studios every week! Every cloud has a silver lining and all that….

Be that as it may, the time didn’t stretch to pottery this weekend. Or this week in fact. Nope. The Clarity Club projects and Bloggy Step by step tutorials always take longer than you think. But still beats tear arsing round the country! The cheese dome and matching pickle jars with lids have been shelved till such time as I can spare an afternoon. Fortunately I don’t have to earn a living off pottery – blimey! We’d be in a pickle jar with no lid, or light !!

I’ve been singing a silly song all week. Don’t ask me why it crept into my head. Maybe it’s the Marvelous Mrs Maisel series we’ve been binge watching. Absolutely loving it. The film series – not this song!! Was singing it chomping through the muddy woods today too. I only know the first line mind! Thought I’d share it with you, because it always makes me smile. And smiles are good for the soul.

And then look what I found whilst searching the link! This is so good! Well done that man.

There you go! You’ll be singing it all week! Or at least the first line!!

I’ve prepped a Bloggy Tutorial for tomorrow, which I think you’ll like. A Gelpress print. So I’ll get it loaded and written up first thing…

You heard what the man said – Stay safe.

Love and Hugs,

Barb xxx

17 thoughts on “Hello Mudder, Hello Fudder..

  1. You aren’t wrong! That song line is a real hook.
    I went for a socially distanced walk with my daughter today (she is in my support bubble, so it was ok )and I have never seen so many people out walking. I hope they keep it up after lockdown, as the families all looked to be enjoying themselves and people were smiling at each other. Magic!
    I hope you manage to get some pottery done next week. See you in the SHAC tomorrow. Hugs. Annette X

  2. Thanks Barbara,
    So glad it’s not just me that gets these “ear worms” Camp Granada is one of mine. Especially when it is windy and rainy as it is at the moment.
    Linda 😊

  3. Oh I well remember that song -all of it!! I’ve enjoyed my week and have been trying some of the blog tutorials with Bea. We’ve really enjoyed them and will be trying the one tomorrow for sure. I got the large gelli plate and mount for Christmas (I already have the small one) and love playing with it. I think it’ll be a long time before people feel safe going to craft shows again so maybe you won’t have to worry about those for some time yet.

  4. Hi Barbara what great songs and such fun. We went for a walk at a local country park. There were a lot of people there but not too many. I want to do the tutorial that was on the Clarity Matters blog from Hazel yesterday. I have the starter kit so I am good to go. Have a lovely evening. I am looking forward to next week. Take care. Hugs xxx

  5. Since reading this blog the tune has been rattling around in my head. It is one of those comedy classics isn’t it.
    Hardly anyone out this morning when we went to the shops. It wasn’t too bad getting round the aisles but getting through the tills was a nightmare – not enough tills open!!!!
    Came home, did the washing , started crafting. It was a good afternoon.
    Stay safe.🍒

  6. Well that song is stuck in my head now!!!! Still it means I can’t think about anything else that’s going on at the moment.

  7. Weekend ok , work sat morning , took mudder and fudder lol lol to Tonbridge sat afternoon for their covid jabs , very impressed, everything well organized no waiting in queues , back end of march for 2nd ones
    Enjoying the tutorials thank you

  8. Thanks, Barbara. It is good you can work at home while you can’t go into the office. It is odd when you would be distanced there but the rules say you have to work at home if possible. You can probably go back to Edenbridge soon but shows seem distant. Younger people won’t be vaccinated until the autumn and even then will still be able to have the virus, just not get so ill. The long term disability just isn’t worth it.

    Make an appointment for pottery, just like you would a show and don’t change it. You’ll get into the mood even if you don’t start there.

    I didn’t even listen and I can’t get the song out of my head!

  9. really looking forward to tomorrow’s tutorial now – those colours are so lovely. I remember Camp Granada from Saturday morning radio in my childhood. Didn’t listen to it on your link but have still got it running through my head!

  10. Oh that song we have also in Dutch–it’s a great song and yes it will stay in your head for a while!!!😄
    Did you see Ben in Countryfile last week??? He was also busy with pottery and made two pots. And the Pottery show tonight was great!
    Weekend very peacefull here with some snow–loved it!!!
    See you tomorrow in the Shac — love that too!!!
    Take care and stay save and healthy!
    Lots of love, Trijntje Huppel

  11. Oh that tune is going through my head as well now, will have to listen to something else before going to bed !!
    Looking forward to the step by step tutorial tomorrow for the gel print.
    We went for a walk this morning across the fields & back along the canal – it was very muddy but good to get out for some fresh air. Looks like we will be indoors for the next few days looking at the weather forecast so plenty of time to catch up with all the latest projects the Clarity team have given us over the last week. See you in the SHAC shack tomorrow with my pencils & birds at the ready.

  12. Yes, I hate to say it but I do remember the song and a really clever topical version too. Sorry you didn’t get to do your pottery but hopefully you will get your cheese dome and pickle jars made soon. I am wondering if even when restrictions have been lifted that maybe visits to the studio will be less, especially if the set up at home is as good as yours is. It isn’t quite the same but it does save a lot of time and travel stress. x

  13. Hello Barb, well that is my brain occupied now. Thanks for sharing the newer version. Hope your weekend was restful at least. Looking forward to the step by step. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  14. That song is in my head now. Enjoyed class today, monday, of to start my postcard. Thank you for keeping going. How are the kittens. I hope not to naughty. Xx

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